EXCLUSIVE: Christian Afghani ‘Skinned Alive and Hung on a Pole’ by Taliban

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The following is a rush transcript from Todd’s interview with former Rep. Mark Walker (R-NC) on the Todd Starnes Show. Click here to listen to the full interview. And click here to follow Todd on Facebook.

TODD: [01:44:41] Former North Carolina Congressman Mark Walker on the PATRIOT MOBILE NEWSMAKER LINE. He’s running for the U.S. Senate. As a Republican congressman, I’m wondering what you are hearing from the pastors there in Afghanistan. There is a Christian community there. How are conditions among the Christians?

REP. WALKER: [01:45:01] They are concerned. Obviously, they know that for the last 20 years, for the first time, they’ve been able to share the gospel of Jesus Christ. Well, we know that’s the only true hope for all mankind, especially when we’re battling this spiritual warfare that’s gone way beyond political. They are concerned. I say they love the Lord. They’re reaching out people. But our human nature, when they know what the Taliban is capable of, they are concerned. I hate to use the word frightened or scared, but maybe that’s apropos in the situation when you’re talking about trying to maintain human life, they’re trying to protect, but there are there are, again, getting into the detail, there are stories where one uncle that was connected with a Christian family was skinned alive and hung on a pole. There are other dire situations.


TODD: [01:45:47] When did this happen, Congressman?

REP. WALKER: [01:45:49] This happened on Tuesday of this week.

TODD: [01:45:51] You’re saying that someone was skinned alive because they were Christian?

REP. WALKER: [01:45:54] They were connected with a family who would not recant, and they took their uncle and in front of them, skinning him alive and hung him on a pole.

TODD: [01:46:03] How are you privy to this information?

REP. WALKER: [01:46:07] Todd, I can’t get into all the details on it, but some of the assets and contacts who still have people working there, both on the ministry side as well as some of the assets that we’ve had on the ground for the last few years is where some of that information is being able to force derivative.

TODD: [01:46:26] This is this is heartbreaking and appalling and and horrific, but again, this is the result of a flawed policy here, and you can’t get away from the fact that that politics was involved in the decision making and it’s going to have life. I think this is going to be generational. And now I think you’re going to have an entire nation literally unified in their hate and disgust of the United States of America.

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