SUPPLY CHAIN CRISIS: Chinese Restaurant Owner Says Diners May Have to Bring Plates

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The following is a rush transcript from the Todd Starnes Radio Show.

TODD: Let’s go to Joan in North Carolina on WSIC. Joan, what’s going on?

CALLER: [01:33:27] Well, you were talking about the supply, the food chain and I have not seen it in the grocery stores yet. However, we went to our favorite Chinese restaurant on Saturday and we’ve been going there 15 years. We know the owners very well and she was joking around with us. But it isn’t a joke because she said, you know, next time you come, you might have to bring your own plates. Now they served in Styrofoam boxes or these plastic boxes even eaten. And she said they cannot get the boxes, they can’t get the Styrofoam boxes. They can’t get cups. They’re having trouble getting baby corn, water chestnuts. And she said it’s all due to the fact that all the they can’t unload the items off the ships and even the prices that they’re paying. They have just your regular shopping bags, the ones you would get in the grocery store. She said they’ve gone from like $7 for, I think, a couple hundred to about 40. And she said there’s just no way she can keep her prices as low. Yet customers are complaining that, you know, she keeps raising her prices, and she says, How can I stay in business when all these prices are going crazy? Plus, I can’t get products and you know, these people were able to survive during the pandemic due to takeout, but now due to a lack of product availability and pricing, they are struggling. This is ridiculous.

TODD: 01:35:19] Oh, Joan let me tell you, look, I placed an order again. I’m a homebound and so I placed an order yesterday. Joan, the fees to have the food delivered were more than the actual food wants. And it’s just it’s at some point it is not sustainable for for anybody. And that’s, you know, again, this is what inflation looks like, and it is not a pretty picture.

CALLER: [01:35:42] No. And the worst part about it is that these people, they’re extremely hard working. They just opened another restaurant in a local city near us. So they have three different restaurants that they’re trying to supply. They can’t get workers to work. The workers that want that do come in one, $15 and $16 an hour. And she said, this is just getting to the point of where they don’t know how they’re going to survive based on what’s going on. And, you know, thank you, Democrats.

TODD: [01:36:17] Joan, this is this is the reality of where we are going, it is the perfect storm and I have to hope and pray that this will compel people to get out and vote in the midterm elections. We’ve got and we have a long way to go. We’re still a year away. And Joan, here we are a year into the Biden administration, not even a year yet, and the country is in a death spiral death.

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