Starnes: Biden Needs Those Millions of Illegals to Vote in 2022 Election

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TODD: Now, just a few moments ago, President Biden and I have to say, I’m not sure what they did. Maybe they fixed his meds. Maybe they gave him a couple of uppers. But he seemed to be more coherent in his interactions with the press today. President Biden coming out and addressing this story, this image that we’ve been talking about for several days now. The image shows Border Patrol agents on horseback trying to corral these illegal alien invaders from Haiti. Now, the Mainstream Media and the Democrats came right out of the gate and accused the Border Patrol agents of using whips of whipping the migrants of of using the horses as weapons. So they they accused Border Patrol of weaponizing the horses. But as we know, you cannot trust anything that comes from the Democrats or the Mainstream Media. Nancy Pelosi does not know the front end of the horse from the back end of the horse. And we now know those were not whips. Those were, in fact, reins, and that one of the illegals had actually attacked the horse. We don’t know what the illegal tried to punch the horse, but the illegal was clearly doing something to the horse and the Border Patrol agent in the photograph was trying to get the guy away from the horse. So Joe Biden was asked about this today. They all know the truth. They all know the truth here, folks, which is why all of this is so absolutely reprehensible and heinous, because these good and decent and honorable Border Patrol agents are being maligned unfairly. So. Joe Biden was asked about this at the press conference.

REPORTER: [00:04:37] Given what we saw at the border this week have you failed in that promise? And this is happening under your watch. You take responsibility for the chaos that’s unfolding.

BIDEN: Of course, I take responsibility as president, but I was horrible with this. As you start to see people treat it like they did, horses running them over, people being strapped. It’s outrageous. I promise you, those people will pay. They will be an investigation underway now. And there will be consequences. There will be consequences. It’s an embarrassment that’s beyond an embarrassment. It’s dangerous. It’s wrong. It sends the wrong message around the world. It sends the wrong message at home. It’s simply not who we are.

TODD: [00:05:17] So the brilliant thing about all of this is everybody is attacking Joe Biden. Everybody. The guy’s approval ratings are in the toilet and somebody is about to flush. They are that low. Here you have the leftist coming after Biden because they want these illegals to be given full amnesty. They don’t want anybody shipped out by the administration says they are shipping people out. But we know beyond a shadow of a doubt that that is not happening, that most of these people are actually being dropped off at bus stations and airline terminals all over all over south Texas. That’s what’s going on.

So now you’ve got the citizens of Del Rio, Texas. They’re under siege. We understand upwards of 20,000 illegal aliens. Again, more Haitians are coming up from Mexico City. You could have a situation very soon in the next several days where there are more illegal aliens living in Del Rio, Texas, than there are actual law abiding, tax-paying American citizens living in Del Rio, Texas. And nobody wants to talk about that. Nobody wants to do anything about that. And I agree with Tucker Carlson. He was talking about this a couple of nights ago on Fox News Channel. This is part of an intentional effort to replace the makeup of America. This is a forced effort. We’re not talking about legal migration. We’re talking about an effort to dump millions, millions of illegal aliens into this country. Keep in mind one point two, one point three million. I promise you, that number has gone up. Those are the numbers we know about that have crossed the border illegally since Joe Biden took the oath of office. That is only going to get worse. Could you imagine by the end of his term, we can have upwards of five, six, seven million illegal aliens living in our nation, and you better believe those people are going to be voting. So now you’ve got the poor citizens of Del Rio and nobody’s looking out for these people. I mean, they are the true victims here. And in a very close second, are all the people waiting in line to get here legally. But you’ve got all these folks down there in Del Rio and they are under siege.

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