“Damned if I’m Going to Allow Pelosi to Tell Me What To Do” – Rep. Chip Roy

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The following is a rush transcript of Todd’s interview with Rep. Chip. Roy (R-TX). Click here to listen to the entire interview.

TODD: [01:01:49] Congressman Chip Roy is on the PATRIOT MOBILE NEWSMAKER LINE right now. Good to have you with us, sir.

REP. ROY: [01:02:03] Yeah, it’s great to be on as always, it’s great to be back in my home state of Texas where we’re at least free from the tyranny of Nancy Pelosi. I was fired up because, I mean, this is such a shameful direction to go to scare our country, to risk people’s lives, frankly, to actually probably cause people not to want to get the vaccine because you’re going out and doing this absurdity with the mask mandate, having members of Congress parade around the floor of the House and then threaten my staff with arrest, she can go to hell. I’m not having any part of that.

TODD: [01:02:34] No. And I’m look, I think so many of our fellow countrymen feel the exact same way. And and we get calls all the time on this radio program asking, what do we do now? Todd, what do we do if they if Biden tries to shut down the country? And Congressman, what are you telling folks back in your district?

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REP. ROY: [01:02:52] Look, I’m telling people right now it is time for a good old fashioned American revival. And I mean that both, of course, in the spiritual sense, but in the American freedom sense. I was talking to our friend Glenn Beck the other day on this topic and he said, what can we do? And my point was, in 2009, in response to the absurdity of the Obama administration’s, you know, shovel ready projects and spending and Obamacare and all that they were doing and, you know, the TARP program and all that, the American people rose up. And from that came the Tea Party. It came great senators like Mike Lee and Ted Cruz and Rand Paul. We got the Freedom Caucus ultimately got Donald Trump to go fight the swamp. Look, we the people, all of us, whether you’re like a member of Congress, like myself or someone just trying to get through life doing your job, we’ve got to go send a loud message right now. You don’t get to do this. You don’t get to use the power of government to come in and say that I must take a shot or I must wear a mask. We’re going to get through this together by using common sense, following signs, talking to doctors and doing what’s in our interest. My dad is a polio survivor. I encouraged him to get a vaccine. I believe in vaccines, but I believe in vaccine freedom. I believe in health care freedom. I believe in my choice. I believe in doing what’s right for my family. And damned if I’m going to allow Nancy Pelosi to tell me what to do ever about anything. And we need to speak loudly and clearly about that.

TODD: [01:04:15] We’re getting a lot of messages from moms and dads who have kids serving in the military. They’re very concerned their youngster is going to be forced to to get this vaccine. Do our fighting men and women have any recourse or do they have to get that vaccine?

REP. ROY: [01:04:33] Well, we’re working on that. I know I’ve been working with my friend Thomas Massie been right raising this question about our men and women. I think Marjorie Taylor Greene and others that have been talking about this, of course, we’re in a we’re in a uphill climb because we’re in the minority in the House because Joe Biden is running this place like an inept tyrant and wide open borders. And we know what’s going on. But I just say this. If you are a, you know, a member of our military, you always do what you’re right. What you think is right. You’ve got to follow orders and you’ve got to serve. But ultimately, it’s your body. You’ve got to decide what’s in the best interest of your well-being. So you stand up and people in Congress like me, Massie and others, we’re going to have your back. I’m telling that to my staff. I’m not going to tell them whether to take the by the back seat or not. It’s not my place. I think there are people who are vulnerable for whom the vaccine makes a lot of sense. I think there are people who have legitimate questions that they ought to be able to exercise their right to just decide what’s in their best interest. But we should not be jamming it into our kids arms and we should not be doing it because Nancy Pelosi says we must we should make this. One hundred and ninety million Americans have been vaccinated, Todd, 190 million. And about a third of the American people allegedly, according to CDC, have had the virus. That means we have almost 80 percent of adults over 18 who have a strong amount of immunity. Everybody just calm the heck down and stop using the power of government over the American people.

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