BREAKING: ‘Woke’ US Military Suffers Massive Defeat at Hands of British in Simulated Battle

It was a rough day for President Biden’s woke military, where pronoun hospitality trumps the ability to defeat the enemy.

The U.S. Marines surrendered to British Royal Marines during a joint training exercise in the Mojave Desert, Sky News reported.

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“The Ministry of Defence explained that the battle exercise was testing the deployment of the new Littoral Response Group (LRG) in a guerrilla war-fighting facility on the west coast of America against well-equipped US Marine Corps opponents,” the British network reported.

The simulated battle took place during Exercise Green Dagger, at the U.S. Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center at Twentynine Palms, California. 

“U.S. forces asked for a ‘reset’ half way into the five-day war fighting exercise, having suffered significant simulated casualties,” claims the Telegraph World News. “At one point in the battle, the commandos’ ‘kill board,’ an intelligence assessment of the level of damage inflicted upon enemy equipment and units, had a tick against almost every American asset, indicating it had been deemed destroyed or rendered inoperable.”

The U.S. Marine Corps did not respond to inquiries about the simulated battlefield exercises, but the World News seemed to sum up the day’s events in a rather graphic description.

“British troops infiltrated the enemy’s rear area causing havoc by striking high value targets and command and control nodes, which paralyzed any counterattack,” the Telegraph World News reported.

In other words, Biden’s military took it up the back side – or the wazoo, if you will.

On the plus side, when our troops were taken prisoner of war I’m sure they confounded their captors with their preferred pronouns.

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