ECU: Future Band Protests “Will Not Be Tolerated”

Photo by WITN
Photo by WITN

By Todd Starnes

East Carolina University just had a “Come to Jesus” moment with a group of perpetually-offended, self-entitled marching band members who disgraced America during last Saturday’s football game.

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At least 19 members of the Marching Pirates either took a knee or refused to play during the playing of the National Anthem. Click here to read the original story.

North Carolina fans reacted strongly – booing and heckling the band throughout the game. According to local news reports, the band was escorted from the field by security.

ECU Chancellor Cecil Station defended the students’ actions – calling it a part of “civil discourse.”

It was a tepid and cowardly response to a despicable act.

However, after a massive backlash from donors, parents and even students – the school’s music department has apologized and vowed to prevent future protests.

“We regret the actions taken by 19 members of the East Carolina University Marching Pirates on game day October 1st felt hurtful to many in our Pirate family and disrespectful to our country,” the directors of the band and the school of music and the dean of the College of Fine Arts wrote.

The directors said they met with the band and “have collectively reaffirmed their commitment to the unique privilege and responsibility that comes with wearing the uniform of the Marching Pirates.”

 And then – the directors threw down the baton.

“While we affirm the right of all our students to express their opinions, protest of this nature by the Marching Pirates will not be tolerated moving forward,’ they wrote.

ECU’s Athletic Director also released a statement pointing out the band “does not report to Athletics.”

In other words, don’t heckle the football team.

“Our football program relies on the passion of our fan base and we will continue to proudly lead our team out of the tunnel with the American Flag for each and every game,” AD Jeff Compher said.

I suspect the only reason ECU has changed its tune on the marching band is because of the great patriots of America who called, emailed and canceled donations.

And seeing how this is a southern school – I’d bet a few of those kids got a telephone call from their momma and their daddy that involved phrases like “knock you upside your head with a cast iron skillet” and “drag you off that field in front of Jesus Himself” and “do it again, you’ll be paying your own damn tuition.”  

Well done, patriots. You’ve helped put down ECU’s Great National Anthem Rebellion of 2016.

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