Woke Leftists Are Destroying USA, Iraqi Immigrant tells Starnes

The following is a transcript of Todd’s national radio show. An Iraqi-American from Memphis called in to say how shocked he is when leftists say the United States is a racist nation. The caller says that woke leftists want to turn the USA into Iraq. CLICK HERE TO GET TODD’S DAILY NEWSLETTER – A MUST-READ FOR CONSERVATIVES!

TODD: Zaid is listening to us on KWAM NEWSTALK 107.9 FM 990 AM – our flagship station in Memphis, Tennessee. Zaid, welcome to the program and what’s on your mind.

CALLER: [00:23:47] How are you doing today, sir?

TODD: [00:23:48] I’m well, thank you.

CALLER: [00:23:51] Well, sir, the way I was like just thinking about it, you know, I’m actually a foreigner from overseas. Okay. And a lot of people nowadays talking about racism in United States and trying to make everything about racism. For me, everything is here been made to the people. There is constitution, there is law. There was an order. Okay? And the way I see this country is heading. And fortunately, it’s like a third world country. What I came from, I came here looking for freedom. Freedom of speech. You know, practice my Second Amendment and hold it. You know, I moved here just for that reason to live in peace. And I’m getting shocked big time that actually we are heading to be like pretty much like overseas. This is the land of safe and peace and freedom and everybody talking about racism, what racism they’re talking about, how they really live racism. There is a law that supports the citizen held the citizen here. They are just not. Happy. And there will never be happy because they don’t want to be happy. But if they just don’t want to drop overseas, they will appreciate what they have here

TODD: [00:25:09] now, Zaid. Where where are you from?

CALLER: [00:25:11] I’m actually born and raised in Iraq.

TODD: [00:25:14] So you were born and raised in Iraq and how old are you, Zaid?

CALLER: [00:25:18] I’m 35 years old,

TODD: [00:25:19] 35. When did you come to America?

CALLER: [00:25:24] I came back in 2010. I work with the United States military overseas, so.

TODD: [00:25:31] So you were serving in or you lived in Iraq? Born and raised there. And so you grew up in a I’m pretty much a war torn country.

CALLER: [00:25:40] Yes, sir. Yes, sir. And that’s that’s what I’m saying, they have it made here three people that I came here. I’m Arab and Muslim. Nobody gave me any racist and it was really good. I did not feel any different than anybody here. I’m now an American citizen. I got my citizenship and even before when I had my drink or everybody treat me with love and respect it, just the blow my brains, my mind when they, you know, it’s really like, Get me mad when I hear just this BLM talking about racism, racism, racism, racism. Like what you know about racism? How about you go and give a visit to Iraq, and then you would know what’s up in there. Then you appreciate what you have in here. And on the other thing, like the way I hear you talking about the court system and the situation with Kenosha, you know, this kid it just it. Just politics. And when politics becomes above the court system and jury system, that’s a very dangerous level. We’re reaching to a very dangerous. You know, I lived, though I lived those stages, obviously, you know, we wanted to have a constitution. You wanted to have law. But for political reasons, you know, the politics are controlling the jury system, the judicial system, the legislative system. That’s dangerous. That’s dangerous.

TODD: [00:27:09] You know, Zaid, when when I lived in New York City and I lived there for 15 years and I would go into these communities where there were a number of Ukrainians, a number of of eastern Europeans who fled the the who fled the wars and to the person. When I would ask them about America, they would say the same thing you said about how you know, the things they were escaping from are beginning to creep up here in the United States.

CALLER: [00:27:42] It’s pretty much the way I look at it. It’s similar right now with full sorrow, with how the legislative system and court system if if that kid go to jail. I can’t say that there was just that, you know, the court system, a legislated system here. It just become a like Iraq right now cost political people will control the judges, control the, you know, the light would never be writing for. And the and the one would become right, and that is a very, very bad for this country, and I care for this country. It’s my second home. You know, and I don’t want to see it just heading down that way. That is just, you know, I don’t know, this is just. It’s crazy. That’s all what I can say properly is crazy, well, up at this point.

TODD: [00:28:31] Yes, sir. Look, I just want to say thank you, first of all, for listening to KWAM NEWSTALK 107.9 FM in Memphis. And we’re excited that you’re a part of our radio family now. You’ve got to give us a call back one of these days.

CALLER: [00:28:45] Absolutely, sir, I listen to you guys all the time.

TODD: [00:28:47] Well, you’re very kind and and also welcome to America. We were honored to have you as a fellow citizen.

CALLER: [00:28:55] Thank you, sir. God bless you, and God bless America. Thank you, sir.

TODD: [00:28:58] All right, that’s Zaid from Memphis, Tennessee. Ladies and gentlemen, how about that? Born and raised in war torn Iraq, came here, worked with our military, our military, no doubt putting his own life on the line in Iraq doing that. And now an American citizen living in Memphis, Tennessee. And I hope you hear the warning from Zaid that what’s happening in Iraq is happening here in America right now. We better wake up, folks, and you better understand what’s happening in this country.

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