Cut to the Pineapple: How to Win at Losing

By Kathy Willis

“So those who are last now will be first then, and those who are first will be last.”

(Matthew 20:16 NLT)

“I betcha I can break down a pineapple faster than you can!” Not typical conversation after the close of a church service, but then—that’s Guy for you. Always up for a challenge. He was 70 at the time and remembered back to a visit he had in Hawaii where he learned how to cut up a fresh pineapple. We had two sitting in the church kitchen just waiting for a challenge. And then there was me, always up for a little fun.

We each picked a knife from the drawer and had someone start us off. Guy knew his skill was superior—after all, an expert taught him the right technique. I was simply a hack who learned from a cooking show on television!

To Guy’s surprise, I won. I always have enjoyed butchering produce! It’s my thing. It was all in good fun and we had plenty of fresh pineapple to share with the crowd that gathered.

That’s a humorous example, but it makes me wonder—why do we compete so much? Why do we think we have to win to be happy?

Jesus gave us a pattern of taking a humble position rather than needing a preeminent position. He showed what it’s like to do the God thing rather than the perceived good thing. He waited to set up a Heavenly Kingdom rather than taking control as King on earth. He chose the cross instead of the crown.

Father, help me win at losing by celebrating the achievement someone else earned, even though I wanted it.

God’s Grin Gal, Kathy Carlton Willis, shines the light on what holds you back so you can grow. Read her book, Grin with Grace, or find more information at: http://www.kathycarltonwillis.com.

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