MOAB! Conservative Millennial Drops Truth Bomb on Michelle Obama

Allie Stuckey, the Conservative Millennial, dropped a truth bomb on former First Lady Michelle Obama during an appearance on the Todd Starnes Show.

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Mrs. Obama suggested that women who voted for Donald Trump instead of Hillary Clinton betrayed their gender.

“This is the very bigotry the left stand against. Someone saying because you think differently than me, you are worse than me and that’s exactly what Michelle Obama is saying and I and I think millions of other women resent that,” Stuckey said. 

Stuckey called out liberal feminists who are playing the victim card — and defended women who voted for President Trump.

“It takes a lot more intellectual fortitude to vote for Trump as a woman,” she told Starnes. 

I wonder who Mrs. Obama voted for in the 2008 Democrat primary between her husband and Hillary Clinton?

Watch the entire interview above. 


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