The Todd Starnes Show: Mike Pompeo, Sen. Marsha Blackburn, Rep. Kat Cammack

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National radio host and best-selling author Todd Starnes discusses Biden’s foreign policy and America’s future with former Trump Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, Senator Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) and Congresswoman Kat Cammack (R-FL) also join the show to discuss infrastructure, national security and other hot-button issues!

This is a rush transcript from “Todd Starnes Show,” June 3, 2021. This copy may not be in its final form and may be updated.

TODD STARNES: All right, well, hello, America. Welcome to the Todd Starnes radio show. Good to have you with us today. And wow, do we have a busy show for you? I and just a little while, we’re going to hear from former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, and he is sounding more and more like a future presidential candidate every single day. So looking forward to hearing from Secretary Pompeo. We did a prerecorded interview and it’s pretty fascinating. We talked for about, I don’t know, 15 minutes or so and covered a lot of ground from Dr. Fauci to this Critical Race Theory, cancel culture movement in America, and of course, whether or not President Trump should be actively involved in the Republican Party. So we covered a lot of ground. And you’re going to want to hear this interview, an exclusive interview here on the show today. Also, Senator Marsha Blackburn is going to be here as well. She has a lot to say about what’s happening with infrastructure in America. So and a few other guests sprinkled into the mix along with your telephone calls. So it’s going to be a lot of fun today. ToddStarnes.com is our website. Again, that is ToddStarnes.com. And there’s lots of great information for you over there. By the way, I just want to mention this to you. Got an email last night from the South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem. She’d be a great vice presidential running mate for somebody Kristi Noem has been petitioning the courts so that we can celebrate Independence Day at Mt. Rushmore. As you know, Joe Biden, in a fit of rage, canceled the Fourth of July fireworks show at Mount Rushmore, the one what was the last year of the Trump presidency when they had that huge fireworks display. It was unbelievable. Just absolutely unbelievable. Patriotic, the speeches, the singing, the fireworks, it was just absolutely amazing. And they were going to try to do it again this year. But Biden said no. So Kristi Noem filed a lawsuit and the court handed down a ruling yesterday and they said, absolutely not. We’re going to you’re not allowed to celebrate Independence Day. Governor Noem released a statement. I want to read this to you. She says the decision was really arbitrary. That’s why we are going to be appealing the decision and the fight is not over. She says this is part of the radical left’s agenda. They don’t want to celebrate America or our freedoms. They’re pushing critical race theory. They’re pushing the sixty-nine project is just another one of those battles to erase our true, honest, patriotic history in this country. Now, ladies and gentlemen, I’m very curious to hear from you today on this issue. Are you going to celebrate the Fourth of July? I know many of you are still in states where you are under some form of lockdown. You’re not allowed to gather in large groups. I’m wondering how many of you are willing to say, you know what, we’re thumbing our nose. We’re thumbing our nose at the government and we’re going to go out there and we’re going to celebrate. We’re going to go out there and get the charcoal briquettes. We’re going to get the we’re going to get the the grills lit up and ready to go. We’re going to grill up some burgers and hot dogs. We’re going to put our Recker ribs in the smoker and we’re going to celebrate America by doing what we do best, which is eat. And then we’re going to hear bands play and we’re going to see parades and we’re going to have floats and we’re going to have beauty queens. Yes. I said at beauty queens, we all know what those pageants are about. We’re going to watch the fireworks explode over our skies at nighttime and we’re going to get all weepy. That’s what we’re going to do. And I’m curious what you are going to do. Are you going to take a stand? And I’m telling you right here and right now, ladies and gentlemen, if we cannot stand up and celebrate our freedom on Independence Day, there’s something wrong with us. That’s that’s all there is. There’s something wrong with us. So, anyway, good for you, Governor. No, she’s got a fight, the good fight. And honestly, if I were if I were the people of South Dakota, I would say, you know what? To heck with you, President Biden. We’re going to go out there and we’re going to shoot off fireworks and we’re going to have a good old time. We’re going to celebrate America. That’s what we’re going to do. So we’ll see how the lawsuit goes. The National Park Service, of course, denying the permit and they say the reasons are because of the China virus. What are they afraid? One of this what what? Washington’s going to get the China virus, Lincoln. I mean, come on, Jefferson. Are you kidding me? Please. The National Park Service says they also have some environmental concerns. OK, we’re talking about fireworks. We’re not blowing up a nuclear bomb over Mt. Rushmore. We’re talking about fireworks. They’re doing this out of spite. And I just cannot stress this enough Democrats hate America, they hate everything about America. I know it’s a terrible thing to say, but it is true. We’re not talking about your great grandfather’s Democrat Party. We’re talking about a radicalized AOC, Éliane, Omar Washita, to leave Democrat Party. These people hate our freedom. They hate free speech. They hate they hate freedom of the press. And by the way, this is the great irony. After the progressives in the Democrat Party strip away the rest of our rights, they’re going to come after you people in the mainstream media, all you drive by media types who are bending over and taking one up the wazoo for the Democrats. Yeah, they’re going to come after you. You think they’re your friends, but they’re not. They hate you to. And when push comes to shove, they’re going to throw all of us into the gulags, you say there you go again, Todd, what’s up with the hyperbole? No, it’s not hyperbole. We’ve got Bernie Sanders on tape, our good friend James O’Keefe over at Project Paratus, interviewing Bernie Sanders campaign staffers saying that if their guy had won, they were going to throw all of the Trump supporters into gulags and reeducation camps. I believe we played the audio back in the day when that when that happened. So I say this, go out to the Kroger, get yourself some hamburger patties, get some hot dogs, King Cotton, if you can. Those are the best. And get out there and fight the good fight and stand up for freedom. Let’s go to the phones. Tulsa, Oklahoma. Ruth hanging out with us. Ruth, are you going to hide in your house on July 4th or you got to get out there and celebrate? 

Speaker 3 [00:07:36] Oh, my gosh, no. You know what I did for Memorial Day? I work as a personal chef and the doctor has some kids, so I help them decorate their front yard for Memorial Day only house on the block. We had stars in the bushes and flags everywhere and it was fun. No, wait. I’m going to buy the best blueberries I can find. I’m a chef and I’m going to make up a great batch of blueberry muffins, put little flags on them and take them to our police and fire stations. I love it. Right. Then I’m going to make this great potato salad that my mother taught me to make when I was a kid. Every holiday we had it because I was one of nine. So that’s a big deal to make that set with. And I have served it to former presidents, colonels in the Army, governors. It’s been it’s been served all across the country. So I have to make that. And then we’re going to grow some hot dogs and hamburgers and we’re going to have fun and we’re going to thank God that we have the privilege of being born into the best country ever in history. Ruth loved this country, Ruth. 

Speaker 1 [00:08:42] I love this country, too. And I got to tell you something. It sounds like I would love your potato salad. You’ve actually served this potato salad. Two leaders of the free world. What presidents have eaten? I have your potato salad. 

Speaker 3 [00:08:55] Well, a very high up lieutenant colonel in the army and actually I used to work for an attorney who handled Jackie Onassis with some. Real estate holdings, and so my potato salad and I don’t don’t get it against me because I had nothing to do, went to the Clinton house. 

Speaker 1 [00:09:16] Well, we don’t judge. Hey, look, Ruth, when it comes to potato salad, we are bipartisan, so. Right. We don’t. Yes. 

Speaker 3 [00:09:24] We don’t. Judge Ed. Yes. It was served to the editor of Vanity Fair magazine and the head of the Tri-State area, Homeland Security Support. And let’s see the governor of Oklahoma. Well, look at you. I mean, not the president, not the present governor, but that conveys. 

Speaker 1 [00:09:45] Well, Ruth, it just again, it sounds like you guys are going to have one heck of a great festivity and a great celebration. And Ruth, you’re right. We need to be thanking God on July 4th for allowing us to be born in the greatest country on the face of the Earth, a country that God has blessed abundantly, a country that is under the thumb of of leftist Democrats right now. And we just have to work our butts off and get out there and reclaim our country in 2022. 

Speaker 3 [00:10:18] And may I say something else real quick, you know, yeah, Antiblack had a lesson he taught about how God doesn’t hang out with depression and difficulties, he’ll feel your compassion. But God lives in joy and it’s power and strength and joy. And one of our greatest hits besides freedom is fun and joy. I love it. He wants to be an American. 

Speaker 1 [00:10:40] I love it. Yeah. That’s why they’re coming here legally and. Right. All right. I’ve got the joy in my heart and Ruth’s potato salad and my belly. It’s going to be a great time, Ruth. God bless you. Happy Fourth of July. We’re already over a month early. But you know what? We’ve got to start making our plans now. Ruth, thanks for the call. And folks, I don’t know about you, but I’m going to be singing at the top of my lungs, and I do not have a very good singing voice. But Lee Greenwood, God bless the USA, folks. I’m ready to celebrate and I’m ready to have a good time because we’re ready. And let’s just make July 4th, the day that we begin the effort to take back our country from the Socialist 844, 747 88, 68 is our toll free telephone number. That’s eight four four seven four seven 88 68. This is the Todd Stern Show. 

Speaker 2 [00:11:31] It’s Radio Free America, Todd Starnes. 

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Speaker 2 [00:13:01] All right, folks, welcome 

Speaker 1 [00:13:02] back to the Todd Starnes radio show. Now, this is a very interesting story. And hang tight. We’re going to get to Steve in just a moment. But I want to get your thoughts on this. So June is gay pride month across America, across the fruited plain and gay pride month. They’re flying v the gay flag and they’re hoisting the flag at embassies and government buildings literally around the world. So every American embassy is going to be flying the gay flag. Including the embassy at the Vatican, the U.S. embassy at the Vatican is going to fly the rainbow flag now the the U.S. embassy at the Vatican put out a tweet that said the United States respects the dignity and equality of LGBTQ plus people, LGBTQ, ie, plus rights are human rights. And it’s causing a lot of concern among Catholics who say this is not this is a great affront to them, because if you are of the Catholic persuasion, if that’s your faith, then you do not support same sex marriage. And this is causing a lot of controversy, the governor of Nebraska, who happens to be Catholic, is among those who’s very upset that the the pride flag is being flown at the Vatican, at our embassy. So the question is very simple. And by the way, this is a part of a Servoz survey we have on our Facebook page, which I mean, hundreds and hundreds of you have already weighed in on this. But we’re curious, should the gay pride flag be flown outside our embassies? Eight four four seven four seven 88, 68. That’s eight four four seven four seven 88 68. I want to go to central Arkansas, our good friend Steve on the line, and he’s got a thought about July 4th. Hey, Steve, what’s going on? 

Speaker 3 [00:15:09] Hey, Todd, if I were governor home in South Dakota, I believe what I would do is just sit with the people I get with the people up around Sturgis and try to tie the Sturgis bike rally in that Fourth of July week and invite everybody in the country for a big Fourth of July celebration right up there around that Mount Rushmore area, around the park’s only 180 acres. I just looked at it. That’s all they’re saying. They from my understanding, the Park Service said no, all they got control over is that 100 acres. Somebody might even talk President Trump into having a rally in that area up there to you on the Fourth of July. 

Speaker 1 [00:15:52] Well, you know, the president is going to be speaking in North Carolina this weekend on Saturday. And you know what? The Steve, that’s actually a terrific idea. Maybe get the get the president, the former president up there and do a repeat. 

Speaker 3 [00:16:07] Hmm, yeah, it’s that it’s only two square miles, South Dakota is a pretty big state. I think I think they could still have a 4th of July celebration. 

Speaker 1 [00:16:16] Well, you know what? That’s actually a terrific idea. Steve, thank you for the call. And thank you for listening to us. We appreciate all of our great listeners there in the beautiful state of Arkansas. So Governor Pete Ricketts, the governor of Dabrowska, says, as a Catholic, I’m curious to know what the Biden Harris embassy and the Holy See will promote respect for Catholic teaching on family and freedom of conscience, or whether we can simply expect more political stunts like this. And then he shared a photograph of the of the gay pride flag. They’re flying at the at the embassy, at the Vatican, JE Zaloom, Amalric. All right. I got to talk about Dr. Fauci. So Tucker Carlson last night. Saying that it’s time for a criminal investigation of Dr. Fauci, these this treasure trove of emails, we’re talking about hundreds and hundreds of emails coming out. Showing and exposing that Dr. Fauci knew a lot more than what he was telling the American people. Also, new information about hydroxy chloroquine that Dr. Fauci knew that hydroxy chloroquine actually worked if it was given to patients early on in the early days of the China virus pandemic. So there are growing calls for a criminal investigation. Breitbart News calling Dr. Fauci Dr. Doom. And one of Tucker’s key takeaways is that something is not right about Tony Fauci. He’s a fraud. He was interviewed on Fox News last year. And he was not forthcoming. Tucker says, we’ve learned that Falchi was implicated in the very pandemic he had been charged with fighting, that he supported the grotesque and dangerous experiments that appeared to have made the China virus possible. And the greater concern is where our tax dollars used to create this virus that was then used against the American people. Now, a lot of people out there, a lot of conservatives are saying, well, you know what, this was an accident. We don’t believe this was intentional. I’m not one of those folks. I believe it was intentional. When you look at the political landscape, what was happening in America at the time that the virus was unleashed, I believe the Chinese were hell bent on two things. Number one, hurting America. Number two, getting rid of Donald Trump. And they managed to do both. So we’re going to be taking your calls about this, do you think that we need to have criminal investigations of Dr. Anthony Fauci, eight four four seven four seven 88, 68. That’s a toll free telephone number eight four four seven four seven 88 68. Todd Starnes dot com is our website. Lots of great information. There are free newsletter, free podcast. Be sure to check that out and take advantage of all the free stuff we’ve got. Todd Stern. We’ll be right back. By now, you’ve all heard me talk about my pillow and now Mike has done it again. Mike Lendell introducing his all new My Slippers Mike has taken over two years to develop these incredible slippers designed to wear indoors and outdoors all day long. Those slippers are made with my pillow foam and impact gel to help prevent fatigue. Your feet will sleep for a limited time. Mike is offering 40 percent off his new my slippers. My slippers are so comfortable that you’re going to want to get some for the whole family. So go to my pillow dotcom and click on the radio listeners square and use the promo code. Starns You’re also going to get deep discounts on all bippolo products, including the Giza Dream Bedsheets, the Michaella mattress topper and my pillow towel set. Or just call 883 985 06 and use the promo code stars. That’s 883 985 06 Promo Code Starns. All right, folks, welcome back to Bhattacharjee Radioshow, good to have you with us today. A busy news day around here, but I’m very excited to welcome an incredible guest, a great American patriot and one of the best members of the Trump administration, a former secretary of state, Mike Pompeo. Mr. Secretary, what an honor to have you with us today. 

POMPEO: It’s great to be with you. Thanks for the kind words. And good morning. 

STARNES: Well, good morning. And I want to start with what’s been happening in the news with the release of Dr. Pelosi’s e-mails, basically affirming what you have been saying all along about the China virus. 

POMPEO: Todd, I’ve had a chance to read some of them, you know, they do tell a tale about what Dr. Fauci and his team knew, and it’s consistent with what I had seen back in early May of last year. Now it’s been over. A year ago, I was talking about the fact that the most likely. Source for the coronavirus itself, the Wuhan virus was in fact, from this virology lab in Wuhan, China, would come from Wuhan and all the evidence kept stacking up, showing that it was likely this lab. You know, we don’t know definitively, but every every strand started to point a single direction. What’s most important about these emails, I think, is that we have to get to the answer of what happened here. This virology lab is still operating. It’s still posing a risk to the United States, still have thousands of people dying each day around the world. And they’re still likely conducting the same kind of research with the same absence of security. We need to know what Dr. Fauci knew, how he knew it, what it was he did to help get answers for the United States, for the American people. And then we ultimately have to impose real costs on the Chinese Communist Party for what they did to all of us. 

STARNES: I mean, there are there are so many layers to all of this. Mr. Secretary, did did China do this intentionally? Was it an accident? Were they trying to target the United States? And then when you look at the political landscape, were politics at play with all of the shutdowns and the quarantines? Were those meant to actually hurt the Trump reelection campaign? 

POMPEO: We know this much. We know that the answers to a number of your questions, the international component, the national security component, are sitting in the hands of Xi Jinping and the Chinese Communist Party leadership. They could resolve this. And this matters, to your point about what happened. Look, the most likely, the most likely outcome is this was an accidental release. But there’s still so much we don’t know. And the Chinese Communist Party is determined to make sure you and I and your listeners never learn the answer to those questions, that that suggests we need to dig and dig and dig and impose costs on them until they fess up to what they did and why they did it, why they cover it up, or frankly, to this day, cover up. Your point about the domestic ramifications? I think that I think Congress ought to ask a lot of hard questions about all of what Dr. Fauci has in his emails, what he knew about the research, this gain of function research where it essentially made it much more transmissible, transmissible from human to human. We know that was taking place in that lab. And some of these emails suggest he knew and didn’t share this with the American public when it might have mattered a great deal. 

STARNES: I know you saw all of this happening in real time and you had the investigation launched. That has now been canceled by the Biden administration. Do you have any faith that the Biden team is going to get to the bottom of this or do they want to get to the bottom of this? 

POMPEO: I don’t I hope they do. The American people must demand that our government do everything it can to make sure this never happens again. And part of that is figuring out how it happened the first time, the failures that the Chinese Communist Party foisted upon the world, the World Health Organization’s enormous failures. I mean, don’t forget, we left the World Health Organization because it was corrupt and this administration reentered it without asking the Chinese to do a darn thing to fix the very problem that killed hundreds of thousands of Americans. I hope the Biden administration’s not going to take that kind of passive nothing to see here, folks approach to this problems that they need to continue to do the hard work to get all the answers they can. And then then there’s the accountability element to this. Billions of dollars worth of destruction to the American economy and the prevention. How do we make sure this never happens again if we don’t look, if we don’t dig, if the Bush administration just turns the other cheek because they want to be friends with China and on their Green New Deal program, this will be enormously dangerous for the United States. 

STARNES:] You know, I’m one of these people, Mr. Secretary. I’m one of these for such a time as this people. And I really do believe that you’ve been raised up for this time. I mean, when you look at where we are in America right now, it seems that there are a lot of people struggling with who we are as a country. Freedoms are under attack, religious liberty under attack. And and you have some really good thoughts on where we need to be going as a country. 

POMPEO: One of the things that saddens me most about this administration is they, much like the Obama administration, continue to denigrate the United States of America. We have our United States ambassador to the U.N. talking about how this is a racist nation, to deeply, deeply authoritarian Marxist Leninist regimes in China and in Russia and Iran. This is the most exceptional nation in the history of the world. The American people are noble people. We don’t get it right every day. But the hard-working Americans all across this country get that we are we were not founded on a racist idea. We were founded on a central understanding about freedom that makes America so special, Todd. 

STARNES: What are you you know, from your vantage point, what do you think is the biggest concern that that we should have as as a country right now talking about America and our culture? 

POMPEO: The biggest concern is from within. And I spent four years working on challenges from abroad, but I watched what was happening in states that they did that our president can’t go on. Social media is so deeply troubling, this idea that you can cancel an American leader from being able to express his views on things in the world. The world’s watching that and saying, well, that’s what that’s how authoritarian regimes behave. We have to make sure that that kind of thing doesn’t continue to grow and fester here in the United States. What’s going on in our schools too bothers me a great deal. We shouldn’t teach about groups and identities, but rather about individuals and liberty and ordered liberty and the traditions of our churches, our families, the things that, you know, make America so unique and so special. If we continue to educate our kids on this idea of race as the central theme of our time. It doesn’t portend well for the future, for the United States of America. And so every American should work hard in their own community to stamp that out. 

STARNES: And, of course, when you when you see what’s been happening in the Pentagon, I mean, the the idea that our our our military has been turned into a social engineering petri dish and the kinds of people, you know, the these recruitment videos I know you’ve seen them have what what do you make of all of this? 

POMPEO: It’s so far from the few, the proud, the Marines. But I was a young soldier … three decades plus ago. Our military is designed to protect and defend, to be able to deliver for the President of the United States, the commander in chief, the power to secure American freedom. And when we by the way, we want to first I had a I had a tank gunner that was a minority. That’s all great. But he was my tank gunner because he was a really good tank gunner. I wanted him to go knock down targets for me. When we when we put this idea first of race and division inside of our military, when we create a woke understanding inside of these important institutions, the foundational institutions for America, we decrease the capacity for the military to perform its central role in helping keep Americans free. And that’s a, that’s unfortunate. I watch these ads and they don’t talk about patriotism. They don’t talk about why most kids that I knew joined the military. They talk about things that are far afield from that. And that is that is dangerous and it will reduce our capacity to keep America free.

STARNES: I mean it really is awful when you think about what these Democrats are doing. We broadcast the show from my home city, Memphis, Tennessee. And, you know, race relations, it’s a big issue here. And the fact of the matter is that black Americans, they want the same thing that white Americans want and Asian Americans want. They want their kids to go to good schools. They want to be able to let their kids go play in the park without getting shot at. They want good jobs. And yet you had these folks in the Democrats that are trying to divide us along these racial lines again. And I just find that to be incredibly despicable and downright evil. Mr. Secretary, 

POMPEO: It’s the darndest thing and it’s deeply un-American. You see it to play out different ways. You see it play out in the faith world as well, the rise of anti-Semitism, some of these things that have happened in our big cities where there’s this division along religious lines where people feel free to say the most vile things about Jews. We see this this division, this divisiveness, and frankly, it’s coming from President Biden himself, the speech that he gave in Tulsa the other day had some lines in it that were truly, truly antagonistic to the central idea of equality for every single human being and every single American. I regret this. I’m confident in the American people want a different America from this. And when we turn to the elections in November of 2022, that’s what I think the American people are going to demand. 

STARNES: You know, looking at 20, 22, I’m wondering, have you had any contact interactions with with the former president? 

POMPEO: I have I speak to him with some frequency 

STARNES: and how’s he doing? 

POMPEO: He’s doing great, he’s doing great. Look, he wants to stay involved, the work that he did, the policies that we put in place, both the policies that led to higher employment rates for African-Americans and for Hispanic Americans across America than at any time in American history. Those policies, the policies we put in place to deter Iran and put China, the Chinese Communist Party on its back foot, those policies made sense. And the president wants to make sure that those policies continue. So I have every expectation he’ll continue to stay very involved in making sure that the ideas that the Trump administration put forward are the ones that lead America on the path for the next five, 10 and 20 years.

STARNES: You know there has been this debate in the party and it’s really not a division. I think it’s a small but vocal crowd who say the president should not run in 2024. He should not be involved in the party. What are you what are your thoughts on that? 

POMPEO: Oh, goodness. As for whether he decides to run for president, he’ll he’ll sort his way through that. But whether he has the right to be involved and whether the he has a part of what it is that the Republican Party should do in the future, I think that’s unambiguous. I don’t meet but a handful of Republicans who don’t believe that the work that that we did as part of a four year policy that restored American greatness, that they don’t see that as the right trajectory for our party. And I’m convinced that he will play a role in that. He’ll he’ll get to choose precisely what role that will be taught. But at the end of the day, those ideas, the policies that we put forth, I think make sense to folks not just inside of our party, but to your point earlier, there are people who have been Democrats for an awfully long time who saw that and said, that’s my chance, that’s my opportunity. That’s the path forward for me and my kids and grandkids. And I want to I want to be part of that. 

STARNES: Yeah, I got to tell you, I was filling up the gas. I was one at the Cadillac the other day, and I had some very unkind things to say about those never Trumpers, I’ll tell you that much. 

POMPEO: They’ve lost they’ve lost the reason and the reason matters. 

STARNES: It does. You know, real quick, I want to brag on you. I’ve been following your career for quite some time, and it’s just such an impressive resume you have. And Mr. Secretary, I know that you’ve probably got a lot of opportunities, but I think you’re going to make a fine president one of these days. 

POMPEO: Todd, that’s very kind. I intend to stay engaged in this fight. To your point, I’ve been working on this set of issues that matter to America, to me, to my family for an awfully long time. I don’t intend to walk away from that commitment. America’s given me such amazing opportunities. I get to be the CIA director, a member of Congress, secretary of state. I’ve been so, so fortunate, so blessed by this country. I want to I want to make sure that every human being is raised here in America gets a chance to have all the opportunity they can handle. 

STARNES: Well, again, it’s an amazing career you’ve had. And if you need a press secretary, I’d be happy to, you know, smack around those folks in the background. All right, Mr. Secretary, thank you very much. Appreciate it. Mike Pompeo, former secretary of state, a great American patriot. And the question really is your folks, could Mike Pompeo be a future president of these great United States? We would love to hear your thoughts on that. He unpacked a whole lot of stuff here from China to President Trump and also to the really calling out the never jumpers, the rhinos and the Republican Party, 844, 747, 88, 68, toll free telephone number. That’s eight for four 747 88 68. This is the Todd Stern Show 

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Speaker 3 [00:37:48] Hey, Todd. Love your show. I’m a 71 year old, almost 72 year old Army retired veteran. And I just want to say that President Trump gave voice and action to the beliefs of the about 70 to 80 million Americans who legally reelected him. And he gave voice and action to our beliefs and not just our beliefs, but to the core principles of the Republican Party on which it was founded. And we haven’t heard that from Republicans in decades. And I’m really ashamed of rhinos, elected officials at the federal level who only give lip service to those things. And that is all I wanted to say today, and I appreciate for them to do it. 

Speaker 1 [00:38:29] Well, you’re kind to say that, Ross, and we appreciate all of you guys there in Gainesville, all of the WTU and listeners. And I think there are a lot of folks just like you, Ross, that feel like Donald Trump finally gave we the people a voice, a voice that the the Republicans simply did not have at the time. And you can say what you want to about Donald Trump. But the reality is this is no longer the Republican Party of the rhinos. This is the Republican Party of of the people. And they’re going to have to deal with that or they’re going to have to join the Democrats. I mean, those are the options here. And every time, you know, I told Secretary Pompeo this, every time I go to the gas pump and I’ve got to pay, almost three dollars were up for a gallon of gas. That’s on the number troupers. They’re flying the the Black Lives Matter banners over our embassies. I blame that on the no jumpers. That’s what’s that’s that’s the reality of our situation right now. So, look, we’re coming up on a break. We’ve got Connor of Boston. Hang tight, Connor. We’re going to get to you. Also, a crazy story out of San Diego. A first grade first grade class there pushing transgenderism on the first graders. We’re going to get into that. Also, Senator Marsha Blackburn is on the way. We’ve got a lot of great stuff happening for the rest of the show. Eight four four seven four seven 88, 68. That’s eight four four seven four seven 88 68. Our Web site, Todd Starnes Dotcom, quickly becoming America’s fastest and largest conservative Web site. We’ll be right back. 

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Speaker 1 [00:41:30] the phones in just a second. This is an open line hour of the program. So whatever you want to talk about, you are free to do so. Eight four four seven four seven 88, 68. That’s eight four four seven four seven 88, 68. So Mark Cuban, he’s the owner of the Dallas Mavericks, the NBA basketball team. And you might remember, oh, what, a couple of months ago, Cuban announced they would no longer be playing the national anthem, The Star Spangled Banner, before basketball games there in Dallas. Instead, they apparently what played the Chinese national anthem. Is that it? Do we know? Can we verify that information? All right. We’re working on it. All right. Good stuff. Thank you. Let me know what we find out. So a lot of people in Texas, of all places, we’re not talking about the New York Knicks. You know, we’re not talking about the Brooklyn Nets. We’re talking about Dallas, Texas. We’re talking about the Dallas Mavericks. We’re talking about the home of the Dallas Cowboys, America’s team. Probably some of the most patriotic people in America in the Lone Star State, as a matter of fact, everything’s big in Texas, including their patriotism. So you can imagine a lot of people were really put out by this. They were almost as appalled as you would be if you showed up at a brisket joint and they were serving you tofu. It did not go over well. That’s what I’m trying to say. So the Texas Republicans have passed a bill, it’s called The Star-Spangled Banner Act. And now requires the national anthem to be played before professional sports games in Texas. Unless the teams want to give up their funding and business relationship with the state, I love this idea. So here’s how it works. All of these teams that are churning out multibillionaires, they’re getting government funding, they’re getting government cuts and benefits, whether it be tax breaks, whether whether it be the the beautiful facilities they play basketball in. And the state of Texas says, hey, look, if you want to dribble a ball for a living, if you want to dribble your balls for a living, we don’t judge here. But you’re going to pay a price. You’re going to do something about this. You’re either gonna play the national anthem or you’re going to lose all of your special perks. Honestly, this is what Congress ought to do for big tech, but they’re too scared, they’ve got no balls. But the NBA, they got balls, they dribble up and down the court and the Republicans said, OK, here’s the deal, we’re going to pass this legislation. The governor, by the way, Governor Greg Abbott, it’s heading to his desk for a signature. So they’ve already passed this. This is about to become law in in the Lone Star State. The anthem snubbed by the Mavericks lasted 13 games, it was the first instance of a pro sports team banning the national anthem from the pregame. The Cubans are Mark Cuban, rather, confirmed that he was the one who decided the Mavericks should pull the event. Well, look, I appreciate Mark Cuban fessing up and admitting that he is, you know, an anti-American jerk. Appreciate appreciate your doing that. The Mavericks did not promote this, they weren’t trying to make a political statement, but in reality they were because they pulled the national anthem. Now, here’s what Mark Cuban should have done. He should have called all of his players together. All right, men, stop playing with the balls. Come here. Come gather round. All right, Ben, here’s what’s going to happen. Listen up, pay attention, the Dallas Mavericks men. Are going to stand for the national anthem. Hand over your heart, you’re going to stand there as a. A sign of respect. And if you don’t do it. If you do not stand for the national anthem, if you decide to take a knee or hide in the locker room, cower in the bathroom stall, then you’re not going to play for that game. And we’re going to dock your pay, and if you do it a second time, you’re still not going to play, you’re going to ride the bench and you’re going to get docked pay. And if you do it a third time, then you know what? You can go and dribble your ball somewhere else. That’s what Mark Cuban should have said. But he didn’t. He capitulated and he decided to to take the side of the athletes and the Chinese. So here’s my question. Do you think that Texas did the right thing here? Should they have passed the legislation forcing teams that take money from the state of Texas to support the national anthem aid for four seven four seven 88 68 is our toll free telephone number. That’s eight four four seven four seven 88 68. By the way, our live show blog is up and running over at Tostadas dot com. We have lots of great information for you there. Right now, though, I want to go to the Liberty University newsmaker line. Very good to have with us the great senator from the volunteer state, Senator Marsha Blackburn. Senator, good to have you back with us. 

Speaker 3 [00:46:54] It is so good to be with you today and it’s so good to be in Memphis today. Where love this. 

Speaker 1 [00:46:59] Yes. So so Secretary of Transportation people to judge is here. And I guess you guys, what he’s looking over the I-40 bridge across the Mississippi River. You talk about infrastructure center. That’s it. 

Speaker 3 [00:47:15] Well, you’re exactly right, and this bridge is out, there is a crack in the steel supports in the bridge. And so our Tennessee Department of Transportation, the Arkansas Department of Transportation, the U.S. Department of Transportation are all working on this and trying to get that bridge reopened because now that school is out, covid is over, people are wanting to get out and about and do some travel. And, of course, logistics are what this region of the country, the mid-South, are all about. 

Speaker 1 [00:47:54] And of course, Memphis, Tennessee, is one of the major transportation hubs in America, whether it be the hometown of FedEx. And you had the air propolis, you’ve got the river traffic, Mississippi River and of course, what, 50000 cars a day go over that Mississippi River bridge on I-40. I mean, this is a huge, huge deal. And this goes back to something you pointed out a couple of weeks back, Senator, is that most of the president’s infrastructure bill has nothing to do with actual infrastructure. 

Speaker 3 [00:48:25] Well, that’s exactly right, and to that list that you just went through, I would add railroads, because this is one of only two eastern cities in the country where all of your class A railroads converge, all five of them. So Memphis is that transportation hub. But here is the thing. If you’re going to build infrastructure, you have to put into your plan the money to upkeep. That infrastructure is the same thing you do with the house. Periodically you have to paint or you have to do repair in a foundation or or different components to do the proper upkeep for that house. And the same thing happens with our nation’s infrastructure. And of course, too often the attention is put on building something new rather than maintaining and repairing what you have already built. And I work the taxpayers in this country, the citizens of the country, deserve to know that the infrastructure is safe and that it’s dependable. 

Speaker 1 [00:49:32] No. Well said, Senator. And of course, you know the other big story that we’re dealing with and again, you know, my hat is off to you. You have been on this story from day one, the the Chinese. And whatever happened in that lab just a few moments ago, we had former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on. He says every piece of evidence points to the to this virus coming out of that that lab. What do you want to see happen here? 

Speaker 3 [00:50:00] Well, one of the things that we should be diligent in doing is looking at all of the information that we had, you know, Secretary Payo told us a year ago about our diplomatic scientists who’d been quite concerned about this lab going back into 2018. Of course, when people like me said this virus obviously came from Wuhan because what did the Chinese Communist Party do? They immediately closed off all travel from Hubei province, which is where Wuhan is located, and said, if you live there, you cannot travel around China, but feel free to go get on a plane out at one international airport and travel the world, which people did. And that is how the virus spread. So, yes, the Chinese Communist Party should be held responsible for this. And do we need to get to the bottom of this? Absolutely we do. 

Speaker 1 [00:51:04] Senator, you’ve been crisscrossing the state of Tennessee. I know yesterday over near Jackson, you did an interview with with the local reporters talking about the latest at the border crisis. And you pointed out that the president has just basically laid out a welcome mat to illegals. What are we looking at now? How bad are things now at the border? 

Speaker 3 [00:51:27] You know, Todd gutlessness, I would say, should be paying attention to the fact that our Border Patrol has now apprehended 500000 people at this border, that is. Yeah, Joe Biden raised his hand and took the oath of office, 500000 illegal entrants into this country. And we need to go back to building that wall. We also need to make certain that if the federal government is going to go back to the Obama practice of transporting these individuals to communities around the country, that first of all, they’re going to call and ask permission and be transparent, because we know that with what has happened in Tennessee, our governor was contacted. He said they would declined the request to take these migrant children. And you know what? The federal government sent them anyway. And this causes pressure on the local communities. It is not fair to the local and state communities and their budgets because they are thereby responsible for education, health care, housing, child services for these children. And these are traumatized children. This No one crosses that border without first working through the cartel in order to cross that border. And you have to you have to pay that cartel. So these children have been under the direction of the cartels. They have been physically abused. They have been sexually abused. And this is why it is so imperative that we put back in place President Trump’s remain in Mexico policy and to not allow individuals to just walk into the country and claim asylum, but that there is actually a closed border. And even though our homeland security secretary is saying the border is closed, the border is not, you would not have five hundred thousand apprehended illegal aliens since Biden was inaugurated and believe if the border was closed. It is unbelievable. Now, the thing is, this does not include the got away, the ones that we do not know about. So and we know these are individuals that have come from 160 different countries, 160 different countries. 

Speaker 1 [00:54:25] Senator, we’re going to have to leave it there. A lot of information you share with us, and we really do appreciate it. By the way, if you see if you see the secretary of transportation, could you tell me to do something about that giant pothole in front of Corky’s on Poplar Avenue while he’s here? 

Speaker 3 [00:54:43] I’ll I’ll be here in Pessotto. 

Speaker 1 [00:54:45] Thank you, Senator. All right, Senator. Senator Marsha Blackburn here in Tennessee today, Memphis, Tennessee. People to judge is holding some conferences here and they’re trying to figure out what to do, how to repair the Mississippi River Bridge. It is a huge problem, not just for the mid-South, but really for all of America if you’re planning on getting across the Mississippi River. All right. We’ve got to take a break. Hang tight. 844, 747, 88, 68 lines are open, eight four four seven four seven, 88, 68. We’ll be right back. 

Speaker 2 [00:55:21] Triggering micro aggressions from coast to coast headstands. 

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Speaker 3 [00:58:12] Hey, Todd. Pleasure. And I’m going I’m going to tell you, I have one of those Etinde pure devices and it is unbelievable, the air quality after you fire those things up, it’s like almost like a fresh start after like a morning after 3:00. And it’s just amazing and it makes your lungs feel amazing. So I love mine. 

Speaker 1 [00:58:29] I’m like, I’m glad to hear that. I mean, it’s it is a pretty it’s pretty awesome device. But anyway, you should do the the next commercial for us, Konner. 

Speaker 3 [00:58:38] I’m happy to do it any time, but Todd, I’m going to tell you now, Mayor Pete’s down there today. I mean, is he where does he work boots with him? Is he actually going to get the job done or does he have some alligator loafers is the real question. You know, it’s actually going to do something. 

Speaker 1 [00:58:52] No, no, he doesn’t wear boots. 

Speaker 3 [00:58:54] You get all these styles, 

Speaker 1 [00:58:56] no boots on 

Speaker 3 [00:58:59] the whole. But it comes down to these politicians who just who get in there and it’s for no purpose, simply just for photo ops, just to stroke their own egos. And we’re in the same place now from when they got into office. You know, it’s just unacceptable, I think, when it comes down to even the administration we have right now. And to your previous segment on covid-19 in the audience, I mean, there’s no doubt in my mind that this virus came from a lab in China. And if that is the case, which is like what I said, I strongly believe it’s like, what are we going to do? What are the actions that are going to be taken? In my opinion, we should be lighting them up at that point. It should be an act of war. We should dust off some of those Tomahawk cruise missiles and really hold them accountable because this cannot ever, ever happen again. 

Speaker 1 [00:59:50] No, no, you’re right. And I hate to do this. The music’s coming on here. We’ve got to skedaddle. But that’s a good point. You raise and I’m with you. If this was deliberate, if this was an act of war, we need to do something about that. Eight four four seven four seven 88, 68. Do you agree with Connor folks? Should we go to war with China over this? We’ll be right back. 

Speaker 4 [01:00:28] This is the sound of a blizzard treat at dequeue, but it also sounds like a weekend bike ride, a postgame celebration. And a sunset on the dock. Wow, doesn’t a blizzard treat sound good? Stopped by dequeue and grabbed one today to find out for yourself with just one bite, with flavors like Oreo cookie dough and more. Dequeue happy taste good. 

Speaker 2 [01:01:10] You know, Grace, on this program, we’re kind of an open book. I mean, we pretty much talk about everything. 

Speaker 5 [01:01:16] Oh, yeah, we even know what you’re going to get. 

Speaker 1 [01:01:19] I think there could be an argument that we overshare sometimes. Maybe a smidge, 

Speaker 5 [01:01:26] maybe a smidge. 

Speaker 1 [01:01:27] So I’ve been on a diet for about two weeks now. 

Speaker 5 [01:01:32] Huh? 

Speaker 1 [01:01:33] It’s been terrible. So I’m giving up my I’m giving up the red meat just temporarily. I got it. I got to do it under doctor’s orders, OK? So I’ve been I’ve been eating a lot of chicken. And I got to tell you, chicken just does not sound it doesn’t taste like beef. 

Speaker 5 [01:01:48] No. You know, mazelike 

Speaker 1 [01:01:50] chicken man can only eat so much chicken. 

Speaker 5 [01:01:52] What about fish? 

Speaker 1 [01:01:53] No, I’m not a big fish guy. Never happened, 

Speaker 5 [01:01:56] actually. You don’t like shrimp or any. 

Speaker 1 [01:01:59] Well, you see, I love shrimp, but I’m not allowed to eat the shrimp. And, you know, he the doctor said no more red meat, no more shrimp. That’s it, man. This is rough, it’s it’s a tough life, guys, it’s a tough life. 

Speaker 5 [01:02:12] Well, you can prepare chicken a lot of different ways. 

Speaker 1 [01:02:15] Yeah, but it’s still chicken. 

Speaker 5 [01:02:17] Tofu. 

Speaker 1 [01:02:18] I love chicken. Yeah, I’m not eating. No, I’m not eating tofu. I’m already know. I know. 

Speaker 6 [01:02:23] I’m suffering badly enough. 

Speaker 1 [01:02:25] The doctor said I could still drink coffee, which is good. So I’ve got my community coffee, sushi as long as it’s cooked. I’m sorry but it has to be cooked. 

Speaker 5 [01:02:34] Oh you won’t eat like raw salmon in it. 

Speaker 1 [01:02:37] No, no. That’s why God gave us fire so we wouldn’t have to eat stuff raw. 

Speaker 5 [01:02:43] Eat it and have never seen before. 

Speaker 1 [01:02:45] Oh, where you see, Avery, you were raised, right? You were raised not to eat raw stuff. 

Speaker 6 [01:02:51] My parents eat it all the time, though. I just don’t like it. 

Speaker 5 [01:02:54] It’s just what you look so good. 

Speaker 1 [01:02:56] Oh, no, it’s no, you got to cook it. This is going to be 

Speaker 5 [01:03:00] it’s it’s so good. 

Speaker 1 [01:03:02] No, I did 

Speaker 5 [01:03:04] pretty good for you. Normally, you see, I don’t know be but otherwise if it’s not cooked. Yeah. Because it’s not breaded or anything. Just the 

Speaker 1 [01:03:11] rice. This is why we beat the Japanese that’s all. The eight was sushi. You know, they were weak so they didn’t. OK, that’s it. I don’t know. 

Speaker 5 [01:03:19] I just know the diet been tough, but Tiger Woods persevered. 

Speaker 1 [01:03:23] Oh yeah. Yeah. I mean, all short tempered, you know, because again, it’s like unsweet tea and, you know, chicken. 

Speaker 5 [01:03:31] You mean a little more short tempered than usual. 

Speaker 1 [01:03:33] Yeah, that’s fair. Yeah, I had comment, I had it 

Speaker 6 [01:03:36] kind of like are you just a little bit angry all the time? 

Speaker 5 [01:03:39] Yeah, no, you have a shirt that says Hangers-On. I bought it before. I just need to give it to Todd. He needs to wear it anyway. 

Speaker 1 [01:03:46] Bad move. Yeah. I got to get I’ve got to get into my TV figger so, you know, they can only use somebody wide-angle lenses so I’ve got to slim down. Got to Slim 

Speaker 6 [01:03:56] Todd. All you got to do is just hire one of those personal trainers that all the Marvel actors use and you’ll be in shape in no time. 

Speaker 1 [01:04:03] I’m not sure about that. I’m not sure about a trainer. I don’t want people yelling at me, you know? And, you know, I just you know, I that’s life here on the radio show. That’s true. OK, I want to go to Geman. 

Speaker 2 [01:04:13] So come on, Lord, I smell that much. 

Speaker 1 [01:04:18] That’s not inspirational to me. No, I’m 

Speaker 5 [01:04:20] just I don’t do well with that either. 

Speaker 6 [01:04:22] Maybe you could request personally, just like I need a trainer who won’t yell at me. 

Speaker 1 [01:04:28] Oh, that would be a nice 

Speaker 5 [01:04:30] you know, I took Marleau to puppy class last night and we did positive reinforcement, so. Really? 

Speaker 1 [01:04:36] Oh, yeah. Does do you let Merli eat beef? 

Speaker 5 [01:04:40] No, I don’t feed her people 

Speaker 1 [01:04:41] food, so maybe we can commiserate. 

Speaker 5 [01:04:44] So she yeah. She, she sticks to the dog food and the dog treats. 

Speaker 1 [01:04:48] I had granola. No more fiber. 

Speaker 5 [01:04:51] Oh it’s granola not some chia seeds. Put them in my yogurt every morning. Yeah. You know, no taste. 

Speaker 1 [01:04:57] No, no. I was we were going to talk about this, we were going to talk about this yesterday and I wanted to bring this. This is a good point for us to talk about this now that Avery is with us. So I was down at the Peabody Hotel. Avery, do we take you down to the Peabody to see the ducks? 

Speaker 6 [01:05:13] Yeah, me, Caleb and Dalton. And you all went to the Peabody. 

Speaker 1 [01:05:17] We decided to take him down. I was invited. So. Well, it was you weren’t that you were already left. 

Speaker 5 [01:05:22] Yes, probably with Marlo. 

Speaker 1 [01:05:23] And so we we took him down to see the March of the Ducks. And they 

Speaker 5 [01:05:28] really impressed a Memphis staple, 

Speaker 1 [01:05:30] a Memphis staple. If you haven’t been to the Peabody Hotel, it’s been around for well over 100 years, and they marched these ducks down at 10 o’clock every morning. And and then they swim around in the fountain all day. And then they marched right back up really nicely. It’s a very elegant thing. They have a duck master who’s dressed in uniform and they play a Sousa march. And it’s it’s a great Memphis tradition. And so much so that the the French restaurant Shapefile Leap, which is probably the, I guess, the fanciest restaurant in Memphis, they don’t serve Duck, even though there a French restaurant out of respect for the the Peabody Ducks. 

Speaker 5 [01:06:11] That might be a little awkward. 

Speaker 1 [01:06:13] Yeah, yeah. I mean, you’re swimming around in the fountain in front of the chef Phillipe, and you’re always wondering I wonder where Gladys went to, what happened to Gladys, 

Speaker 5 [01:06:24] poor little Gladys. 

Speaker 1 [01:06:25] So I think it puts the ducks at ease that, you 

Speaker 5 [01:06:27] know, you’re not get their best friend. Is it possibly being cooked in the other room? 

Speaker 1 [01:06:31] Yeah. You’re not going to. Yeah. You know, you’re not going to end up on somebody’s supper table. Oh, yeah. Sorry. I’m down at the Peabody Hotel and I’ve been very concerned for a long time about the number of northerners moving below the Mason-Dixon line. And it’s not that we’re not hospitable. We welcome every people, everybody in the south. You’re welcome. But the problem is they’re bringing all of they’re like northern customs down here and it’s diluting it’s diluting the south. So I’m at the Pibor. I’m at the I’m at the the restaurant at the Peabody, not Chapala, the other one. And I’m sitting down for breakfast. And I thought, wow, I haven’t been downtown a long time. And they have delicious biscuits. And so I, I ordered, I ordered some, some scrambled eggs and, and a biscuit. And Avery the, the waitress looks at me and she goes, we don’t have biscuits. And I said, and I right. I said I can wait. I just thought they were out. She goes, no, no, no, we don’t have biscuits on the menu anymore. 

Speaker 5 [01:07:32] What’s way 

Speaker 1 [01:07:34] and so you not 

Speaker 6 [01:07:35] have that on a breakfast menu, like you said, below the Mason-Dixon line. Oh, is that not available? 

Speaker 1 [01:07:41] Avery, I was stunned. Stunned? 

Speaker 5 [01:07:44] Is that just put me on a southern it’s a southern breakfast place, not have a biscuit. 

Speaker 1 [01:07:50] So I. I inquired I made a further inquiry because, you know, were in the journalism business. I wanted to get the bottom of this and she said, no, no, no. Yeah, we took biscuits off the menu and we don’t think they’re coming back. She goes, you can either not come. And she says, you can either have toast or a bagel. And I’m like, bagel, no. Yes, in New York City, which is where you’re supposed to eat your dog, but not in the south, you have a biscuit. 

Speaker 5 [01:08:19] So she just said they’re not selling them ever again. They have no plans to put them on the menu. 

Speaker 1 [01:08:24] Right. So and I responded, this is the Peabody is the Grand Hotel of the South. This is how they advertise themselves. And I said, how can you call yourself the Grand Hotel of the South? And I’m being very polite. I’m not yelling, of course, but like one time 

Speaker 5 [01:08:38] we talked about yelling, no yelling. I know what’s wrong with you both, 

Speaker 1 [01:08:43] but so I know I did not say that. So I. I said, how can you call yourself the Grand Hotel of the South and you don’t have a biscuit on the menu. And she said, I’m sorry, this is. And I said, no, no, no, I get it. But if you don’t mind, I’m just going to pay for my iced tea and I’m going to leave. I’m not going to have breakfast. And so as I’m walking out, one of the one of the other ladies just sitting there, and I guess she had just she was in the restaurant and she overheard this and she says, you know, I thought the same thing you did. How do you not have biscuits at the Grand Hotel of the South? 

Speaker 5 [01:09:18] Makes no sense. 

Speaker 1 [01:09:19] And it reminded me of a story several years ago back when I was in Asheville, North Carolina, and which is basically the Berkeley of the South. And I was there to do something. I was there to attend a drum circle I was covering. Oh, yeah, they had all these all these hippies. And they were sitting around at the you know, as the sun was setting banging their bongos. And I thought, well, I’m going to have some time for supper. So there’s a little barbecue joint. So I thought I got to go to the barbecue joint in Asheville, North Carolina. That sounds it sounds delicious. And I’m sitting down and Avery, the first warning sign, no sweet tea on the menu 

Speaker 5 [01:09:58] in Asheville, North Carolina. 

Speaker 1 [01:10:01] Number two, they were serving something called barbecue tofu. No, I immediately got up and rebuked them in the name of our Lord and walked out. 

Speaker 5 [01:10:13] Did you yell at them? 

Speaker 1 [01:10:14] Well, no, I was just stunned. I just got up and walked out. I’m like, I’ve got it to. That is heresy. 

Speaker 5 [01:10:20] That is very weird. That is. Yeah. Yeah, I like it. No, I 

Speaker 1 [01:10:25] you know, I’m just wondering and I don’t know if other regions have this problem, but our our is your culture being diluted by all the liberals moving into your your town? Because I’m blaming the biscuit debacle at the Peabody over the Liberals. 

Speaker 5 [01:10:39] But look, do liberals not like biscuits? 

Speaker 1 [01:10:42] I don’t know. But I’m blaming them anyway. Oh, I’m just saying I’m just saying I would blame I don’t have a problem blaming the liberals. It’s like, oh, my God, how many times have I been out there? And you guys, the what I’m talking about where you had a little kids and when little kids back in the south when I was growing up, it’s always. Yes, ma’am. No, ma’am. Yes, sir. No, sir. OK, and now they don’t even say that. Very impolite. 

Speaker 6 [01:11:07] Yeah. I had seen, like, some sort it was like a long, long time ago. Someone did like I think it was like CBS or whatever, like there’s CBS Morning show they have on Sunday. Someone did like a a little, you know, monologue or whatever about how they want their kids friends to refer to them by their first name. And I was like, nope, that’s totally wrong. That is, you do not do that. You oh, adults enough respect. You put Mr. or Mrs. in front of their name. 

Speaker 1 [01:11:33] I will say this Sunday, I was in Nashville, which they’ve ruined that city, all the Hollywood people moved to Nashville and ruined Nashville. 

Speaker 5 [01:11:42] You know, it’s like the bachelorette capital, like the entire nation. 

Speaker 1 [01:11:45] Oh, I believe I was minding my own business. And all of a sudden I saw, like, this big, I don’t know, like wagon filled with drunk women cavorting about down lower Broadway the other day. 

Speaker 5 [01:11:59] Oh, the party busses. 

Speaker 1 [01:12:00] Is that what they call them? 

Speaker 5 [01:12:01] Is that the one where they’re, like, pedaling 

Speaker 1 [01:12:03] and they have to ride them a bicycle? Yes. Yeah, there are some those before that was driving operating a bicycle under the influence. Unbelievable. So I’m talking to a lady down there and she’s I said, oh, where are you from? And she says, I’m one of the few people who’s actually from Nashville born and raised. Wow. Gosh, so I’m wondering if this is an anomaly or if this is like part of a you know, I view folks in the Midwest, you know, do you have people from California coming in and ruining your state? 

Speaker 5 [01:12:36] A lot of people are in and out of California and New York right now. 

Speaker 1 [01:12:39] What about Atlanta? That’s really not a southern city. 

Speaker 5 [01:12:42] It’s not. Yeah, it’s really nice. See, they call it don’t they call it like the New York of the South. I’ve never before. I have no idea. I like I’ve heard. I’ve never been to Atlanta and I’ve never had a desire to go there because I’ve just heard that it’s like a bigger Memphis. But I could be totally wrong. I’ve never been. 

Speaker 1 [01:13:00] By the way, Chick fil A is trending on Twitter and apparently the gays are going after. What did they do now? 

Speaker 5 [01:13:08] Yeah, they didn’t change their logo to a rainbow, I guarantee you. Mm hmm. Because, you know, everyone is suddenly my social media has a rainbow filter. Didn’t. No, they installed that. 

Speaker 1 [01:13:17] I just don’t understand why the the lesbians and the gays have a problem with plump, juicy breasts up between hot buttered buns. I just don’t 

Speaker 5 [01:13:25] understand. And I don’t know. 

Speaker 6 [01:13:26] I think we just crossed the oversharing line. 

Speaker 1 [01:13:30] Oh, did we? I could be wrong, but was it the hot puttered buttons are the plump, juicy breasts? Oh, I’m pretty sure they’re exquisite. They’re chicken. 

Speaker 5 [01:13:38] No, I think I can ruin chicken finding. 

Speaker 1 [01:13:40] All right. My bad. What’s the reason it says so. 

Speaker 5 [01:13:44] This is on The Daily Beast. Oh, gosh. The billionaire owner of Chick fil A, which promised to stop donating to anti LGBTQ plus causes this year, is participating in a dark money operation, fighting to keep the Equality Act from passing. Oh, for crying out loud. That’s it. Here we go again. You know what? 

Speaker 1 [01:14:03] I just enjoyed the waffle fries at that nugget. 

Speaker 5 [01:14:06] OK, just like they can leave it more for us, you know, 

Speaker 1 [01:14:09] go to KFC. 

Speaker 6 [01:14:10] Yeah, go to a private company as well so they can. 

Speaker 1 [01:14:13] Thank you very much. Oh, got to take a break here. Eight four four seven four seven eight sixteen. I am curious about this. Is culture under attack in America? Eight four four seven four seven eighty eight 68. This is the Todd Stern Show. 

Speaker 2 [01:14:27] You’re listening to Todd Star and. 

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Speaker 1 [01:15:29] All right, very odd story from the Irish coast, Grace and Avery, they did a survey of the Irish people and it turns out that one in five Irish people say they admit to being on Zoome calls work, assume calls in their underpants. 

Speaker 5 [01:15:49] Oh, that number is too low. 

Speaker 1 [01:15:51] You think it’s too low? I think so. So according to the Irish Post, they surveyed a little over 500 people to find out how social interaction had changed over the course of the China virus pandemic. And the lockdown’s. They say that 29 percent of the Irish have faked a bad Internet connection to get out of the zoo meeting. 

Speaker 5 [01:16:13] Oh, I 

Speaker 1 [01:16:14] actually I’ve done that, actually. 

Speaker 5 [01:16:17] Did you? Because now you can’t do, you know, like on the phone with the bag of potato chips, like Crackle, Crackle, Crackle, 

Speaker 1 [01:16:24] a by the way, now you got the call, 57 percent say they’re suffering Zoome fatigue Zoome fatigue, having spent over a year in constant video meetings and 16 percent say say they’re logging in to nine or Zoome calls each week. 38 percent averaging one or two. But the big part of this story is that one in five Irish folk have admitted to going pantsula during work hours and accidents. 

Speaker 6 [01:16:56] I mean, at the comfort of your own home, it’s only from like the chest up, I think you find. 

Speaker 1 [01:17:02] You think so, you think it’s OK, you don’t think there should be some sort of a protocol in place, a, I don’t know, a dress code for Zoome 

Speaker 5 [01:17:08] calls, what are they going to make you do? Stand up and show? And people don’t want to see that if there’s a chance. Yeah. 

Speaker 6 [01:17:14] Because I think, like at the beginning of covid, like when a whole bunch of teachers were trying to Irwin, you know, a bunch of schools were having Zoome class and whatnot, a bunch of kids were wearing their pajamas or something like that during the call. And their teacher was like, I need you to change. There’s the dress code type deal thing. So I mean I mean, I’m kind of but both sides of the same coin here. It really it really depends, honestly. 

Speaker 1 [01:17:39] Well, I will say this. There was an issue early on with some of the teachers not being dressed. Remember that? I mean, there were some some really inappropriate stuff going down. 

Speaker 5 [01:17:48] Oh, yeah. We’ve heard stories of people doing freaky stuff on them girls. 

Speaker 1 [01:17:53] I’m just saying, 

Speaker 5 [01:17:54] a lot of people I think we’re but pants. So they’ll have like a polo on in the pants. 

Speaker 1 [01:18:00] Now you I know somebody who used to wear pajama pants to work. 

Speaker 5 [01:18:03] Oh yeah. Yeah. And that wasn’t over zoo. 

Speaker 1 [01:18:06] No, that wasn’t over zoo. That was unfortunate. I will say, I will say it is not a Walmart if it’s. 

Speaker 5 [01:18:15] Wow. Wow. I don’t think you should be wearing pants at Wal-Mart either, but I’ve seen worse than hey at least they’re wearing but 

Speaker 1 [01:18:23] I’ve seen worse than that. And I was 

Speaker 5 [01:18:24] going to say looking like a zoo, I 

Speaker 1 [01:18:27] try not to go to Wal-Mart after 10:00 at night. But if you’re there if you’re there after midnight. Yeah, you got to watch it because there’s some freaky stuff going down at the Wal-Mart. 

Speaker 5 [01:18:36] My last 

Speaker 1 [01:18:37] resort. I mean, we don’t judge me. Well, I wouldn’t say this in front of a national audience, but just between us, you know, nothing good happens at the Wal-Mart after midnight. I’m just saying. And we all say kids. Yeah, we I will deny that if I’m ever on, you know, NBC, the Today Show or something. Yeah. I’m going to I would deny that. But I think there’s a difference. I mean, if you’re. Yeah. Pajama pants. All right. It’s like the TV news anchors. You know, back when I was at Fox, you know, a lot of the anchors would only be dressed from the waist up. What? Yeah, true. It’s true stories. And because, you know, they don’t you know, they’re only shooting you from the waist up. I bet 

Speaker 5 [01:19:15] the women to get out did not get away with that very much, 

Speaker 1 [01:19:17] though. But I will say this. There were some some on air lady anchors and 

Speaker 5 [01:19:24] I OK, don’t name names. 

Speaker 1 [01:19:26] No, I’m not naming names. There’s no way I’m going. I know. I’m trying to. I just realized I stepped into something. 

Speaker 5 [01:19:33] OK, yes. Well now you’re in it. 

Speaker 1 [01:19:35] I will say this. There were there are a couple of the female anchors especially, you know, they make up everybody pretty heavily. Yeah. And give them hair and the whole like there are a couple. I didn’t know who they were. I met them on the street without the hair and the makeup and I didn’t know who they were. 

Speaker 5 [01:19:50] Oh, that’s rough. 

Speaker 1 [01:19:52] I bought ma’am and get those makeup artist array’s. Oh my gosh. I mean, that’s them. They do some magical work. I’m just saying. I mean, it’s, you know, the guys too, but, you know. 

Speaker 5 [01:20:04] True. Yeah. 

Speaker 1 [01:20:05] All right. I’m going to shut up and I need a biscuit. That’s what I need a biscuit. We’ll be right back. This is the Todd Stanishev. 

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Unidentified [01:21:07] toting Bible clinging to for. That’s right. American. On Star. 

Speaker 2 [01:21:20] All right. Hello, everybody, welcome to our three of the big show, hope you are doing well today. There’s a story out of 

Speaker 1 [01:21:31] Texas involving a high school valedictorian. We briefly mentioned this yesterday. Her name is Paxton Smith and she was selected to give the valedictorian address. Like many schools, she had to turn in a copy of her speech and it had to be approved. So they approved whatever speech she was going to deliver, but she did not deliver that speech. Instead, she pulled out another speech to deliver at the graduation ceremony for Lake Highlands High School in Dallas. And I want you to hear some of what she had to say. 

Speaker 5 [01:22:14] I have dreams and hopes and ambitions. Every girl graduating today does, and we have spent our entire lives working towards our future and without our input and without our consent, our control over that future has been stripped away from us. I am terrified that if my contraceptives fail, I am terrified that if I am raped, then my hopes and aspirations and dreams and efforts for my future will no longer matter. I hope that you can feel how gut wrenching that is. I hope you can feel how dehumanizing it is to have the autonomy over your own body taken away from you. And I cannot give up this platform to promote complacency and peace. When there was a war on my body and a war on my rights, a war on the rights of your mothers, a war on the rights of your sisters, a war on the rights of your daughters, we cannot stay silent. 

Speaker 1 [01:23:25] Holy crap, America. What was that all about? So this young lady very upset, very concerned that her contraceptive devices might not work. Now, you know, if I was mommy and daddy sitting out there in the audience, that part of the speech would have caught my attention. Honey, what you been doing on the weekends? I mean, seriously, I mean, she’s the one who said it. That voice I was trying to figure out, the voice, the voice sounds very familiar, and if there had just been a cackle or two, she reminds me of Kamala Harris. That sounds like a young Kamala Harris. Well, let’s play can we play that again, I just want to go back and play that. Let’s listen one more time. 

Speaker 5 [01:24:13] I have dreams and hopes and ambitions. Every girl graduating today does. Oh, yeah. That’s our lives. All right. 

Speaker 1 [01:24:23] That’s enough. Mercy. All right. A lot to unwrap here, but look, the question that people are debating in Dallas and really now across America, should this teenager, should she have been allowed to deliver this speech? Should the school have cut off her microphone once they knew that she was reading from a script that had not been approved, 844 seven four seven 88 68 is our telephone number. That’s eight four four seven four seven 88, 68. Now, the little girl’s parents were very proud of her there. Were very proud of baby girl. And they said that she demonstrated maturity and poise. And boldness, and she put herself out there and said her piece, well, there’s no doubt that she did, but it’s what she said that troubles me because she says there’s this war on her body. So who exactly has declared war on her body? She talks about her rights being stripped away. She talked about having autonomy. Now, that’s all well and good, but let’s talk about that autonomy for just a moment. This young lady needs to understand and all young people in America need to understand this. When you decide that you are going to have sex and you find yourself with child. The autonomy ends because you as the as the female and the male, by the way, you both have a responsibility to raise that child. Why should the child be punished for something that you did? But when I hear this child and what she was saying, it’s very clear to me she was not raised in a household that cherished life. It’s clear to me that she was raised in a liberal household that has no respect for the unborn, as if they can just be tossed aside. As if they can just be. Exterminated for the sake of expediency. But I’m curious to know what you think about this young lady’s speech, should she be allowed to? Should she have been allowed to deliver that speech? What does it say about America that you’ve got kids with that sort of mentality? Let’s go to the phones. Eight four four eight four four seven four seven 88, 68 central Iowa. Dean is listening to us on the KW AMAP. Hi, Dean. What’s on your mind? 

Speaker 3 [01:27:22] Well, not a whole lot, but I think sounds more like Sunberg than Carmelina. 

Speaker 1 [01:27:28] Oh, the the the climate gal. 

Speaker 3 [01:27:32] Yeah. How dare you. How dare you. You got it. You got it. 

Speaker 1 [01:27:40] These young people nowadays. 

Speaker 3 [01:27:44] Yeah. Hey, and we tried to get John on central Iowa this time slot, but Jeff just ah, yes, I just want to listen to us. 

Speaker 1 [01:27:56] Well, we love our we love our friends at Ketel. And of course, we’re also on another radio station in Cedar Rapids, Dean. And we’ve got that info on our website. But of course, you can always listen to us on the Khawam app and we appreciate you downloading that. And and thanks for calling in today. And by the way, folks, if you do not if you do not have a way to listen to the program, you can go to Khawam radio dot com. That’s KWAM radio dot com. Click on the app and you can download the app. Not only will you be able to hear my show, you’ll be able to hear lots of other great conservative commentators like Sebastian Gorka, Larry Elder, Lars Larson and Tom Sullivan. Great, great programs there on the K WAM app again, Khawam radio dot com. So look, I mean, from a free speech perspective, she had every right, in my estimation, to give that speech. She was the valedictorian. This is what she wanted to say. I think she embarrassed herself. She embarrassed her family. She made everybody feel very uncomfortable in that room. I don’t seem like there were a lot of people there, but I didn’t hear a lot of applause. Maybe I was mistaken. I don’t know. I just didn’t hear a lot of applause. But but again, if you cannot, you cannot ban the speech of your students, you can’t do that. It’s unconstitutional. And my contention is, if you are going to allow the speech of this pro-choice person, then you have to allow everybody else’s speech. Here’s my problem. How many stories have we done just over the past couple of weeks, a valedictorians who’ve been told they can’t mention God’s name. If you’re going to defend the right to kill babies, then, by golly, you should at least offer the same freedom for people to speak the name of God during their graduation speech. That is a double standard. All right. Got to take a break here, folks. Eight four four seven four seven 88, 68 toll free telephone number. That’s eight four four seven four seven 88 68. This is the Todd Stern Show. 

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Speaker 1 [01:31:09] All right, let’s get right to the phones. Four four seven four seven eight 68 Mike in Florida listening to us on the great Khawam app. Hi, Mike. What’s on your mind? 

Speaker 3 [01:31:21] Hey, Todd. How are you doing? I’m good, thank you. I definitely believe that China released that virus. And I think what we should do is confiscate any asset that China owns in the United States and consider any debt that we have with China paid in full. 

Speaker 1 [01:31:38] Well, you know, they own about most well, about most of the country. So that would that would certainly put a hurt on them financially. I like that idea. I know we had a previous caller koner from Boston who said we need to start sending missiles over there. I think that would lead to World War three, possibly. But I think this is this would hit the Chinese where it hurts the most in the pocketbook. 

Speaker 3 [01:32:03] Yeah, that’s what they care mostly about, is money, money and power, 

Speaker 1 [01:32:08] no doubt, no doubt about that, Mike. But again, you know, I want to know, was this intentional or was it an accident? And I’m I’m all the evidence I’ve seen. Mike leads me to believe that this was an intent, an intentional attack, not necessarily on America, but on Donald Trump. I think they were trying to punish Trump for his crackdown on trade. 

Speaker 3 [01:32:31] Yeah, and I think the Democrats were in cahoots with him myself, no 

Speaker 1 [01:32:34] doubt about that, sir. No doubt about that. 

Speaker 3 [01:32:37] And, you know, it’s obvious that they did it on purpose when they weren’t letting people travel from the Juhan area to the rest of China, but they were letting them travel all over the world. That sounds intentional to me. 

Speaker 1 [01:32:49] Yes, it does. Mike, you’re a very observant man. Let’s see how this plays out. We’re not going to get a lot of we’re not going to get a lot of intel because the Democrats control Congress. But let’s see what happens in 2022 if the Republicans are able to retake Congress. And we actually put a a Republican speaker in charge who is going to hold Democrats accountable, I think that would be a good thing. Mike, thank you for the call and we appreciate you listening to our program. My goodness. Princeton University, by the way, announcing they are going to end Greek and Latin requirements. So if you’re majoring in the classics, if you’re a classics major. You’re no longer going to have to take the classics, Latin or Greek, instead they’re going to add a race and diversity track. This is from The Daily Wire. Ash Scow is the writer there quoting campus reform, you know. Can I just say something? It’s these websites, it kills me. It’s the daily wire reports that campus reform reports that Breitbart reports. OK, who wrote the original story? Can we just link to the original story? I mean, cheesily. So anyway, we got the daily wire writing a story about campus reform and they’re saying the university added a track and race, an identity that would increase flexibility for the concentrators and they would again get rid of Latin or Greek Gisel Lou. The faculty claimed the changes ultimately give students more opportunities. They also want to address systemic racism at Princeton University. As campus reform previously reported, Princeton University’s diversity regimes have touched nearly every department at the school. Most recently, Princeton adopted a diverse supplier base that seeks to broaden the pool of supplier expertize, capabilities and perspectives. More than more than 51 percent of the businesses that are involved at the university have to be owned and operated by people of color, women veterans or members of the LGBTQ, I.A plus community. All I can tell you is don’t send your kid to Princeton University, they’re going to come out stupid. It’s a sad thing, but it’s the truth. Unbelievable. Then we’ve got this story out of San Diego, La Hoya Country Day School, very popular school there in that area. Children in the first grade class at Country Day School are learning about transgenderism and gender identity. This is from Young America’s Foundation on May 4th, La Hoya Country Day School’s first graders were read a book titled It Feels Good to Be Yourself. Teresa Thorne is the author. The book is The Story of Ruthe, a biological male who transitioned into a girl. And Xavier, the the kids sister and her brother, whom everyone thought correctly that he was a boy. I’m already confused by this Jesus, the book on gender identity features. Some a child that, again, I don’t know if is this child a lesbian, I don’t know. But they are images, they’re cartoon drawings. So you’ve got someone that looks to be the kid could go either way is the best way to to say that. And then you have a girl who appears to be a girl character and then you have, of course, the kid playing the ukulele in the wheelchair because you’ve got to have that. You know, it’s all about diversity, grace maker. And then you’ve got the little boy who is playing with flowers. 

Speaker 5 [01:37:02] This is very confusing. I miss children’s books that were about, you know, Biscuit the dog. Having a birthday party. That’s my kind of kids book, 

Speaker 1 [01:37:12] concerned parents reached out to the school administrators, they’re criticizing not only the book Grace, but also the school’s long held leftist leanings. One parent said 

Speaker 5 [01:37:23] sounds like there were red flags in this relationship a long time ago. 

Speaker 1 [01:37:26] Unbelievable. The author of the book, It Feels Good to Be Yourself, a book about gender identity for first graders, said that my daughter was five when she told me she wasn’t the gender. I’d assumed she was at birth. 

Speaker 5 [01:37:39] After all that conversation. 

Speaker 1 [01:37:40] Anyone believe that? I mean, come on, 

Speaker 5 [01:37:43] I want to be a boy. That’s all I can see. 

Speaker 1 [01:37:46] Yeah, there were called tomboys, right? You have to be tomboy. 

Speaker 5 [01:37:49] Mm hmm. I was very tomboyish. 

Speaker 1 [01:37:54] On May 9th, a long list of concerned parents mentioned in an email to the administration that sexual identity exploration’s 

Speaker 5 [01:38:01] for first graders 

Speaker 1 [01:38:03] are often done without the consent of parents. So you’re telling me they’re taking the kids through and. All right, Billy, we know that God gave you male plumbing, but we think you may be a girl. Gosh, you know, that’s confusing to the children. 

Speaker 5 [01:38:19] That’s so confusing. Can you hear me? Music for adults. 

Speaker 1 [01:38:23] It is very quiet in the very confusing. I mean, these parents are really frustrated here. Here’s my recommendation. Send your children to private Christian schools. And better yet, if you are at the university level, send your kid to Liberty University. They’re going to come back home during fall break and they’re still going to know their pronounce. That in and of itself may be worth the admission cost. The reading of the transgender book to first graders seems to be merely one example and Latoya’s white efforts to implement diversity, the school says they plan to establish a school wide transgender non binary inclusion training course. And they plan to hire more transgender, non binary inclusion people. I have no idea what that means. Again, for first graders, first graders. What was it just what yesterday we were talking about all of the cartoons, the cartoons that were indoctrinating the children and what was the show? Blue’s Clues. Where you’ve got the the lesbian alligators in the cartoon now and you’ve got the gay bears, one of which was wearing a feather boa, and then you have the transgender beavers, and now is that transgender or trans species? Grace, do we know? We don’t know. All right. Got all that. All right, we’ll figure it out when we come back. All right. This is the Tostadas Radio Show. 

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Speaker 1 [01:41:04] All right. President Trump just released a statement and we have posted that statement over at Todd Stern Dotcom. And basically President Trump is asking the following question based on what we have now, what we now know about Dr. Fauci. He says, what did what did Dr. Pouncy know about gain of function research and when did he know it? And the president rightly points out Dr. Pouched was totally against masks when even he thought when the president thought there would at least be helpful, he then changed his mind completely and became a radical masker. There are a lot of questions that must be answered by Dr. Pouchy. He wants to know about the funding of Wuhan by the United States that was, by the way, started in the Obama years, 2014, but ended under the Trump administration. So President Trump is really fired up about this. You got to read the statement over at Todd Stern XCOM. Want to go right now to the Liberty University newsmaker line. Always good to have the great Congress woman Congress lady from the great state of Florida, Congresswoman Kat Kamik. How’s it going? 

Speaker 3 [01:42:14] Hey, Todd, I’m good. And you can call me Kat or you can call me Congressman. It’s OK. Well, you don’t do the identity politics thing over here. 

Speaker 1 [01:42:21] Well, you’re kind. I got a little flustered by apologies. By the way, yesterday we had Nancy Mason from South Carolina. Yes. And, you know, it’s crazy, but you’re the mainstream media completely ignoring the fact that her home came under attack. You know, whenever they whenever Republican women come under attack, the media turns a blind eye. 

Speaker 3 [01:42:46] Absolutely. You know, and it’s just disgusting what they did, vandalizing her home, Nancy, the single mom with two kids. And you saw what they wrote on the street on on her house, the vulgar vulgarities. And, you know, her kids are wondering, am I safe? Are we safe? And, you know, I’ve talked to Nancy a couple of times and actually more than that. But, you know, coming up into orientation as freshmen, she had a pretty tough primary and general election and she was dealing with some pretty crazy folks then. And it hasn’t stopped since. And so when we saw the news about that, I reached out to her. But, you know, it’s true. The media wants to ignore what happens to us as conservative women. I know for me personally, at my home, we had antifa at our at our driveway at six o’clock in the morning on a Sunday. And my husband, who is a firefighter and a flight medic, was on his way to work. It was still dark. And he gets to the end of our driveway and there is a group of them protesting with signs and pots and pans and cowbells and bloodborne. And they had signs that were saying white silence equals white violence. And it turned out to have to get the sheriff’s office involved. It was terrible. And of course, the media doesn’t talk about it. 

Speaker 1 [01:44:05] No, no, they don’t. But the good news is she’s not going to be bullied. She’s not going to be intimidated, for goodness sake. She not only has a concealed carry permit, she used to work at Waffle House. So I suspect she can take care of herself. 

Speaker 3 [01:44:18] So that’s pretty tough. Yes, she is going to be all right. But, yeah, I, I’m just so disappointed that that’s happened to her and really talk to any of the women, especially in our freshman class, they have been through it. So by and large, keep the freshmen women in your prayers because they’re facing some pretty tough battles that no one wants to talk about. 

Speaker 1 [01:44:39] You know, President Trump coming out and now offering his thoughts on these emails from Dr. Valge. You know, Jim Jordan among those saying, hey, we’ve got to have some investigations here. What’s your reaction to what we now know? 

Speaker 3 [01:44:52] You know, I I have to get really a tip of the hat to my good friend, Senator Rand Paul. He came back and said, I told you so because he has been working diligently to try to expose the hypocrisy in the lie that this man, Dr. Fauci, has been promoting. And the emails are vindication for all of the representatives that have been fighting for truth. And, you know, we see in the emails that he ignored the fact that the virus could have been engineered. He he was he was circulating articles on gain of function as of February of twenty twenty. You know, he he was so quick to throw Ron DeSantis under the bus, but he was quiet when it came to Cuomo or Gavin Newsom in California. He was cherry picking the people he would go after. And the thing that is most egregious to me, besides the fact that we have lost so many people because of his lies, is this notion that the masks were working. He acknowledged in writing that the mask did nothing or very little to prevent the transmission or spread of covid yet has kept everyone by federal mandate. Mac, which has destroyed these businesses. It has destroyed relationships. We have kids that are having psychological impact from having to try to communicate and really understand social cues while being covered up. I mean, it is absolutely unconscionable what this man has done. So I’m I am very much looking forward to an investigation into really digging into the emails and finding out what he knew, why he was covering it up, what the motivations were. Obviously, there are some fiduciary motivation here because clearly in the. Of a global pandemic, he had time to write a book and that, I am sure will result in some sort of payout for him in the future. But I think now more than ever, it’s up to us as conservatives to make sure that his hypocrisy and the policies that were so detrimental and bankrupt, not bankrupting but destroying our economy and really destroying people’s lives are brought to light. 

Speaker 1 [01:47:10] Yeah, as a matter of fact, there were some reports circulating last night that the book had been removed from the preorders from all the major book companies. Now, just a few moments ago, looking at this, the hashtag Falchi lied. People died. Now trending on on Twitter. And it’s a terrible thing. But the reality is, to your point, they got this thing wrong. And I’m glad you brought up the what he had to say about those face masks, because he was out there defending himself this morning and saying, well, the science changed. OK, fine, let’s go with it. The science changed. But he also said those face mask you buy at the supermarket or wherever the drugstore are not effective. The manufacturing didn’t change. So that still holds true. So even find the face masks still don’t work. 

Speaker 3 [01:48:00] Yep, and we knew that, though, I mean, I my mother in law has been an ICU nurse for 43 years and she from the get go was saying, listen, this is a very contagious virus, but it’s going to affect those that have chronic conditions that are overweight. And she called it and when they were in the hospital short on PPE, they were having them wear the same mask three days in a row. And she even said then she’s like, you know, this doesn’t do anything. And the hospital administrators acknowledge that. And they said, yeah, but, you know, the government’s telling us that we have to back up and set a good example and do X, Y and Z. This was the ultimate smoke and mirrors dog and pony show if I ever saw one. You know, it’s everything from the masks to the vaccines. I mean, heck, even in the email, Falchi acknowledges that the vaccines are not 100 percent necessary for the epidemic to end. He says that the epidemic, and I quote, the epidemic will gradually decline and stop on its own without a vaccine. Those aren’t my words. Those are Dr. Falsies words. And here we are having battles over vaccine passports and and really discriminating against people who want to make a choice for themselves and their families over a vaccine that they don’t necessarily have all the data and clinical trials to say one way or the other how it’s going to play out long term. If you want to get the vaccine, great, fine. Go for it. That’s your choice. But I’m really proud to be here in the state of Florida where the governor has said, listen, this is a personal freedom of choice. If you want to get the vaccine, get the vaccine. If you don’t want to get the vaccine, don’t get the vaccine. But even Dr. Fauci, after promoting it and pushing this and pushing this and pushing this, he acknowledged back in March of last year that, quote, the epidemic will gradually decline and stop on its own without a vaccine. That’s pretty ludicrous after everything we’ve been through today. 

Speaker 1 [01:50:03] No, you are absolutely right. And we’re going to have to we’re going to have to leave it there. We’ve got to scoot out for a break. Always appreciate your candor coming on the program. And thanks for fighting the good fight. 

Speaker 3 [01:50:15] Absolutely. Thank you so much, Todd. Have a great rest of the week. 

Speaker 1 [01:50:18] All right. You too. Congresswoman Kat Carmex. You told me to say congressman, but I said congresswoman. But she’s pretty awesome. You know, Blackburn used to do that. She was like, call me Congressman, you know, back when she was in the House. All right. We do need to take a break here, folks. Eight four four seven four seven 88 68 is our toll free telephone number. That’s eight four four seven four seven 88 68. This is the Todd Stern Show. 

Speaker 2 [01:50:45] From the front lines of the culture, war torn stories. Ready, set, summer, get ready for summer and get your kitchen set up with savings on appliances at the Home Depots Memorial Day savings event, in-store and online. Right now, you’ll save a bundle on top appliances like the Samsung stainless steel French door refrigerator. So kick your summer off strong with a kitchen upgrade during the Memorial Day savings event at the Home Depot. How do I get more done? Yes, only lost by my last pre-delivery on purchases of six dollars or more about rejuvenile. You know, going back to 

Speaker 1 [01:51:47] this, this valedictorian over in Texas, the one who was all upset because. Why was she upset? I mean, she she wanted to be able to kill her unborn baby, is that what you believe 

Speaker 5 [01:52:02] the quote was, a war on 

Speaker 1 [01:52:04] her body, a war on her body? Do we know who had declared a war on her body? 

Speaker 5 [01:52:09] No, I think I missed that memo. Yeah, I. I didn’t I missed it 

Speaker 1 [01:52:13] seems maybe a smidge of hyperbole there, 

Speaker 5 [01:52:16] maybe a little. 

Speaker 1 [01:52:17] But kids, she basically she was saying that, you know, if she was forced to have a child, that it would ruin her life, basically. All right. So here’s here’s advice. Gather around the radio, children. And I want to explain this to you as you’re about to graduate. Maybe you just graduated. If you don’t want to have a baby, then don’t jump into the bed and fornicate. Right, keep your pants on, guys, ladies, keep your clothes on is prevention. That’s the best. Prevention is something called abstinence. It’s 100 percent effective, by the way, 

Speaker 5 [01:52:53] that is 100 percent effective. 

Speaker 1 [01:52:56] Save it. Save it till the honeymoon. Just put just save it to the honeymoon. I know that’s a that’s a very unpopular opinion, but if you do that, then you will not. You will not have to worry about buying diapers. Nope. At least for a baby. I’m just saying 

Speaker 5 [01:53:17] just be like me, just get a dog. 

Speaker 1 [01:53:19] And if you’re a Baptist, don’t dance because, you know, I’m just 

Speaker 5 [01:53:22] I’m ready to dance. It’s just 

Speaker 1 [01:53:25] kidding. 

Speaker 5 [01:53:25] That’s the Cherry Orchard Cherry, where I 

Speaker 1 [01:53:28] think there was a time when, you know, Baptist thought your dancing was worse than fornicating, but or maybe Baptist led or maybe dancing led to that. I can’t remember how it worked, trying to remember what they taught us in Sunday school. I’m in so much trouble right now. You know, my pastor is going to send me a text message. Todd, what are you doing? 

Speaker 5 [01:53:46] I want to get calls. Stop. Just start on the prayer list. 

Speaker 1 [01:53:51] But there you have it, folks. Right. You know, and that’s all a regular occurrence. You know that we’re on somebody’s prayer list. 

Speaker 5 [01:53:57] I know it’s not a bad you’re in. A lot of Perlis have an unspoken unspoken. 

Speaker 1 [01:54:02] Maybe we should open that up. Will you do a prayer request 

Speaker 5 [01:54:05] for one who put Todd on their priority list? Give us a call there, you guys, to take up a whole 

Speaker 1 [01:54:10] show, about 30 more lines. That’s what we’re going to do, you know, but seriously, going back to this high school graduation, I mean, you know, society now says, what have you done since the phones have lit up, Grace? I guess on 

Speaker 5 [01:54:26] you do, sir. Kyle being a little mischievous. 

Speaker 1 [01:54:28] This is all you. So look, society says go jump in the sack. And, you know, if something happens, if you get pregnant, that you could just kill the baby. That’s a problem in our country, you know, we ask God to bless America and then you turn around and you kill all these babies, these unborn babies, you think God’s still going to bless America. I don’t know, folks, I don’t know Google. This is from Breitbart, Lucas Nolan, the author. Google has removed. Qumu Bob from the head of diversity, so this guy’s name is Camu Bob, he is the head of diversity over at Google, wrote a blog back in 2007. He said the Jewish people have an insatiable appetite for war and killing. He is still employed by the company, but he will no longer be the head of diversity. Instead, he’s going to focus on other things in the company. BBC was the first to report that he had been removed from his job for saying that Jews had an insatiable appetite for war and killing. This was all part of an essay, a post titled If I Were a Jew. He slammed the nation of Israel is and just goes on to write horrible, heinous things there. There is a lot of anti-Semitism and big tech and big media and within the Democrat Party. And a lot of concern people, but I don’t think it does because this is who these people are, they’re Jew haters. And when you throw in all of these rules and regulations, they’ve been shoving down our throat over the past year of this global pandemic, they’re behaving just like the Germans were back of the 1930s and they need to knock it off. Knock it off. From Todd Stearns dot com, we have this story. A North Carolina county is now banning Coca-Cola vending machines. I love this story. Surry County and North Carolina. The commissioners there sent a letter to Coca-Cola and they said they were banning the machines in county owned buildings because of Coca Cola’s criticism of Georgia’s new voting laws. The commissioners voted three to two to ban the machines. That’s according to televise television station WRAL. That’s in Raleigh, North Carolina. Eddie Harris is the longest serving commissioner in the county. Here’s what he had to say. Millions of Americans believe the last presidential election was not held in a fair manner. This is true and that more voter fraud will occur in the future of elections if elections are not more closely monitored. This is true and regulated. And that’s true to. Commissioner Harris went on to say it was time someone spoke out against left wing politics and he hoped that Surrey County’s action will spread across North Carolina. And he said the problem goes far beyond. So clearly the reporter asked a question, well, aren’t you just trying to cancel Coca-Cola? And the guy responded, Yeah, that’s exactly what we’re trying to do, we are trying to cancel Coca-Cola to use their tactics against them. Now, look, we don’t like boycotts here, but we don’t have a ban or boycotts because every now and again, you got to you know, we may have to boycott something, but by and large, I don’t like boycotts. But I like this idea because you see, you’re doing to them as they did to you. Is that in the Bible? No, no. I’m sorry. That’s that’s not that’s not in the Bible. Do my apologies. 

Speaker 5 [01:58:24] There you go. On another parallel started. You have reversed, my friend. 

Speaker 1 [01:58:27] I’m going to get excommunicated from the Baptist Church, do unto others before they do it to, you know, 

Speaker 5 [01:58:33] its do unto others as you would have them do 

Speaker 1 [01:58:35] unto you. I got one of those newfangled translations. 

Speaker 5 [01:58:38] You got that. You got the message. 

Speaker 1 [01:58:39] I got the progressive culture. I’m just kidding. What do you say. 

Speaker 5 [01:58:44] I’m kidding. I said the message. 

Speaker 1 [01:58:46] Oh my God. It is a sponsor. No, I just. I just. 

Speaker 5 [01:58:53] Just like it up. All right. 

Speaker 1 [01:58:58] All I’m saying here in Surrey County is they’re giving them a dose of their own medicine. And I think that’s a great idea. You know, if Coca-Cola Cola’s got to go out there and get involved in politics, then they get what’s coming to them. Because you know what’s interesting? If you don’t drink Coca-Cola, you can always drink. I don’t know, Dr. Pepper. You can drink some iced tea. You can have an A of springs root beer, the best root beer an American made in Louisiana. Or you could even have some good old fashioned. And I know this is thinking way out of the box, way out of the box, but you could just have a lovely, nice cold glass of tap water and your life is going to go on. You don’t need Coca-Cola to be happy in life yet. You just don’t. So anyway, let’s see what happens here. Let’s see if other county commissioners across North Carolina, I don’t know, we got a lot of listeners all over America. Maybe we could we could start a trend. All right, folks, been a great show. We’re going to do this all over again tomorrow with trivia thrown into the mix as well. Get out there. Have a good day. Be good, America. 

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