Army Recruiter Says Parents Refusing to Let Kids Join Biden’s Woke Military

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TODD: [00:34:45] Let’s go to the phones here. I’m very intrigued to talk with Joe. He’s calling in from Georgia, listening to us on WDUN. Joe. I understand you’re an active duty Army recruiter. [00:34:59][14.5]

CALLER: [00:35:02] Yes, I am. I’m currently a recruiter and I’m just calling to talk about, you know, the mandatory vaccine on not only the military, but on new recruits as well, and how it’s kind of hurt our mission and turned away a lot of people. [00:35:14][12.4]


TODD: [00:35:16] How so? [00:35:16][0.3]

CALLER: [00:35:18] So I’ve had a few people that have, you know, done contracts with and now they’re not willing to ship because people aren’t willing to get the shot and they’re not willing to be mandated to do so. And they’re giving us an ultimatum by September, either get it or get out of the military. And, you know, I’m by no means anti vax or anything like that. I’ve got thousands of other shots. But the differences, those have been in circulation for years and have been tested for years. And I’m just going to have to suck it up and get it, I guess. But very unfortunate. [00:35:52][33.8]

TODD: [00:35:53] Joe, I’m curious, what are you hearing from young people coming in and maybe they’re considering, you know, joining the military? Are they now reconsidering? [00:36:00][7.1]

CALLER: [00:36:03] Oh, most certainly. And as if the WOAK policies are enough of a damage on our on our image, mandating the vaccine has just made it worse, especially in the south, it’s very hard to recruit whenever you have the current president, mandatory vaccination vaccines and WOAK policies on the forefront. [00:36:22][19.7]

TODD: [00:36:24] Now, Joe, how long have you been in the in the army? [00:36:26][2.0]

CALLER: [00:36:27] I’ve been in seven years now. [00:36:28][1.3]

TODD: [00:36:29] All right, seven years. So how how are you doing here with with the decision making process? I mean, this is a big decision for you. [00:36:36][7.3]

CALLER: [00:36:37] Well, you know, I have a family, and when it comes down to it, I’m going to have to support my family, so it’s hard to do. But, you know, I’m just going to have to suck it up and risk whatever side effects come from a six month trial period of a vaccine. [00:36:51][13.7]


TODD: [00:36:52] So, wow, this is amazing. So from your vantage point, as a as an active duty Army recruiter, you’re saying it is impacting your job and that you’re seeing fewer people coming in and wanting to sign up? [00:37:05][13.2]

CALLER: [00:37:06] Oh, most certainly not only not only less people coming in, but people actually backing out as well. [00:37:12][5.6]

TODD: [00:37:12] Really. Now, tell me about that. So somebody has already come in and they’ve signed the paperwork. [00:37:16][3.7]

CALLER: [00:37:18] Yes, and then and then, you know, I get a call from the parents, like my son’s not doing that now because, you know, we’re not being a part of some experiment. [00:37:26][8.3]

TODD: [00:37:27] Wow. This is fascinating. And I’d be curious to hear from other army and military recruiters out there, Joe. I mean, percentage wise, say, you know, a couple how long have you been in? Have you always been an Army recruiter during your time in service? [00:37:41][13.7]

CALLER: [00:37:43] No, just recently, past couple of years now. [00:37:45][2.9]

TODD: [00:37:46] All right, so when you first started to today, have you noticed a significant drop? [00:37:50][4.5]

CALLER: [00:37:54] I would say I would say definitely whenever Biden became president and then also whenever the mandatory vaccine news came out and the WOAK policy advertisements came out, those those have all just taken a big, big toll on us. I don’t know who they advertise, but, you know, our marketing team is just garbage at this point. And I guess they forgot who they’re supposed to be advertising for, which is red blooded patriots. [00:38:22][28.7]

TODD: [00:38:23] Wow. Wow. All right. Well, Joe, we appreciate this intel, and I suspected that was the case. But now you have been able to confirm what we have suspected on this radio program. God bless you for your service and hang in there and let us know how things go. [00:38:39][15.3]

CALLER: [00:38:40] All right. Thank you. Thank you for what you do. [00:38:42][1.3]

TODD: [00:38:42] All right. That’s Joe from Georgia. An Army recruiter, active duty. And he said there has been a significant drop in the number of people wanting to volunteer to sign up for the armed forces, [00:38:54][11.8]

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