Hillary’s Campaign Has Gone Slap Crazy

By Todd Starnes

It’s sort of an unspoken rule in politics that candidates for the presidency should have the ability to stand upright.

And that’s why Hillary Clinton’s unfortunate medical crisis on Sunday is still making headlines.

It was a bit unsettling to watch the woman who wants to be the next leader of the free world wobbling like a Bobblehead and being shoved head-first into a Secret Service van.

The latest Bloomberg poll reflects that concern – Donald Trump now up five points in Ohio. Other polling shows similar bumps for Trump. 

Hillary and the Democrats are now in uncharted waters.

There are insider rumblings about contingency plans and what-if’s.

It’s doubtful that Hillary drops out – but the mere fact folks are worried is an issue.

And it’s not so much that she may have a medical problem – it’s the cover up.

First it was overheating, then dehydration, then allergies, then pneumonia. Just the other day, former President Clinton told a crowd in Las Vegas that she had the flu. Sweet mercy, how many ailments does she have?

There’s also confusion about why Hillary was treated at her  daughter’s apartment instead of an emergency room.

In Hillary’s defense, she probably didn’t want to answer all those probing Obamacare questions: “Do you feel safe at home?” “Own any guns?” “Under any stress?”

And let’s not forget about the Mainstream Media — ordered by the campaign to stand down and look the other way as Hillary got hauled off.

They were kept in the dark for some 90 minutes while the campaign tried to figure out which illness would poll better. (Well, at least that’s what I suspect.)

It’s my understanding that heartbroken journalists have evacuated to the Hamptons. Some were spotted in a posh coffee house, sipping soy milk lattes while singing, “Your Cheatin’ Heart.”

Meanwhile, Hillary’s team has released a medical report declaring that she is fit as a fiddle — while at the same time suggesting Donald Trump is fat and eats too much fast food.

Well, Mr. Trump may have an affinity for a Quarter Pounder with cheese — but he’s at least he didn’t keel over in public.

As we say back home in Tennessee – Hillary’s campaign has gone slap crazy.

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