‘That S.O.B. Needs to Pay!’ Rep. Chip Roy Unloads on Biden

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REP. ROY: [01:21:43] Jen Psaki should be ashamed of herself. I just literally leaving our Border Patrol agents. They’re flapping in the wind this way. Yesterday, I sent a letter demanding that we actually see the alleged report and study being done about the alleged whipping incident, which we all know was bogus. And Jen Psaki, President Biden, threw every Border Patrol agent under the bus, accusing them of whipping migrants when it was patently false. And now they’re burying the report that would indicate that that’s the case.

TODD: [01:23:41] It’s that is in itself offensive. They they slandered those, those border agents and they knew. Everybody knew. We all saw the video. There was video evidence. And yet they have not recanted anything, they said. None of the allegations, congressman.

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REP. ROY: [01:23:57] No, they’ll never recant it. Because look, they know. The fact is, they have nothing to tell the American people the failed agenda that’s making us more endangered because our streets are less safe. Our borders are wide open. You know, terrorists are running amok in Afghanistan, Russia’s rattling around the world and these guys want to play the race card because the only thing they’ve got left to play, they are an absolute empty book. They got one trick that trick playing the race card. You’re seeing it seeing it unfold at Georgetown University, where the left is trying to oust the professor simply for commenting on free speech. And he’s apologized about the art of the word. But it’s a race based effort to try to get somebody kicked out of a university to play that race card, the same race card they’re playing with the voting fraud bill they’re trying to push here in the federal level the same race card that they’re going to play when we have a hearing about voter ID and they try to say that same as a poll tax. When I question that, then they say that I’m somehow a white supremacist. These guys have no fuel in the tank. All they’ve got is the ability to stand up and play the race card, and I’m sick and tired of it. And guess what? So we’re all the brown people in South Texas that these people say that are their voters. They’re full of crap and they’re about to have a rude awakening.

TODD: [01:25:09] And dare I say this? All of those brown people are not eligible to be a Supreme Court justice in the Biden administration.

REP. ROY: [01:25:18] Well, you know, excellent point, because it was the Democrats speaking of the race card who set out to destroy a man, Miguel Estrada, simply because he’s an Hispanic conservative. Those are the facts. It happened, and Democrats have never been made to pay the consequences for destroying a good man simply because they didn’t want to have a conservative Hispanic on the court. And now they want to get up and say, Oh, we got to have a black woman. Well, it was Joe Biden who filibustered black woman Janice Rogers Brown because she was a conservative. This is all bull. It has nothing to do with wanting to have a black woman on the court. It has everything in the world to do with them wanting to play the race card to try to divide us. What we should be seeking to have a colorblind society where we pick the best person for the job. And you know who the best man for the job was in 1991, Clarence Thomas. And you know what? They don’t want to admit that they want to hide behind it after they filibuster, Janice Rogers Brown, destroyed Miguel Estrada. Now they want to say, Oh, we’re going to pick a black woman and then they want to destroy a good professor at Georgetown for daring to question it. Well, you know what? Your time is up. We’re tired of this game.

TODD: [01:26:26] And again, I to borrow there their talking points. It was the racism of the Democrat Party. Estrada was the first filibuster ever to be successfully used against a judicial nominee, even though he had the clear support of a majority of the Senate. So the Democrat leadership, they torpedoed this guy because of his ethnicity is just unbelievable. Again, we’re playing their game, congressman. You know, they’re going to they play it on us all the time. We’re going to throw it right back at them.

REP. ROY: [01:26:58] Absolutely. I’m sick of this stuff. We need ot shove it right back down their throat. You want to be a white supremacist? I’m going to shove your own record right down your throat because you guys are the ones that are the racists playing the race card. I was there on the Senate Judiciary Committee. I know exactly what they had in those memos. They hid behind saying, Oh, these memos, they were stolen after some server. Look, if a Republican had left that memo in Old Manila folder sitting in the Judiciary Committee room, and you’d found it saying that we were trying to destroy a judge because that judge was some fill in the blank characteristic they would have nuked us for it. The fact is, we have absolute evidence that they were trying to kill Estrada because he’s a Hispanic male, and they did and they hurt his career and it went on, and you know, I’m not even going to get into some of the things that happened to him and his family as a result of it. And Joe Biden was the ringleader and that S.O.B. needs to pay the consequences for that.

TODD: [01:27:54] Congressman, I know you’re I understand you’re heated and you’re fired up and you should be and it’s appalling and I appreciate you calling them out because they need to and more. Republicans need to be just as indignant as you, sir, because we’ve got to put a stop to this and I’m tired of them. The only reason they’re putting a black female up is they know that any congressman who is not black or a person of color that that criticizes the nominee will immediately be labeled as a racist.

REP. ROY: [01:28:23] That’s exactly right, and they do that here in the halls of Congress all of the time, right? They try to put out bills and they call them some name that you can’t oppose. They name it after a civil rights icon, or they forces take votes on every single thing so that they can go out and trumpet and play that race card. I refuse to play along. I’m not going to do it.

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