Florida Doctor Refuses to See Unvaccinated Patients

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A doctor in south Florida says she is not seeing people for in-person visits if they are not vaccinated for COVID-19. Dr. Linda Marraccini says patients are still eligible for telemedicine, but she will not patients if they have not gotten their COVID-19 shots.

“I understand that people are free to choose, but to me, it’s a problem when it affects other people,” Dr. Linda Marraccini said in remarks published on NBCMiami.com. “This is a problem that really everyone needs to help out with and it’s affecting our collective communal health.”

Twila Brase, RN and president/co-founder of Minnesota-based Citizens’ Council for Health Freedom says Dr. Marraccini seems to be uninformed.



“Somehow she’s under the impression that vaccinated patients don’t spread COVID-19, but that’s not true (because) the CDC says vaccinated and unvaccinated persons infected with the virus may carry the same amount of the coronavirus,” says Brase. “Therefore, even if the doctor is vaccinated, as the person in the closest proximity to the patient, she could still spread the virus to her patients.”

Bottom line, Brase says no one is immune from spreading this disease.

“Given the level of her concern, perhaps she should conduct virtual visits with every patient, vaccinated or not.”

The policy announced by Marraccini is scheduled to take effect Wednesday, September 15th.

“Marraccini said the decision was based on science, not politics, and aims to avoid subjecting other patients and staff to unnecessary risk,” NBCMiami.com reported. “The doctor insisted the policy doesn’t violate her Hippocratic Oath, a set of ethical standards doctors pledge regarding the obligations to their patients, noting she’s still offering the option of telemedicine or helping with referrals to other doctors, (and) she also said she would make exceptions for people who could not get vaccinated for health reasons.”

Citizens’ Council for Health Freedom offers information on its website to inform people on what Brase calls the real risks from the COVID-19 vaccines. A billboard advising people not to be bullied and to make an informed choice has appeared in several states.

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