Atheists Enraged Over Bible Giveaways in Tennessee Schools

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A gang of Wisconsin-based atheists fighting mad after someone gave Bibles to public school children in Tennessee.

The Freedom From Religion Foundation fired off a letter to every school superintendent in the Volunteer State. 

They say members of Gideons International were invited to distribute Bibles in several schools — making children feel uncomfortable. 

The out-of-town atheists say passing out Bibles is insidious and schools must remain neutral when it comes to religion. 

When I was growing up it was common place for the Gideons to not only give children Bibles — but also to speak in classrooms. 

Of course – that was back in the 1970’s — when kids knew their personal pronouns. When families included a mommy and a daddy. And when the only active shooters were on the basketball court. 

That all changed when they took God out of the classroom. 

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