117 Hospital Staffers Sue Over Forced Vaccinations

The following is a rush transcript of Todd’s interview with Jennifer Bridges, one of the leaders of a lawsuit against Houston Methodist Hospitals. Staffers were ordered to get vaccinated before they could return to work. Listen to the full interview below.

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TODD: [01:00:48] All right, welcome back to the Todd Starnes radio show, we are broadcasting live from the National Religious Broadcasters Convention meeting at the Gaylord Texan in beautiful Dallas, Texas. There’s a big story that has been making headlines out of Texas, specifically Houston and the Methodist Hospital there, Houston Methodist Hospital, a group of 117 staffers, unvaccinated staffers have filed a lawsuit. Because they don’t want to be forced to get the vaccine, they say they don’t want the China virus vaccine, they say it’s illegal for their bosses to require them to get a shot. Well, the lead person on that lawsuit is a nurse there at Houston Methodist Hospital, and she is on the Liberty University newsmaker line right now. Jennifer Bridges. Jennifer, good to have you with us today.

BRIDGES: [01:01:44] Thank you so much for having me.

TODD: [01:01:48] I have to tell you, it is shocking that the hospital would require you to do something like this. What was your reaction when you first heard that you were going to have to get that vaccine.

BRIDGES: [01:02:02] I was shocked myself just a little bit with thousands of others at first because we just had no idea that they were going to do this so soon. We we had no idea that this was going to happen, but we thought they would at least wait until it was FDA approved. But then when they threw that, it’s so suddenly everybody just got filled with anxiety. And it was just like, you know, it’s too soon. You can’t do this. Like, we don’t even have proper research or anything yet.

TODD: [01:02:29] Jennifer, it seems to me, you know, and I have seen stories of people suffering some pretty significant side effects from these vaccines out there. And again, these are the stories that that have leaked out. I mean, I suspect there are many more. And the mainstream media is just as is just hiding those, not promoting those. What are you hearing within the medical community? What are some of the concerns you guys have?

BRIDGES: [01:02:54] Oh, I have seen with my own two eyes, just hundreds of adverse reactions all the way from mild from like headaches and ringing in the ears. And then it goes all the way to like paralysis, numbness, severe blood clots. I’ve seen miscarriages, hemorrhaging, DVT. I mean, so many between patients and employees that have gotten the vaccine. And this I don’t even like to call it a vaccine. This shot right now, it scared me to death. Basically, it is very dangerous and no one knows how it’s going to affect them until they get it. And they are just not giving the public at all the proper informed consent. They are basically telling them this is a safe product that will work. And both those statements are incredibly false.

TODD: [01:05:10] On the Liberty University newsmaker line, Jennifer Abridges, a nurse at Houston Methodist Hospital. Among those filing a lawsuit, 117 unvaccinated staffers filing a lawsuit against the hospital. Jennifer, you the complaint that you guys filed in state court really compared what’s happening to the Nuremberg Code, which was designed to prevent experimentation on human subjects without their consent. You say this is very similar to that.

BRIDGES: [01:05:42] Oh, this is extremely similar to that, but before I get into that, just to let you know, when we initially filed the lawsuit, there was 117. But since it became public, we have received so many new phone calls, we’re actually about to have about 70 more plaintiffs on board once we amend the lawsuit. So it will be going up to over 200 here within the next couple of weeks. But if anybody has ever looked up the Nuremberg Code, there are 10 points on it. And this pretty much violates all 10 points. That Nuremberg Code was set up after the Holocaust to basically prevent anybody from coming in and doing any form of experiments on a person without the proper informed consent, whether it be, you know, procedures, surgery, medication. But it was put into play to make sure a person is giving the proper side effects, adverse reactions, and allowed to give their own consent whether they’re willing to do it or not. And everything about what’s going on right now completely violates that Nuremberg code that was set up to protect people.

TODD: [01:06:46] My goodness. Just unbelievable. Well, Jennifer, I want you to keep us updated on the lawsuit here, I think a lot of people around the country are going to be paying very close attention to what’s happening there at Methodist Hospital in Houston. And you’re absolutely right. This is nothing more than experimentation this early in the process. So best of luck to you.

BRIDGES: [01:07:09] Thank you so much. I appreciate it.

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