Shelves Are Empty at Costco, Target in California, Victor Davis Hanson Tells Starnes

The following is a rush transcript of Todd’s interview with historian and best-selling author Victor Davis Hanson. Hanson is the author of the new book, “The Dying Citizen.” Click here to listen to the entire conversation on Todd’s daily podcast.

TODD: [00:43:13] Victor, you mentioned catastrophic conditions we’re facing. Where does all of this end and how long do you think the country has if we do not say hold on a minute? 

VICTOR DAVIS HANSON: [00:43:26] Well, I think what’s happening is that what we thought critical race theory or new monetary theory or critical legal, these were academic parlor games. I’ve seen them going on for 20 years, but that nobody in their right mind would apply them to the real world. But when you do apply them as Joe Biden is, you have no border and you have two million people coming across in this fiscal year, none of whom are going to be vaccinated while you’re asking federal troops or Border Patrol federal employees to be vaccinated. That’s unsustainable.

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Or you’re going to call in the FBI because you don’t like dissent at a school board meeting or I’m in California and you can’t find things on the shelf right now at Costco or Target. I mean, there’s if you’re going to pay people not to work and you’re not interested in an economic viable plan and you’ve got container ships parked at the Port of L.A. They can’t, they can’t unload, nobody’s unloading them. And what I’m getting at is the average citizen now can’t buy gas at five dollars a gallon with 100, I mean a $100 limit. They have to keep, you know, by 20 gallons in tow gallons than 20 gallons, or you’re not going to be able to buy Christmas presents or you’re not going to be safe. And if you get assaulted, there’s not a likelihood that the person who assaults you is going to be prosecuted or where I am in academia at Stanford. Everybody knows if you say one word, one word that’s interpreted by an enemy of yours for political purposes, they can cancel your whole career. So that’s not sustainable. And a lot of people are saying, you know, I didn’t want to get involved in this and I wanted to keep out of it. I don’t watch the NFL, I don’t watch the NBA, I don’t watch the Oscars anymore, so I tuned out. But now I think the left is saying to you, you may not want us, but we want you and we’re not going to let you go. And so I think that’s going to make people unite and we’re going to see it in the next midterms and we’re going to see an pushback throughout popular culture. I think it’s already starting. You know, it’s “Go blank, Joe Biden, blank Joe Biden” stuff and the school board stuff and the pilots, and you’re starting to see really angry grassroots across the racial ethnic gender line. I mean, we have Mexican-American communities along the southern border in Texas that are voting conservative because they don’t want their communities disrupted by an uninterrupted flow of people from Central America or Caribbean or Mexico that are encouraged by wealthy elites in the United States. This is a new political dimension that we’re we’re witnessing, I think. 

TODD: [00:46:02] And it’s fascinating to watch this unfold. You know, I was in Newport Beach last week and I saw those container ships. It was just staggering to see ship after ship just anchored off the the California coastline. But Victor, you know, I’m you know, we broadcast our show from Memphis, Tennessee. Our gas prices now at about $3 a gallon, which are outrageous, you guys $5 a gallon. It’s just unbelievable what’s happening out there in your state. 

VICTOR DAVIS HANSON: [00:46:33] I live in a community that’s about 90 percent Mexican-American or perhaps even illegal residents. And what I’m learning from my neighbors is this is on call intolerable. We can’t afford to live at five dollars a gallon or 27 cents a kilowatt hour. The 99 freeway hasn’t been changed in 50 years. It’s death. And our governor is talking about outlawing the whole landscaping business is dominated by Mexican-American families, small businesses that are trying to outlaw, you know, gas driven leaf blowers or lawnmowers, or they’re trying to demand ethnic studies in high school. When people are saying, we need more AP, we need more math, we need more science. And so I think you’re starting to see that this elite driven agenda top-down revolution, the Obama’s, you know, John Kerry or Meghan Markle or Oprah and all of that identity politics, critical race theory, wokeness, it’s starting to affect people, and they’re saying that this is not America. And your theories, when they’re refined and concrete, are destroying my life. Well, I can’t buy a house or I can’t make a living when prices are going up five to seven percent a year or there’s zero interest stuff, it doesn’t give me any interest on my meager passbook account. So they’re looking at economically, socially, politically and I think we’re going to it’s going to explode. I really do. I don’t mean and violence. I just mean in a popular revolt against the law, no matter how much they control Silicon Valley or Hollywood or academia or K-to-12 or Wall Street, it’s the people they can’t control. And I think people are starting to say, Yeah, wow, we’re had it. We’re done with this. 

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