Leftists Hate Christmas, Family and Guns, Rep. Massie Tells Todd Starnes


TODD: Congressman Massie is on the PATRIOT MOBILE NEWSMAKER LINE. Congressman, you got me in trouble over the weekend.

MASSIE: [00:40:28] We call that second hand hate.

TODD: [00:40:31] Well, you’re not kidding, my goodness. Wow. I mean, were you really surprised that the Christmas card or the Christmas photo generated that much national conversation?

MASSIE: [00:40:43] So it’s a Christmas photo. A lot of people think that’s going to be our Christmas card. We actually took a very similar picture holding musical instruments because we like to shoot guns and play music when we get together as a family. And the one that’s going on the Christmas card are bluegrass instruments. But just as sort of a hey, wouldn’t it be fun to hold the guns instead of the instruments? So we did that and I posted it. And wow, I didn’t just kick a hornet’s nest. I aggravated every hornet in the world. I did. That tweet has reached 100 million people as of right now, and it’s gone on TV and all the other social media platforms, even though I haven’t put it there. And thank you for sharing it. But yeah, I saw you. You kicked the hornet’s nest when you shared that, too on your Twitter.

TODD: [00:41:34] Well, I will say this. I still think it is the best family Christmas photo ever, and I think it’s very clever and people should accept that for what it is. But man, they just I know CNN was leading the charge with that with little Jimmy Acosta, and he was really triggered by that congressman.

MASSIE: [00:41:54] You know, in Ghostbusters, they said, don’t cross the streams, never cross the streams, and I cross guns with family and Christmas. And those are three things that really trigger the leftists. And I didn’t realize that it would be such an explosive cocktail. And It adds up to freedom.

TODD: [00:42:15] Well, let’s be honest here, congressman, we’ve all seen the crime wave sweeping across the nation. Santa does need an AR 15 this year. I mean, let’s just be honest.

MASSIE: [00:42:24] Well, we needed ammo. And that was the plea that I put in the Christmas card picture. I said, Santa, please bring about it. By the way, it’s a tradition at our house that my boys and I go to a gun store on December 26th because, you know, occasionally you get money from family that they know people. Some young young boys would rather have money than than gifts sometimes. And we go to the gun store and we buy ammo or guns or whatever.

TODD: [00:42:53] Well, look, I think it’s a great thing, and of course, Kentucky is one of the southern states, and that’s a big deal here in the South. But again, to try and tie a Christmas photo, and that’s what they try to do, is tie your photo and suggest that you are making some sort of a political statement based on what happened in Michigan.

MASSIE: [00:43:13] They’re trying to blame me not only for what happened in Michigan, but for shootings that happened three years ago. And it’s just ridiculous. They’re they’re forgetting there was a shooting 20 minutes ago in Chicago. I mean, they’re forgetting there was a stabbing, you know, in New York there. They focus on one thing, and that was the biggest thing in the media that they could use to try and take me down. But it’s not worked. I’m going to double down. I’m never going to delete that picture.

TODD: [00:43:42] Good for you, and I wouldn’t delete it. I don’t think there’s any reason why you should. But I am curious about something you mentioned bluegrass. Does the Massey family have like a bluegrass band?

MASSIE: [00:43:55] Well, my son in law plays in a band that plays all sorts of music, and he’s very talented, and when we get together, we play solo solo. Nobody can hear us, but we can hear him play, but we don’t have a band. We just kind of like to score bad it. You know, I play the banjo a little bit and my wife and daughter play the bass. My other daughter can play the mandolin somewhat.

TODD: [00:44:20] Well, I’m impressed by this. Maybe you guys can, you know, I don’t know, put out another video or something that might be fairly entertaining, congressman.

MASSIE: [00:44:28] Well, if you think us holding guns, upset people wait till you hear it, try to play music. And seeing that would probably upset everybody, not just liberals.

TODD: Well, look, I wear our time here is expired, I really appreciate you coming on. I’m glad you’re not taking that down. This is nothing more than cancel culture on steroids. Good for you, congressman.

MASSIE: [00:46:53] They cannot stand it. The three things they hate Christmas family and guns.

TODD: [00:46:58] Well, said. All right, Congressman Thomas Massie, Congressman, God bless you and merry Christmas to the Massie family.

MASSIE: [00:47:06] Merry Christmas to you and your listeners side.

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