Black Minnesota teacher says district discriminated against him for questioning race-based programs

by Caleb Parke, Fox News

A black Minnesota teacher is fighting back against the St. Paul Public School district, which he said has discriminated against him for questioning race-based educational programs, according to a federal lawsuit.

“I filed the lawsuit because the EEOC found probable cause that I was retaliated and racially discriminated for speaking up,” Aaron Benner, who taught fourth grade and now is a Dean of Students (9th Grade) at Cretin-Derham Hall,  told Fox News.

“The irony is the racial discrimination charge. My district always talks about racial equity, and then they got caught going after the only black teacher in the school. I had five frivolous investigations opened up on me.”

The district allegedly targeted Benner after he publicly criticized the school’s race-based policies, which, according to, a non-profit organization that promotes education reform, were a direct result of an Obama administration initiative that forced school districts to address disproportionate percentages of minority students being suspended for bad behavior. Click here to read the full story and watch the video at


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