DOUBLE THE WONDER: ‘Wonder Woman’ Movie & Hillsong United ‘Wonder’ Album

By Caleb Parke

“Have you ever seen the wonder?”

I open with the lyrics from Hillsong United’s new album “Wonder” because I saw the Wonder Woman movie on the same day the album was released. (Which I’m listening to on repeat right now…)

And right away, I gotta say, you have to see the movie! (It was the number one movie worldwide opening weekend!)

Not only is the message transcendent, but I fell in love with the actress who plays Wonder Woman – way before I even got to the movies, but during the film, I couldn’t help but celebrate her.

And I’m not going to give away any spoilers, but I will say this: My favorite scene is the first time she reveals herself as Wonder Woman in battle.

Every woman on this planet needs to take up their cause just like she did in that scene, especially my mom and little sisters.

But getting back to just who that woman is.

The fictional character is played by a real-life wonder woman, Gal Gadot.

Where do I begin? For starters, she’s a married mother of two, and she’s Israeli and proud of it.

She was Miss Israel in 2004 at 18-years-old and competed in Miss Universe.

She served in the Israeli Defense Forces for two years as a combat trainer during an intense time in the Holy Land.

She was pregnant with her second daughter during the filming of Wonder Woman.

Yes, you read that right – she was five months pregnant during the filming!

Oh, and she didn’t have a stunt double for her previous movies. Gal Gadot prefers to do all her stunts by herself.

Need I say more?

That alone should compel you to go see the movie. The movie that anti-Semites are trying to boycott because the lead actress is a Jew. The movie that champions women, love, and strength.

When you go to see “Wonder Woman” you’re not just seeing a movie, but you’re joining a movement, and I hope and pray that you will take away the same messages I took from the movie.

And in case you’re wondering guys, the movie is for men, too!

I left the theater with a stronger sense of purpose and calling to do all I can to help save this world.

And while we’re on the theme of wonder, there’s new music you have to add to your playlist!

Hillsong United released their new album “Wonder” on Friday diving into the wonder of our Creator.

One of my favorite songs I heard for the first time was of course, “Wonder,” “Life,” and “Not Today.”

I especially love “Not Today” because it talks about how the enemy is not going to win today. We fight from victory.

Check out these lines from “Not Today”:

Your love stood down death
Crushed the devil’s head
Fear is just a liar
Running out of breath
The fight beneath Your feet
I’m standing on Jesus’ Name
So let the devil know not today
Let the devil know not today No no
Not now not ever again Jesus
Let the devil know not today

How good is that?

It’s time we embrace the supernatural power within and step into our God-given purpose and calling! This music doesn’t just sound good, but the lyrics are deeply spiritual tapping into the mystery and awe of God’s love and relationship with us.

So check out the movie Wonder Woman and start listening to Hillsong United’s new album, Wonder. Why not double the wonder in your life?

You’ll be glad you did both and you’ll be sharing them with others just like I did!

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