Football Coach Punished for Making Bully Run Laps

By Staff

If you’ve need further proof that American children are being coddled — consider this revolting story:

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A Connecticut football coach was fired for making a bully run laps, WTNH reports. 

Coach Todd Kennedy told the television station he was removed from his volunteer position as a coach for kids in grades 4 through 6 because he punished a child for bullying.

Kennedy said he told the boys he had a zero tolerance policy when it came to bullying — so when one of the kids was accused – the child was instructed to run a few laps around the field. 

The football league’s board was furious that Kennedy would punish a child for bullying.

“[One of the board members] said why did you feel that you were qualified to handle this bullying incident? I’m like because I’m a father,” he told the television station. 

He was suspended and then fired. 

“You start questioning yourself, absolutely,” the former coach said.

Coach Kennedy pulled his two sons from the team – and other parents did the same.

Shannon Riso told the television station the board was sending a very bad message by firing the coach.

“Bullying is okay – that’s the message I got,” said Riso. “That’s why my son is not going to play for them. I want him to be around better role models than that.”

At the very least I hope Coach Kennedy was given a participation trophy.