Cadbury Commercial Features Gay Couple Sharing Creme-Filled Egg

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Cadbury, the brand famous for their chocolate Easter egg treats, released a controversial commercial in celebration of their 50th anniversary.

The commercial debates all the different ways people eat the new Cadbury Creme Egg, from dipping to slurping the filling out of the chocolate shell.

Towards the end of the commercial, viewers are shown the scene that’s sparked conversation.


It’s like Disney’s “Lady and the Tramp” scene where the two dogs share spaghetti. Except, it’s two grown men spinning around in a circle and sharing a creme-filled chocolate egg in a sexualized way.

Here’s a clip from the commercial:

Besides the fact that I find this product to be pretty unappetizing even before the two men appear on the screen, I now definitely don’t feel inclined to buy this chocolate egg that’s filled with an unknown creamy substance and caramel.

This Cadbury commercial is just the latest display of mainstream brands trying to make sure they check the “we-represented-the-LGBTQ+-community” checkbox on their to-do list. The thing is, the Left never stops, and brands can never do enough to be woke.

Looks like myself and many others will be searching elsewhere for their Easter treats this year.