‘Butter My Butt and Call Me a Biscuit’: Starnes to Gorka

In a dynamic exchange at the National Religious Broadcasters Convention, talk show hosts Todd Starnes and Sebastian Gorka engaged in a lively discussion about “Twilight’s Last Gleaming,” – Starnes’ latest book and their shared passion for talk radio. Listen to the full interview above.

Sebastian Gorka, known for his energetic persona, set the tone for the conversation by humorously remarking on the convention’s vast size, joking that attendees might need a GPS just to find the restroom. The duo delved into Starnes’ book, with Gorka playfully teasing about a chapter titled “Butter to My Butt and Call Me a Biscuit,” sparking curiosity among listeners.

Starnes, a seasoned radio personality, shared his journey into the world of radio, emphasizing the importance of local news coverage and his commitment to providing relevant information to his audience. Reflecting on a pivotal moment during a severe storm in Memphis, Starnes highlighted the necessity of radio stations addressing critical local issues.

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The conversation took an insightful turn as Gorka and Starnes discussed the role of humor in conservative media. Starnes expressed his admiration for satirical writing and shared anecdotes about injecting humor into serious topics during his time at Fox. The duo pondered why conservatives sometimes struggle to harness the power of satire effectively, contrasting it with the left’s adeptness in using humor to convey messages.

Starnes said: “Why don’t conservatives get the power of humor? Because the left does. Is there something that just doesn’t compute for us in the culture war that we don’t understand the power of satire?”

Gorka said: “But they can’t report on it either because, you know, I worked at Fox for a long time, the most conservative people anywhere in media of a cameraman, so they wouldn’t even have the cameraman.”

As the discussion unfolded, Starnes and Gorka touched on the current political landscape, emphasizing the importance of voter turnout and engagement within evangelical communities. Starnes said: “I’m concerned that many of the larger churches are disengaging from the culture. These are young people who have bought into this idea of Christian nationalism. And I’m concerned that the churches are retreating.”

The exchange between Todd Starnes and Sebastian Gorka showcased a blend of wit, insight, and a shared commitment to engaging with audiences on critical issues. Their conversation at the convention left attendees entertained and enlightened, underscoring the enduring impact of talk radio in shaping public discourse.

Overall, the dialogue between these two influential voices in conservative media provided a glimpse into the vibrant world of talk radio and the power of engaging storytelling in today’s media landscape. Click here to get a copy of Todd’s new book.

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