Democrats: Vandalizing a Gay Crosswalk is Hate Crime, But Burning Old Glory is Protected Speech

If you leave tread marks on a gay pride crosswalk or burn a gay pride flag you could face felony hate crime charges. That’s according to the Democrats. Watch Todd’s show live!

But if you burn an American flag or desecrate a statue – well, that’s perfectly okay.

Over the weekend pro-Hamas rioters stormed the White House gates. They clashed with police and damaged at least three statues. One of the protesters set fire to an American flag. Not a single person was arrested.  

Meanwhile, in Spokane, Washington, three teenagers are facing felony charges because they left scooter marks on a gay pride crosswalk.

The scooter company has now implemented a “no ride zone” over the crosswalk.

I’ve often said that heterosexual motorists and pedestrians should avoid using the rainbow-colored crosswalks. As General Akbar once said, “It’s a trap.”

Gay rights now trump everyone else’s rights.

The Democrats literally believe burning a gay pride flag is a hate crime, but burning Old Glory is protected speech.

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