Walmart Worker Warns Starnes of Massive Price Increases, Merch Shortages

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TODD: Josh is listening to us in Georgia. WDUN – and I understand, Josh, you work at a Walmart in Georgia. What’s going on? What do you see there?

CALLER: [01:05:37] Well, we’re noticing that the prices are going up exponentially. We’re not getting stock in like we usually do. Take, for example, you know, we’ve seen rib eye steaks. They went up $12.97 to $18.97. So I mean, we’re noticing not small increases, but we’re noticing major increases. And it’s kind of concerning. And I understand, you know, why people come in and they’re frustrated and they’re mad. But we just we’re not getting the stuff in. And it’s concerning to us and we’re thinking, you know, what do we do? You know, because we’re just in an associate, that’s all we are.

TODD: [01:06:18] So it’s not it’s not your fault, Josh. But you’re not the one setting the prices here.

CALLER: [01:06:24] But, you know, really, my focus is in the meat department. But I mean, the meat is just the seafood. I could give you a whole list of different items that I’ve seen, for example. You know, scallops they jumped from $14.98 to $19.34. You’ve got others at 17 to 23. I mean, different pictures that I’ve taken of how the prices have jumped greatly at just one price change.

TODD: [01:06:58] George, have you how long have you worked at Wal-Mart

CALLER: [01:07:03] For several years now.

TODD: [01:07:05] Have you seen anything like this? Have you seen prices this high since you started working at Wal-Mart?

CALLER: [01:07:11] No, no, I haven’t. And what’s concerning is, and we’ve talked about this is that, you know, before when the entire pandemic started, you know, we had the food, we had the supply. But now whenever you go through the back room, there’s nothing, there’s nothing in our back rooms at times. And it is concerning because people come to the shelf, they buy it up. And I think to myself, if there’s another rush like what we had at the very beginning of the pandemic, the supply is not there. It is just simply not there. And I hate to keep repeating myself, but it’s concerning to me being on the front lines because I don’t know what anybody can do.

TODD: [01:07:58] George, I did notice that typically, you know, when I have to go to the grocery store, I normally go right after the show. It’s two o’clock central time. Usually it’s a pretty empty store. That place was packed with people, and I’m wondering if folks are beginning to start the it’s we’re we’re seeing the early stages of the panic buying that we saw during the pandemic.

CALLER: [01:08:22] Yes, sir, we we especially when Costco started the limiting of paper goods, for example, like toilet paper and things like that, we started seeing people coming in now. Right now we we’ve got plenty of toilet paper and stuff of that nature. But I did see customers coming in here and there and buying things, but I haven’t seen a shortage on that. But definitely the price increases this year, but it’s come down, maybe a dollar or two. But when do you think a six dollar increase? You know, a dollar two? You know that that’s good, but that’s not great. Now now,

TODD: [01:08:58] Josh, I want to go back. You said rib eye steaks. $18.97?

CALLER: [01:09:04] Yes, that’s a pound,

TODD: [01:09:08] that’s a pound, $18. Not Josh Sweet Mercy. That’s the apocalypse for me. Yeah, I may have to. I may have to go. I may have to start eating lettuce. I may have to go vegan. That’s terrible, Josh..

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