Biden Will Be Forced to Resign, Rep. Ronny Jackson Tells Starnes

The following is a rush transcript of Todd’s interview with Rep. Ronny Jackson (R-TX). Click here to listen to the entire interview.

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TODD: [01:01:12] Let’s go to the Patriot Mobile newsmaker line. Good friend of this program, great congressman from the state of Texas, also an incredible doctor, Congressman Ronny Jackson. Congressman, good to have you with us today.

REP. JACKSON: [01:01:29] Hey, thanks, Todd. Appreciate you guys having me.

TODD: [01:01:31] You know, it really is no laughing matter. I mean, it just seems as though based on the performance of the president in that CNN town hall meeting, these these gibberish words coming out of his mouth when he’s talking to reporters, it makes sense what you know, what you’ve been saying all along about demanding a cognitive test.

REP. JACKSON: [01:01:51] Absolutely, I have been saying for a while and it is just becoming more and more obvious each and every day. I mean, tat that townhall is a total embarrassment. I could not I can not even imagine how brutally President Trump would have been destroyed if he had said, you know, if it had any of those kinds of difficulties during his term, which he didn’t, obviously. But the mainstream media has been covering this up for a long time. They’ve been ignoring it. But there’s only a certain amount of time they’re going to be able to continue to ignore this. Everybody’s talking about it now. Even the Democrats are starting to, you know, look at each other like, what are we going to do now? I mean, I can’t imagine being Don Lemon and standing there. I mean, they’re going to stand terrified like he was. He’s wanting, I’m sure, desperately to answer his question for him. But he didn’t. I think he was standing there wondering, like, you know, what’s he trying to ask? I don’t think he even knew what the question was, you know?

So it just it’s going to get worse and worse. I said that from the beginning, that this is something where you start off and you have a few bad days and good days and then you transitioned into more bad days and good days. And eventually it’s mostly bad days and very few good days. And that’s what you’re going to see, is this term continues. They’re going to roll him out less and less often. They’re going to be more and more selective about when they do it, what time of day they do it, how often they do it. Eventually he’s just going to you know, he’s not going to be in the public eye much at all. And that’s when we’re going to know that it’s really, really bad. I think it’s bad enough now that he needs to get the cognitive tests done. He needs to reassure the American people and our allies overseas that that he’s in control.

TODD: [01:03:18] Why is it they’re not going to let Biden take this cognitive test?

REP. JACKSON: [01:03:29] Well, because they’re terrified of what’s going what that’s going to reveal. I mean, I think that he literally has some serious cognitive issues going on. This is a screening tool used to pick up on cognitive issues. And I think that it would do his job and it would be it would show us that he’s got some issues. And, you know, he’s probably not suited to be our commander in chief and our head of state. And, you know, it’s spreading around it’s spreading around the world to just especially somebody just sent me something from skidoos where they were talking about it on Sky News and about what an embarrassment he was. You know, I think these are people overseas talking about what’s going on. If you think that, you know, it’s bad for our for our allies overseas to see this, what do you think it does when our adversaries overseas see this? They’re going to take advantage of this man if they can.

TODD: [01:04:14] So you’ve been predicting that that the president is going to resign. What is that going to look like? How is that going to play out in your mind?

REP. JACKSON: [01:04:23] Well, I don’t know exactly when it’s going to happen or how it’s going to play out. My point is that, you know, I’ve been saying some people in the Republican Party have been saying for a while now that this is a serious issue and that this is only going to get worse. And like I said, I still believe that to be the case. There will come there will come a day when it’s not going to be the Republicans talking about anymore. It’s going to be the Democrats talking about it, because whenever they can’t cover it up anymore, when the mainstream media can’t help them bury it anymore, they’re going to have to address the issue. The only two ways that they can address the issue if he’s not suited for office anymore is to ask him to resign. And, you know, he could do that voluntarily. He could say, hey, I’ve got some medical issues right now and, you know, I’m not I’m going to have to step down. He could do that or they could force him out with the 25th Amendment. And that’s you know, that’s something I’m familiar with, having been at the White House for 14 years. Those are really the only two options as far as him moving on. And I think that if he doesn’t resign at some point, this continues to get worse, that there will be Democrats in the White House and Democrats in Congress and Democrats elsewhere that will start saying, hey, we we have to we have to get him out of there. He has to move on. And still, there’ll be people that are opposed to the 25th Amendment if he doesn’t want to do Obamacare like.

TODD: [01:05:34] Congressman, are you hearing from any Democrats up on Capitol Hill? Are you hearing from any that are concerned with the president’s health?

REP. JACKSON: [01:05:44] No, most of them don’t want to don’t want to speak about it. But I think privately you can look at their expressions on their face. Whenever they see this kind of stuff going on, they’re concerned, they’re embarrassed. And I think that they’re wondering what’s going on, just like we are. They just they just don’t have the ability or the courage right now to say anything about it. But that will change. Like I said, I told people before giving it to give it another year. If it’s still around in a year, it won’t be me. It won’t be Ronnie Jackson talking about it. It will be the Democrats talking about it.

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