Grade School Takes the Play out of Playground

By Todd Starnes

Children at Gold Ridge Elementary School in Folsom, California – will no longer be allowed to play tag or touch football during recess.

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The principal said the kids were getting too rough in the school yard. It seems there was too much pushing and other altercations.

The Sacramento Bee obtained a letter written to at least four parents whose children were accused of roughhousing. 

“Today we implemented new procedures at school aimed at reducing physical contact and related problem behaviors,” read the letter. “Student(s) were instructed that physical contact, including tag games, touch football, etc. were not allowed in the yard.”

Heaven forbid a child gets a boo-boo.

“I don’t personally agree with it,” parent Sam Hammer told television station KOVR. “It’s something we all did as kids and I never seen any harm come from it.”

Back when I was in school – recess was rough and tumble. It was about knights and dragons, cowboys and Indians – getting dusty and dirty. In other words, kids were allowed to behave like kids.

But that was back in the 1970s – long before the days of participation trophies and gender neutrality and political correctness – and the general wussification of America.

The 1970s was a simpler time when kids could play Red Rover and Patty Cake without fear of being arrested and charged with a misdemeanor.

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