Charlie Daniels: I’m Disgusted with Congress

By Todd Starnes/Twitter

Country music legend Charlies Daniels wants to have a Come-to-Jesus meeting with the Republicans and Democrats in Congress.

“I am so disgusted with those people right now,” Charlie told me on the inaugural launch of “The Todd Starnes Radio Show.”

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Charlie was in town to promote the release of “Ragged Old Flag,” a rendition of the old Johnny Cash classic that was released on Independence Day.

Charlie is fired up over political bickering and backstabbing in the halls of Congress and he’s fed up.

“All you guys in the Senate and all you guys in Congress stop and listen – we’re not getting a damn thing done – nothing,” he said. “You’re sitting over there – Chuck Schumer on that side – and you’re sitting over there – Mitch McConnell on that side and you guys act like you’re dealing with a devil.”

Charlie said it’s time for the politicians to knock off the nonsense and get to work for the American people.

“Get your act together and sit down and do something,” he said. “You’re not hurting the party, you’re killing America. Do you want to be known for killing America? You want to be the S.O.B’s that took America down the drain?”

Could you imagine Charlies Daniels giving Republicans and Democrats the “what for”? What a day in American history that would be.

Then again, it’s unlikely to happen because lawmakers can’t handle the unvarnished truth.

“They’d throw me in jail for contempt of Congress,” Charlie said.

There’s no greater patriot I know than Charlie Daniels. This guy loves God, he loves America and he loves our troops. He understands the heartbeat of We the People and he understands that we’ve taken a wrong turn.

“I think we have forgotten to count our blessings,” he said. “I think a lot of people have forgotten what America is.”

“America is the greatest country the world has ever known,” he said. “Nobody can hold a candle to the United States of America.”

Unfortunately, our nation’s public school systems have been taken over by liberals who not only despise our nation but want to silence freedom and liberty.

“Our history books and our national conversation have been taken over by a lot of people that are not particularly patriotic,” he said.

Charlie believes the only way to restore traditional American values is to engage the political process – to take a stand.

“Why do people from every corner of the Earth do everything in their power to come to this country and be a citizen,” he said. “It’s because this is the best place on Earth. We can’t let that slip away from our national conscience.”


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