John Cusack to Trump: “Yer Dead – Get Yerself Buried”

By Todd Starnes/Twitter

Hollywood actor John “Pajama Boy” Cusack emerged from his designated safe space to post a disturbing tweet directed at President Trump. The original tweet mysteriously disappeared, but posted a screen grab:

The Hollywood star did not elaborate on the motive or intent behind the ominous message. Was it a message or was it a threat? 

Mr. Cusack,  known for his role in Hot Tub Time Machine 1 and 2, is not a big fan of President Trump.

“Impeach this insane clown horror show,” he recently tweeted. 

It would not be first time someone representing the entertainment industry has threatened the Republican president. From Johnny Depp to Madonna to faux jihadist Kathy Griffin.

I would not be surprised if the Secret Service opened a permanent branch office on Hollywood Boulevard. 

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