Paramedics Refused to Help Man in Cardiac Arrest Over Covid Rules

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TODD: [01:48:34] asking what’s the all to research that? And then let me let me censor that. Welcome back, everybody. A couple of interesting stories to share with you in the final minutes of today’s program. This is from California. Paul Best is the writer. FoxNews. Paramedics in Southern California refused to enter a post-acute care facility to treat a man in cardiac arrest because of a COVID law. That’s according to the Rialto Police Department report. Body cam footage shows an officer arriving at the center on November 11th and was greeted by two paramedics from the fire department who were standing outside with their masks on. According to the police reports, the paramedics were there for an unrelated patient and said the facility was being problematic. After a few moments, an unknown employee of the location yelled out to fire personnel, Please come help. He’s having cardiac arrest. The fire personnel responded by insisting the patient had to be brought outside the facility before they could provide any kind of treatment. What the hell is this all about? After about a half a minute, the officer went inside and was almost immediately greeted by frantic hospital staff. They’re not going to come in here, the officer told the staff as he started a run to the room where the man was in cardiac arrest. They’re saying it’s a state law. They cannot come inside. The police officer then encountered multiple staff members performing CPR and other life saving measures on the patient. The bed he was in did not have wheels, so the officer got behind the bed and literally pushed the bed. Towards the door of the hospital, you’re doing a great job, you’re just doing a great job, keep going. The officer was telling a staff member if she was still on the bed, giving the guy CPR. The officer navigated the bed through the hallways, they eventually came into the view of the paramedics quote. Despite being in their line of sight, fire personnel insisted on being brought to them outside before they would begin lifesaving efforts, and they made no effort to assist the police officer and getting the victim outside. Once they finally got the man outside, several other medical personnel had arrived and had started treating the man as one of the original, paramedics peppered the staff with administrative questions. The man was transferred to a local hospital, and he was pronounced dead about 30 minutes later. The responding officer wrote after the incident, he asked fire personnel about the law, and they said it was some COVID 19 law which has yet to be reversed. It is unclear what law the paramedics were citing when they refused to enter the facility. Fox 11 in Los Angeles reported on the incident, they said the San Bernardino County Fire Chiefs Association sent out a memo last year informing departments at all dispatch centers will be requesting the facilities to move patients to the door or outside the location. The memo also said the patient cannot be transferred than one member of the US personnel should interact with the patient. The acting fire chief of Rialto City said that multiple members of his department have been placed on leave pending an investigation due to the troubling video footage. Now. I just want to say something about this. I don’t know who these paramedics are. But quite frankly, they should be in jail. We don’t advocate violence on this program, but had I been a family member of that loved one who was. Left behind in that nursing home. I’d probably be behind bars. You know, I’m going to be honest with you. Where is the humanity? Where is the humanity in the pandemic? I mean, maybe it’s possible that the greatest, the greatest damage that the pandemic has done is is not on ourselves, it’s not on the mental aspect. But maybe it’s that we we have a large segment of our population that have lost touch with their humanity. I mean, what kind of a person leads a man to die? I mean, that’s your job, your job as a paramedic. Your job is to help people. Your job is to help save lives. They should be fired on the spot and they ought to be charged with a crime. But this is this is where we are in America right now, folks, and it’s a very, very sad place to be. Another interesting story here, Colorado in Denver, and we’ve got this story up on our website. Have you heard about the Centennial Elementary School? They have a couple of playgrounds, and so now the school is hosting a playground time for black people. And then playground time for white people. So they’re actually segregating the playgrounds at the school. Centennial School is the Denver Public Schools is actually behind all of this, and they say, Yeah, this is great. This is all about equity. This is all about making sure that little that little children, no matter their skin color, get equal time on the merry go round. But I don’t. I’m just telling you, folks, it’s like we’re reversing, we’re reversing all of the civil rights gains in America. Very sad. Very sad.

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