CRUZ TELLS STARNES: Biden is Releasing Covid-Positive Illegals All Over the Country

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The following is a rush transcript of Todd’s interview with Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) on The Todd Starnes Radio Show, heard 12p-3p daily across the nation. Click here to subscribe to Todd’s podcast.

TODD: I want to go right now to the PATRIOT MOBILE NEWSMAKER LINE. And we are very honored to have with us from the great state of Texas, Senator Ted Cruz. Senator, good to have you back with us today.

CRUZ: [00:22:15] Good to be with you.

TODD: [00:22:16] You know, Senator, we were talking in the last segment about these these shocking numbers, one point two million illegals crossing that border in the first eight months of the Biden presidency. And from a from a health standpoint, I mean, we’re dealing with a global pandemic. And the administration has no problem with the fact that many of these people are unvaccinated and may, in fact, be infected.

CRUZ: [00:22:40] It is horrific. It is a humanitarian disaster. It’s a public health disaster. It’s a national security disaster. Just today, this morning, the footage, the Del Rio Bridge, just one bridge in Texas. Underneath that bridge are over eight thousand illegal immigrants, just masses of them under the bridge because the processing center is so backed up. Many of those are Haitians. They’re fleeing Haiti. The rates of covid positivity among the illegal aliens coming into this country are staggering. I was down on our southern border just a couple of weeks ago. I was down in Uvalda. I was in Laredo. I was in McAllen. I was in Rome. I was in Edinburg. If you look at the Donna, a tent facility, which is a gigantic detention facility that the Biden administration stood up, it is where the Biden cages are. It’s where they have thousands upon thousands of little children, little boys and little girls crammed into cages just a couple of weeks ago when I was down there, the rate of covid positivity at the Donna a tent facility was over 22 percent. And they are releasing covid positive illegal immigrants into south Texas, into Texas and all over the country.

TODD: [00:23:56] This is what this is what I don’t understand. And I really I think we all need to understand why they are doing this. Peter Doocy from Fox yesterday asked Jen Psaki flat out, why is it that Americans have to show vaccine papers to get a job or go to a restaurant and yet all these illegals are allowed to come into our country unvaccinated? And she were really refused to answer that question. What what’s going on here? Why are they doing this?


CRUZ: [00:24:21] You know, sadly, Todd, it is all politics all the time. The political hacks of the White House, they ignore substance because they’re just engaged in political warfare. So you look at Afghanistan, the disaster of Afghanistan, much of that was driven by the fact that they set an artificial deadline. Joe Biden wanted to give a political speech on September 11. And so they ordered the troops out, even though it meant abandoning thousands of Americans behind enemy lines. That led to the worst foreign policy disaster in a generation. Likewise, the vaccine mandate, Joe Biden, illegal and unconstitutional vaccine mandate, trying to order tens of millions of Americans to get vaccinated against their wishes. Biden knows it’s illegal. Biden knows it’ll will be struck down in the courts. But they issued it because they wanted to change the topic from Afghanistan. They were getting beaten up so badly for their disaster in Afghanistan that they figured even the press, which which are Biden’s most loyal supporters, were criticizing the disaster of Afghanistan. And they knew that if they issued the vaccine mandate, the press, like loyal sheep, would circle the White House and defend the president. That’s exactly what the corrupt corporate media did. But it’s all hypocrisy that they insist that American citizens have no right to make your own health care decisions, that that Joe Biden can decide your health care for you. But at the same time, they don’t care if over a million illegal immigrants come to America, if many of them have so that they don’t care if they’re releasing them covid positive into our communities. This is all politics and it’s not about taking serious science based steps to protect us. This is about protecting the political fortunes of Joe Biden and the Democrats.

TODD: [00:26:11] And again, it sends a message to the rest of the country that, wait a second, if you’re if they’re letting in one point two million people who have not been unvaccinated or who have not been vaccinated, then it may be maybe the pandemic’s not a big deal after all the mixed messages coming from the government on this. That is what’s putting lives in danger here.

CRUZ: [00:26:32] You are exactly right, and to show you just how much the messages are mixed at the same time that Biden is illegally and unconstitutionally ordering tens of millions of Americans to get the vaccine, regardless of their own personal wishes, regardless of what their doctor is advising them. At the exact same time, the Biden administration announced they are dramatically reducing the supply of monoclonal antibodies, which which are our treatments that have shown to be effective in fighting covid for people who have covid that they have had real success preventing covid from becoming more serious. But what the Biden White House doesn’t like is red state. States like Texas, states like Florida are setting up treatment centers and having real success, defeating covid and preventing it from from taking people’s lives. And these guys are such political hacks that sticking it to the red state is more important than allowing people to get treatment that could save their lives from covid. It is it is infuriating and cynical at a level that is rarely seen in this country.

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