Aldrich: After Losing My Husband, I’ve Learned to Embrace Hope

By Sandra P. Aldrich

There is surely a future hope for you, and your hope will not be cut off. Proverbs 23:18

I’ve been widowed for several years, but the anniversary of our wedding still provokes poignant memories. My husband, Don, and I had faith in the Lord and each other. A wonderful future was ours. We hadn’t planned on brain cancer.    

Our son was 10 and our daughter was eight when Don died. The disease process had provided time to ponder a future without him, but I resisted reality until the doctor said, “I’m so sorry.”

After the funeral, I wanted to hide. But I had two young children. They had lost their dad physically; I didn’t want them to lose me emotionally. Thus, my prayers were pleas for help. Then one dark evening, I forced myself to concentrate on what remained instead of what I had lost. First on my list of blessings was my children. Then I listed the Lord’s presence, nearby friends and family, and that my education would pay our bills. 

Since that long-ago evening, events have occurred I didn’t anticipate—a career change, and two cross-country moves because of job opportunities. Of course, I didn’t know what was ahead the night I looked beyond what I had lost. But I’m convinced that new focus helped me be open to the good things to come.

Loss can come in many forms. So whatever you are going through, pour your heart out to our heavenly Father and look to a brighter future.

Lord, I’m traveling a tough road right now. Please help me trust you as I embrace what remains instead of what I have lost.

Sandra P. Aldrich is an award-winning author and international speaker. Visit her at sandraaldrich.com

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