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Join the conversation as Jeff Katz fills in for Todd Starnes by calling 844-747-8868! HOW TO WATCH/LISTEN LIVE: Click here

As the GOP presidential race takes shape, former allies are now working for different candidates this time around. Guest host

Finally a study proves what we all know – Americans are getting dumber. Mary Walter fills in for Todd Starnes!

It’s time for House Republicans to play hardball. If DA Bragg refuses to testify before the House Judiciary, he should

The George Soros-funded district attorney in NYC and the Biden Administration is using the Marxist playbook to get Trump. Join

Even when faced with criminal indictment, President Donald Trump has taken charge of the narrative…and guest host Jeff Stein says

The Trump campaign is furious over the DeSantis rip about paying off a porn star. Join the conversation by calling

The Minnesota lieutenant governor says parents must accept their kid’s identity – biology be damned. Join the conversation by calling

San Francisco moves forward on a plan to give eligible black adults $5 million in reparations. Agree or disagree? Join

There were violent protests at UC Davis last night as Charlie Kirk came to campus to deliver a speech. I