‘NYC is Locked Down Tighter Than a Small Belt on a Fat Guy,’ Says Todd Starnes Caller


TODD: [00:34:04] Let’s go to the phones. Steve in Memphis, Tennessee Listening to us on our flagship station. KWAM. Hey, Steve, what’s on your mind?

CALLER: [00:35:04] Well, I just want to let you know. I travel with one of the local sports teams, and we were up in New York last week and oh, the city is locked down tighter than a small belt on a fat guy. You can’t go anywhere without showing your passport or your papers.

TODD: [00:35:21] Is that right? So so tell me about your experience. I mean, when did you guys have? Were you able to get into any restaurants?

CALLER: 00:35:29] Only the vaccinated people who showed them their, you know, their vaccine passports could get in anywhere. Other than that, the vast majority of the unvaccinated were relegated to pretty much outdoor hot dog stands. That was about it.

TODD: [00:35:44] Oh, the street meat. Yeah, and you got to be careful with that.

CALLLER: [00:35:48] Yeah. And you know what? There’s there’s no police officers roaming around the city. In fact, just in front of the hotel, we saw we were just out there trying to get some fresh air and we saw an attempted carjacking where a guy pulled the newsstand and placed it in front of a car and then ran off. And then as the guy got out of his car to try to move the newsstand, the same guy ran up and tried to get in his vehicle.

TODD: [00:36:13] Is that right now? What part of what part of New York City were you guys staying at?

CALLER: [00:36:18] Brooklyn.

TODD: [00:36:19] All right, well, I am, wow, that’s my old neighborhood. Wow.

CALLER: [00:36:24] It was bad. It was bad.

TODD: [00:36:25] Steve, I’m not surprised and I’ve heard other stories from people that it’s just not safe on the streets and you know, the big challenges. They are. There’s a shortage of police officers, much like here in Memphis, Tennessee.

CALLER: [00:36:38] Yeah, I talked to one police officer on the street, and he said that he’s he’s got the ability to work 80 hours a week because they’re short, so short staffed right now.

TODD: [00:36:51] Wow. I’m curious to know, I mean, what were other folks in the in the delegation, the Memphis delegation, what were their thoughts on the situation in New York City?

CALLER: [00:37:02] I was just horrible, it wasn’t like it used to be, it was just completely locked down and I don’t know, it was just a different atmosphere. You know, it was, it’s hard to explain, but it just it wasn’t the same New York City as a few years ago when you would go there and see things. There was just, I don’t know, the vaccine. Police were out more than regular police teams.

TODD: [00:37:27] Yeah, I hear you and I’m with you on that. It is just not the same city, and that’s tragic. I love New York, love living in Brooklyn, great people, great restaurants and you know, many of them have had to shut down so well, Steve, look. Appreciate you calling in and sharing about your experiences here in New York City.

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