Fox’s Janice Dean: Cuomo Won’t Resign. “They’ll Have to Take Him Out Kicking and Screaming”

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Fox News Channel’s Janice Dean said on All-American Radio that Gov. Andrew Cuomo will not resign.

“I don’t think he will ever resign,” Dean said on the program syndicated by Starnes Media Group.

“He’s such an egomaniac and has been in power for so long and I actually believe he he has more negotiating power if he’s still in that position of being a governor.

Dean has been leading a national effort to force Cuomo out of office over allegations he sent China Virus patients to nursing homes leading to the deaths of thousands of people.

In recent days as many as five women have accused the governor of sexual harassment.

“I don’t think he will resign at all. They’ll have to take him out kicking and screaming,” Dean told All American Radio.

Listen to Janice Dean: