MTG Says Trump Will Endorse Primary Challenger Against Nancy Mace

The following is a partial transcript of Todd’s interview with Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA). Listen to the full interview above.


TODD: [01:00:29] So look, I appreciate you taking a break from the battles up there on Capitol Hill with your fellow Republicans. Nancy Mace. And we’re going to get to that in just a moment. But I want to get your reaction to the statement President Trump just put out. I’m going to read this to you. Congressman Ilhan Omar should apologize for marrying her brother, for committing large scale immigration and election fraud, wishing death to Israel and for essentially abandoning her former country, which doesn’t even have a government — exactly what she’d like to see for the United States. Your reaction to the great Donald John Trump?

GREENE: [01:01:06] Well, Todd, I can tell you, I knew that statement was coming because I spoke with President Trump on the phone right before he put it out. And he read that statement over the phone and asked me what I thought and I told him, President Trump, you’re exactly right. And please put that statement out because Congressman Ilhan Omar is a disgrace to our country and everything he said is correct about her. And that’s what I had also said about her just a few days ago. Lauren Boebert, she she made the comment she made, but there was no need for her to apologize. She has no apology to Ilhan Omar. Ilhan Omar owes the country an apology, and she owes Israel an apology. And we are sick and tired of putting up with people like Ilhan Omar in Congress. So I’m always grateful to President Trump. You know, he’s defending Lauren Boebert and what’s happening. And also, I had a great conversation with him about Nancy Mace, who he does not like, and he is very much looking forward to endorsing a primary challenger against her.

TODD: [01:02:06] You know, it’s interesting, Marjorie, because we’ve had Nancy on this show quite a bit. And you know, she (is coming under fire by news organizations because she) says one thing to the conservative media and then turns around and says something the exact opposite to places like, you know, CNN.

GREENE: [01:02:20] Nancy Mace can’t be real, she can’t be truthful, she’s not authentic because she’s not a truthful person. So it depends on whichever media or whoever she’s into is the flavor that she takes. And that’s the kind of Republican that we can’t tolerate anymore. You know, she goes on CNN, and she panders to them, and she throws Lauren Boebert and people like me under the bus and completely attack us so that she can get donations from Democrat donors. But then when she turns around and she’s talking to a Christian group or a conservative group, then she takes on a different, a different sound. And she was just on Fox Business, with Neil Cavuto attacking me just a few minutes ago. But she also admitted that she’s pro-abortion during that statement, which is what I called her out on This Morning. She calls herself a conservative, but anybody that’s bought an abortion for abortion is not conservative. We need to end abortion in this country. We need to help women be mothers. We need to help women to know that getting pregnant by accident or by rape or by any other reason. It’s not a tragedy. It’s not a problem. That child is a gift from God. And Nancy Nancy Mace is an absolute disgrace. I’m tired of Republicans like her. I’m sick and tired of people that will that will hang on to President Trump just to use him to get elected like Nancy, May said, and then turn around and throw him under the bus. And, you know, as soon as she decides that she can do that, it’s wrong. We are fed up with it. We have a lot of problems in our GOP conference and we need to get people in here. They’re going to fight for America, fight for fight for our traditional family values and not be ashamed to stand up for our Christian faith and not have to bow down to people like Ilhan Omar. We need to. We need to do the right thing, and that’s fight for our country and put our country and our freedoms first side.

TODD: [01:04:17] And Marjorie and again, folks on the Patriot Mobile Newsmaker Line – Marjorie Taylor Greene, Congresswoman from Georgia. Here’s what gets me about this. You know, again, it was a joke you made. It was a bad joke. OK, fine. It was a bad joke. But you don’t. You don’t need to go around apologizing because that’s exactly what the left want you to do. And they suck you in and and and we saw what happened. She hung up on poor Lauren Boebert. She was trying to call to make things right and hung up on her, and it becomes yet another bigger story. It’s shameful what’s happening and and it really angers me that you have Republicans shooting inside the tent.

GREENE: [01:04:55] Here’s Lauren (Boebert). Lauren was taking the stance on her own to make things right. Even though she shouldn’t, she shouldn’t have. But she was still doing that. And then Nancy Mace goes out and attacks her and criticizes her. And that’s what we’ve had enough of. And that’s why I stood up for Lauren. And that’s why I’ve attacked Nancy Mace, because Nancy Mace has been attacking me since January. She has consistently attacked me on interviews. She has consistently attacked me on her Twitter page. She has attacked me in our conference meetings before, and I’m fed up with her. So when I saw her attacking Lauren Boebert, I called her out just for what she is. She’s the trash in the GOP conference, and it’s time to take the trash out.

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