Canned Goods in Short Supply at Supermarket, Caller Tells Todd

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TODD: Tom, Statesville, North Carolina, wants to weigh in on the supply chains. Hey Tom, what’s on your mind?

CALLER: [01:09:41] Hey, Todd, how are you doing? I just like I told Grace Baker, I was just at Sam’s Club, BJ’s Barista and Lowes Foods, and yes, those shelves are getting bare and the supermarket, like you said, the cans are all pushed out to the front and there’s nothing behind them in BJ’s and Sam’s Club when you go to the refrigerated and freezer cases. They got plenty of stock in the front that the public can see. But if you look behind the boxes, there’s not much behind them. So yes, they are. There is definitely a shortage of stuff.

TODD: [01:10:10] Is that right or anything in particular that you noticed is is completely gone?

CALLER: [01:10:17] Yes, a lot of the canned goods are completely gone, vegetables and soups and stuff like that. But the other thing I was on a quest for this morning and I ended up buying a frozen one was I got a turkey because they know turkeys around anyway. Wow.

TODD: [01:10:31] That’s a big issue. And there are concerns we may not have enough turkeys for Thanksgiving. And so if you’ve if you’ve got one, you know, more power to you, but you might want to be reaching out to butterball because those things are going to be going fast. Nobody wants to eat bologna on Thanksgiving. Tom, appreciate the update from Statesville, North Carolina. Folks, what about your neighborhood? Give us a holler. Got to take a break. We’ll be right back.

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