ESPN Anchor calls Trump a White Supremacist


By Todd Starnes/Twitter

ESPN anchor Jemele Hill demonstrated that it’s possible to expose yourself as a narrow-minded, intolerant bigot in less than 140 characters.

Ms. Hill lashed out at President Trump in a series of unhinged tweets — calling him a “white supremacist,” a “bigot,” “offensive,” and “ignorant.”

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“He is unqualified and unfit to be president. He is not a leader. And if he were not white, he never would have been elected,” she ranted. 

ESPN, a former sports network that now dedicated to promoting far-left ideology, distanced itself from the SportsCenter co-anchor.

“The comments on Twitter from Jemele Hill regarding the President do not represent the position of ESPN,” the network said on Tuesday. “We have addressed this with Jemele and she recognizes her actions were inappropriate.”

Well, that’s what ESPN said publicly. Privately, they probably gave her a pay raise. 

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“Jemele has a right to her personal opinions, but not to publicly share them on a platform that implies that she was in any way speaking on behalf of ESPN. She has acknowledged that her tweets crossed that line and has apologized for doing so. We accept her apology.”– Policy statement of ESPN excerpted from an article in HuffPost If only the NFL/team owners would issue the same policy statement regarding uniformed employees representing their team AND the NFL kneeling during the National Anthem. To piggyback on Railroadman’s comment I would simply add gender, ethnic origin and religious preference to… Read more »

Why is it that skin color/race has to be interjected into everything??? To me it’s not the color of a persons skin that determines what I think of them. It’s the persons CHARACTER! that determines my opinion of them. I don’t care what color they are as long as they have character and morals. Both of which are sorely lacking in todays society……


Well she’s telling the truth, he is an unfit president who has surrounded himself with white supramists.

Just another angry person running off at the mouth. She may not realize it but she is being "offensive, a bigot, and ignorant’ too. Of course ESPN was quick on the draw to "address the issue" yeah right. Just like Stevie Wonder last night throwing in a jab about global warming when everyone there was trying to HELP PEOPLE by raising money for the folks who have endured the storms. These people can’t open their mouths without putting politics into the mix no matter the issue. Miss Hill I think the last election decided who was qualified to be president,… Read more »