Democrats are Shucking and Jiving in the Black Church, Says Todd Starnes Show Caller

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A woman who identified herself as a pro-Trump, black American said Republicans need to do a better job of reaching out to black churches across the nation. She called out Democrats who she accused of shucking and jiving in black churches. Following is a rush transcript and click here to listen to the full interview.

TODD: Let’s go to Memphis, Tennessee. Faith on the line listening to us on our flagship station, KWAM. Faith, what say you? Who do you like?

CALLER: [00:47:42] As I told you when I called last Friday, it’s going to be Trump. Well, here’s my thing. I’m not saying Trump is an unflawed person. I believe in the power of prayer. And I have been interceding in prayer, me and my family, since 2015. And I’m a proud Christian who just happens to be black and voted for Trump. When I see him now, I do what Christian’s supposed to do. Pray intercede is the same for Mike Pence. I don’t dislike Mike Pence. I don’t like what he did particularly. But I think he was caught between a rock and a hard place with everybody around him. And I don’t think he’s really populist, populist. And I think in the end, with the same populist candidate, MAGA candidate or Ultra MAGA candidate, and it’s not just a Democrat thing, it’s a Democrat and GOP thing. And, you know, to me, they’ve both been working hand in hand, one just a little bit more quietly up when they expose themselves on January six thinking that Trump was done.

But I think the GOP was working well under handled quietly against Trump. But it’s just against populism. But to the point of DeSantis and Trump. I also see this a lot on message boards and other conversations. The people. Things will go their way. Not everybody. But they cried like a baby and like a two year old. What’s happened is that this is the man in the back without the baggage. I think that’s very crass. And I say that because no person does not not have baggage. Yes. Ron DeSantis is doing right now. He’s become more populist now. But you have to look at his record of stuff he put in place in Florida. He support lockdowns as well. I don’t know. Depends on what size of the aisle you want with Ukraine and Russia. But what he means in weapons of there is going to make a determination of whether you follow him or not. But you don’t have to degenerate one person’s character to uplift another. You can both like Ron and President Trump, but in my view, if God has his hands still on President Trump and I believe he does, it doesn’t matter how many people you like, his hands are still going to be there.

But I do think that especially younger voters kind of like Mike Cernovich and the other people on Twitter and even Ben SHAPIRO to that degree, they get on these tangents about Ron DeSantis. It’s like they’re intentionally trying to put in there. He needs a hard primary. Oh, okay. But no, that’s because to me, people like Mike Cernovich. They’re very disrespectful.

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TODD: [00:50:19] Well, Faith, let me jump in here for a sec. Let me jump in and ask you a question. As a as a black conservative in the Memphis area, which is a majority minority city, are you seeing people within within your community making the switch and saying, hey, wait a second, the Democrats aren’t doing anything for us and maybe we do need to be looking at another party.

CALLER: [00:50:45] Yes. And for my family, not all, but a portion of the family, they ended up watching and voting for Donald Trump, not because it wasn’t love his personality, but they had to look at it in the spirit. But outside of that, I do see people who I know, people who quietly voted for Donald Trump will say anything on Facebook, anything else, because they they would have experienced what I experienced when I was with him. I said as he got given as a Donald Trump, he showed me this, you know, people treated me like a nut job and they told me that the Ku Klux Klan deserved to hang me from a tree and disembowel me. These are people that I’ve known since I was little, not people who just happen to be black and all somewhere else.

So the sentiment is strong. But I have seen a shift is if a lot of people are more quiet about it because they understand the cultural implications, not just in their personal circles, but in their church circles. And if Republicans true conservative, people who are Christian, who just happen to be conservative, if they really want a movement, they’re going to have to go to these churches. Because I must tell you over and over again, Democrats have, like Hillary Clinton, what had me sold on the Democratic Party was not their policies. Well, when Bishop Patterson was living, he said, well, come and visit. Even when she wasn’t supposedly running for office. And you see that presence there. And they look at that as, you really like us, you really love us. It’s not about politics. Republicans are going to have to be who really are meaningful Christians or who are really meaningful constitutionalists are going to have to do the hard work, face the fear, get some backlash and go and to hear what people’s voices are. Because Democrats have been shucking and jiving in churches, going back to Margaret Sanger, approaching preachers to get her abortion stuff going. They go to the churches first. And I don’t hardly ever see conservatives go to churches. They happen to be black. They’re going to have to go in. They’re going to have to get to know the people. They’re going to have to be able to touch hearts and change minds, even if it’s just a start of a mustard seed. They’re going to have to do that. And that’s what my advice is. It is just not public. It’s changing. It’s just not public.

TODD: [00:52:56] No, I’m with you, Faith. I remember years ago I was talking this was back when Romney was the nominee. We were talking to the pastor of the largest, one of the largest churches in the Chicago area, which happened to be Hispanic. And and the pastor said, you know what, we ought to get calls all the time from the Democrats, but not a single person from the Romney campaign bother to call. And he said and his point was, you know what? Yeah, we problem we have a lot of Democrats, but we have a lot of Republicans. And, you know, we’ve got a lot of people that are that are believers that would love to be able to hear that message from someone like a mitt Romney. But if the Republicans don’t show up, then they’re not going to be able to win hearts and minds.

CALLER: [00:53:35] You’re right. I think the consensus is on their minds that don’t bother trying to reach areas that’s not reachable. That’s where you got it wrong. Democrats would have done right. All the more reason is that they they a long time ago started planting seeds. That’s why you see the foolishness you see. Now, we’re going to have to get in there and start planting seeds and just don’t think about the short term look at the long term. Because when I look at this Memphis city council now, people tend to vote for race, as I hate to say it, but they don’t understand. These are not the same typical old school Blue Dog Democrats that they know well. These are hyper, hyper progressive, hyper communism, hyper socialists. They own the hyper side of everything that they shouldn’t be. And so when they look at a skin color, some of them get confused, like, why are they supporting this while they’re supporting transgenderism? While there’s a point that I’m like, we’re going to have to look under the hood. So you have people who are now ready to look under the hood. But there’s a big distrust, I think, partly because it’s not all about white people being distrustful of things. People are people agree that we have gotten the wrong impression and we feel that for so long. And we are walking in a spirit of fear and afraid to confront also about black people, our own prejudices, and why people may be afraid to talk to other people because they don’t want to be seen as racists. Listen, people, whether you’re white, black, other people are people. You have to get up. Those exhale of my black people out there. If you want people to see you as a human being and as as equal, they treat people as equal. You can’t assume what a white person is a racist just because of the skin color. They don’t have to hear what you’re saying.

TODD: [00:55:19] I got to jump in here. It’s great stuff. I mean, this is we’re getting a college level education right here, but we are going to have to run for a break. God bless you. And and, folks, faith raises excellent points here. People are people and a lot of people in this country, I would say an overwhelming majority share our value system. Black, white, Hispanic. Got to take a break here.

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