Muslim Student Who Desecrated American Flags Should be Arrested and Prosecuted, Says Scott Walker

The following is a rush transcript of Todd’s interview with former Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, now president of Young America’s Foundation. Click here to listen to Todd’s full interview.

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TODD: On the PATRIOT MOBILE NEWSMAKER LINE from Young America’s Foundation, our good friend, the former great governor himself, Scott Walker. Governor, good to have you back with us today.

WALKER: [00:41:50] Great to be with you. Thanks for having us on. And thanks for highlighting this important issue.

TODD: [00:41:54] Well, one of the things that that we noticed, Scott, over the weekend, a number of these displays were vandalized. But I think the most egregious happened at Washington University in St. Louis. What happened?


WALKER: [00:42:08] Well, yeah, I call it the good, the bad and the ugly. The good is that over 200 campuses across the country, students in college and high school put up 2,977 American flags on each of these campuses as a tribute and a reminder to the 2,900 and 77 innocent lives that were lost by radical Islamic terrorists because they hated our freedoms, they targeted targets of our economic and political freedom. That’s the good. We’ve been doing that since 2003. And we’ve helped put up over 12 million flags. That bad was already happening before that. And that was that not at all. But a few of these campuses, schools, administrators and others were telling him they couldn’t put them up or reneging on the opportunity to do that. That was the bad. But the ugly is exactly what you alluded to. And that is on a handful of these campuses that we actually had people vandalize from spray painting to taking down flags.

But the absolute worst was this one individual who I put in parentheses is a student senator. I don’t think he earns the title here, but that’s technically what he is. A student senator, a woke leftist radical, went out even after having been warned initially coming at Washington University, having been warned by the campus police to stay away from vandalizing display. One of the students there actually got him on video early that morning, tearing out all of the flags, stuffing them into garbage bags and throwing them away because he felt somebody needed to counter American imperialism. This is exactly what our students are dealing with every single day. This is what’s wrong with campuses in America. The student who videotaped him and the students who put those flags up there and elsewhere are what’s right? We need more of them.

TODD: [00:43:58] You’re right. And of course, this young man actually defended what he did, posting a lengthy message. And we have that up on our website, folks, along with the video that Governor Walker was Walker was referring to, this young man identifies as a Muslim American and he feels like that he is actually the victim here, Governor.

WALKER: [00:44:20] Well, which is amazing to show you just how crazy these snowflakes are. This guy rips up the display. I actually think he needs to be arrested and prosecuted. Missouri law, I looked it up. Look, is very clear here. And that is he intentionally did this, we know intent because the police told him not to and he came back and did it again. It’s on video. There’s no dispute about it in the law in Missouri says if you create damage of more than 750 dollars, which this is, everybody who’s was bought a hand-held flag knows, you know, the cheapest you’re getting is probably 70 cents. There are two thousand nine hundred seventy seven of them that he destroyed that property, destroyed that display, threw it away. That is, he’s guilty of a of a lower level, but it’s a felony and needs to face some consequences for this. If he wanted to do a counterprotest, which we think is crazy considering anyone in America, I don’t care whether you’re liberal or conservative, Democrat or Republican, remembering those lives lost 20 years ago should be a given. It should be a uniting thing that we can all do as Americans. But this just shows you how radical our campus is in many in our society. Got it. Somehow, just acknowledging these lives lost is triggering. We of course, I personally point out the next step that you alluded to, that this was done by 19 radical Islamic terrorists and the people that supported them. And they did it. They did it precisely because they were threatened by our freedoms, freedoms that we not only give overall for society, but particularly in America, freedoms for women, freedom for people of different backgrounds, all sorts of things that those radical Islamic terrorists around the world today still are threatened by. All the more reason why we need to teach this, particularly to those kids, many of whom are in college, and every single kid, high school and younger, who wasn’t even born on 9/11. We can never forget them and we can never forget to tell them what happened, who did it and why they did it to us.

TODD: [00:46:20] Yeah, I’m with you. And back to this kid at Washington University, not only vandalism charges, theft charges, destruction of property charges, and he better be counting his blessings that he committed this crime in America, the land of the free, because over in some of those countries governed by Sharia law, Governor, this guy would have had his hands chopped off.

WALKER: [00:46:44] Well, look at the images, right, of these individuals that were beaten by the Taliban just as journalists, just for exposing what they were doing to women in that country. Out in the streets, you can see the bruises and the beating that they got. That’s just for a journalist. Imagine those who actually commit theft and vandalism and the things he did. I just it’s amazing to me that people who think we’re so awful ignore all of the rest of the world where exactly where it is so much so much worse, and where we actually have freedoms and we have a just society to live in and to build on.

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