Christian Ministry to Give 1 Million Bibles to Teenagers

An incredible ministry is giving out Bibles this week to teenagers who agree to share the Good News with their classmates.

“They are Truth for Youth Bibles, and they feature the New Testament in addition to comics dealing with issues like suicide and drugs,” said Tim Wildmon, president of American Family Association on The Todd Starnes Show. “We’re partnering with Revival Fires International to give a Bible to anyone who will commit to giving them to an unsaved fellow teenager.”

Wildmon said our country will be better off if more teenagers choose to follow Christ than to follow the world.

“There’s no gimmick, and we don’t sell your e-mail or your phone number,” he continued. “We don’t do anything except send you the Bible(s) if the commitment is made to give them away.”

This is the 19th year for Truth for Youth week.

“We are going to go over the one million mark in Bibles given out over the last few years,” Wildmon said.

The back cover of the Truth for Youth Bible contains information regarding a student’s legal rights on public school campuses.

“You have rights especially student to student to give whatever you want in terms of literature, including the Bible,” Wildmon explained.

Click here for information on how you can help!

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