A Resource for Christians Dazed & Confused about Election Day

A number of Evangelical leaders are urging Americans not to vote for Donald Trump on Election Day.  Some have even suggested it might be a sin to cast a vote for the GOP nominee.

Trump was not my first choice. He wasn’t even my second or third choice. But he is the nominee.

And most importantly — he is NOT Hillary Clinton. 

Trump has promised to defend religious liberty, protect the Second Amendment, and nominate conservative judges to the courts. 

Mrs. Clinton has promised to crack down on religious liberty, declare war on the Second Amendment and nominate liberal judges to the courts.

And consider this sobering thought: If Mrs. Clinton wins the White House – the damage she will inflict on the courts will last for generations — not just a campaign cycle. 

Like me, you may be repulsed by Trump’s behavior. But I’m not just voting for the GOP nominee on Election Day — I’m voting for the party platform.

FRC Action, the legislative affiliate of Family Research Council, has created an informative video that outlines the stark differences between the Democratic and Republican platforms. 

I would encourage you to share this with your friends and church members. Ask your pastor to play this video in church.

And I would also urge your church to consider starting a CULTURE IMPACT TEAM.

Be informed on Election Day!