“Fashion Folly” WaPost Fashion Critic Robin Givhan Insults Melania Trump

The Washington Post’s fashion critic published a scathing attack on First Lady Melania Trump’s wardrobe – lambasting her coat selection as ludicrous, discomforting and a fashion folly.

“The coat looks ridiculous,” Robin Givhan wrote in the Post. “But more than a silly fashion folly, the coat is a distraction. It’s a discomforting affectation taken to a ludicrous extreme.”

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Our stunning First Lady was wearing a lovely white coat as she provided a tour of the White House Christmas decorations.

“In a video that is intended to celebrate the warmth and welcoming spirit of the holiday season, that simple flourish exudes cold, dismissive aloofness,” Ms. Givhan wrote in her vicious attack. 

The First Lady has been subjected to years of hateful abuse by members of the Mainstream Media – especially the folks who get paid to write about hats and shoes for a living.

At first, I simply dismissed their diatribes as political grumbling, but I’m wondering if there’s something more to their abuse of Mrs. Trump? Perhaps it’s jealousy?


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