Hillary Selling Clothing for the Emasculated Man

Attention all of you political fashionistas!

Hillary Clinton wants to outfit men in something called the “Everyday Pantsuit Tee.” I’m sure it’ll be all the rage among the skinny jeans and soy latte crowd. 

The $30 shirt, available on her online store,  promises to bring “a whole new meaning to casual Friday.”

The union-printed shirts are unisex. Pantsuit bottoms not included.

Remember when President Obama sold yoga pants? They were five percent spandex — think stretchy pants.

Hillary’s tee is political clothing for the emasculated man.

— Todd Starnes

I can’t imagine any red-blooded, patriotic, American man who would be caught wearing either Hillary’s pantsuit tee’s or Obama’s yoga pants. 

Well, maybe just one:

Hillary’s pantsuit tee is political clothing for the emasculated man.