CNN Spreads FAKE NEWS About Congressional Baseball Game Prayer

By Caleb Parke

Leave it to CNN to spread false information about a prayer before the start of the Congressional Baseball Game.

CNN would have you believe that Republicans did not participate in the prayer.

In reality,  Democrats and Republicans gathered on 2nd base to pray for Congressman Steve Scalise before the game started.

CNN Politics reported it as just “members of the Democratic team” praying — and hasn’t corrected their tweet despite many users on Twitter letting them know. (As of 10:26 PM Thursday, June 15, 2017)

Here is a screenshot:

And CNN wonders why Trump supporters were chanting “CNN sucks” at rallies and why Trump himself calls them FAKE NEWS.

Here is a more accurate portrayal from the Fox Nation account:

The misinformation only solidifies stereotypes about CNN’s journalism – that they are the talking head of the Democratic Party, or as some said during the 2016 election, the “Clinton News Network.”

Despite CNN’s FAKE NEWS, everyone needs to come together and continue to pray for Rep. Scalise, as he is still in critical condition.

Caleb Parke is a conservative millennial columnist. You can follow him on Facebook, Twitter, and at his website,