Famous Breakfast Cereal Embraces Transgenderism

Kellogg’s is the latest brand to be associated with transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney.

Mulvaney posed alongside Tony the Tiger on the 76th Tony Awards magenta carpet at United Palace Theater in New York City on Sunday night. The iconic Frosted Flakes mascot held Mulvaney’s dress train as he walked the carpet, and they posed for several photos.

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The mascot was expected to present unique gold-filled cereal bowls engraved with Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes at the Tonys after-party.

“Tony is thrilled to celebrate all the amazing talent and present them with a new ‘Tony’ moment after the curtain falls,” Laura Newman, senior director of brand marketing at Kellogg Company, told Foodsided.

The question now is, will Kellogg’s suffer for being connected to Mulvaney?

Bud Light no longer is America’s top-selling beer after backlash from its advertising campaign with Mulvaney.

Other companies also are feeling the effects of LGBTQ promotions.

Target’s stock price hit its lowest level since the 2020 pandemic lockdowns after its CEO hailed DEI (diversity, equity, and inclusion) initiatives and targeting children with LGBTQ Pride messaging.

Although Target removed some Pride-themed merchandise, the company is a platinum sponsor of NYC Pride, which requires a $175,000 donation, the New York Post reported.

Kohl’s also suffered backlash from shoppers voicing outrage that the department store chain marketing LGBTQ merchandise to infants and minors.

Cracker Barrel, too, is getting criticized after fully embracing Pride month.

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Mulvaney recently said more companies need to collaborate with transgender people.

Speaking with LGBTQ digital magazine Them, Mulvaney said that leveraging the “power” and “privilege” of being a white trans person is important because it will help advance transgender brand partnerships.

“For a long time, I felt so lucky that these opportunities were coming my way that I thought it was by accident,” Mulvaney said. “But now I realize how much power I actually have.

“If a brand wants to work with me so bad, then they should work with other trans people, too. It’s not enough to just hire me, this white, skinny trans girl. I want all the dolls getting all the brand deals,” he said.

Will you boycott businesses that promote and endorse transgenderism?

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