JUST IN: Team Trump Vows to Primary RINO Republicans in 2022 and Retire Nancy Pelosi

The following is a rush transcript of The Todd Starnes Show featuring guest host Jeff Stein of KXEL Radio and Corey Lewandowski. Listen to the entire interview above.

The following is a rush transcript of The Todd Starnes Show featuring guest host Jeff Stein of KXEL Radio and Corey Lewandowski. Listen to the entire interview above.

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GUEST HOST JEFF STEIN: I also want to get to our guest joining us now on the Liberty University newsmaker line. He’s Corey Lewandowski, well-connected with the Trump campaigns and both 2016 and 2020. And it’s always a privilege when I have the chance to talk with him, whether on my local program in Iowa or here with you all Star Nation, Mr. Lewandowski, Jeff Stein in for Todd. How are you, sir? [01:21:35][21.1]

LEWANDOWSKI: Well, I’m doing great. And I want to thank you for having me on and to deliver a message. I spent all weekend with President Trump up in Bedminster, New Jersey. He is is very excited about what’s going on in the country right now and our opportunity to take back the House and the Senate to the Republican control because of the border crisis, which the Biden team continues to dismiss because of inflation, which is going on. Look, Donald Trump was right on so many issues, including the Middle East, which he gets no credit for. And we have seen in just a very few short four months the disastrous policies of the far left implemented through the Biden Harris team and what they’ve done to this country. And Donald Trump is ready to take that fight right back to them by taking back our majority in the House and the Senate in 2022. [01:22:24][47.6]

GUEST HOST JEFF STEIN: You know this president very well, I only know what I hear from people like you and what I see in public demeanor, he does not appear to be the kind of person who likes to look back. I have to assume, however, that he sits there and he sees the systematic dismantling of everything he did to restore America to greatness that I suppose could motivate someone to feel depressed or it could motivate them to be even more emboldened to take action. And I trust your former boss is going to take that second option. [01:22:58][32.2]

LEWANDOWSKI: Oh, you bet he is. Look, he is someone — we’ve been out raising money for organizations, including his. We are engaged in races around this country. Donald Trump is picking candidates. Who is going to support endorsing candidates already? We’ve seen a number of these and he’s going to be involved in more races because we want to have fighters in Washington, D.C. We don’t want the mealy mouthed members of Congress who go there to get along, who want to be career politicians, who decide that they want to be more important by walking those hallowed halls of Congress and fighting for the American people. So President Trump is engaged very, very much right now and vetting candidates, talking to candidates and ensuring that his endorsement matters. And we will go out — we will beat Republicans in their primary, Liz Cheney, Gonzalez in Ohio, Kinzinger in Illinois and others. That is part of our strategy. We will take back the House of Representatives and we will retire Nancy Pelosi. But Donald Trump is going to be an active participant in that. [01:24:07][67.5]

GUEST HOST JEFF STEIN: There were a number of Republicans who voted for this blue ribbon panel commission, whatever you want to call it, that the House came up with to investigate things tied to January six. If you’re a Republican member of Congress who voted for the establishment of that commission, is that something that this president might hold against them and look for a primary opponent? [01:24:31][23.5]

LEWANDOWSKI: Well, look, I think it’s going to depend on the district, but you betcha, I mean, you know, here’s where we come down to. We have seen two separate sets of rules. If you’re a Trump supporter or if you’re a supporter. On the left, we have seen courthouses demolished, police stations set on fire, cars, police cars blown up in different places, individuals killed. And instead of going after those people because they represent the left, and particularly most of them are BLM protesters and specifically the northwest part of our country. Instead, what we’re seeing is Congress decides we want to go after every person who went to the US Capitol and they claimed it was an insurrection. Look, I don’t condone violence in any way, shape or form. And I’m not thinking that anybody should. But we have to treat people equally. And you should not get a pass to go and destroy police cars and police substations and federal courthouses and not be looked at. But instead, what we’re seeing is members of Congress who, by and large, are weak. They only care about their own reelections. They decide that they want to say, well, hey, let’s go have an investigation into what occurred on January 6th. What we should have an investigation into that. But the investigation should be let’s really find out what happened and let’s treat everybody equally as opposed to going after people, because maybe some of them were supporting Donald Trump. That’s what this comes down to. Is political correctness run amuck? I don’t want to see anybody cause damage or have any violence, but you can’t treat people differently because one supports a conservative ideal and the other one supports a progressive ideal. [01:26:03][89.4]

GUEST HOST JEFF STEIN: Corey Lewandowski joining us live on The Todd Starnes Show, Jeff Stein filling in for Todd on this Monday afternoon. I made a comment about this on my program in Iowa last week, and I’d be interested in your thoughts. It seems to me not just coincidental and not in any way coincidental that the president announced that he was going to be holding rallies in three states. And all of a sudden the New York attorney general decides to break news that they are investigating the Trump organization in a war criminal wrongdoing. I mean, first of all, you know, as a lawyer, you don’t tell people when there’s a criminal investigation unless there’s a political motivation. Am I missing the point on that? [01:26:43][38.7]

LEWANDOWSKI: You’re not. And what we’ve seen from New York is that she ran Letitia James, the attorney general, that ran on a platform of going after Donald Trump when he was first the president of states, and she’s following through on that now. She has clearly overstepped their bounds on a number of cases. She has clearly been political. I don’t even understand how she can not have to recuse herself because of the statements that she has made against the president. There is no way that he or his family or the Trump organization can have a fair, unbiased, and that’s what it’s supposed to be, a fair and unbiased look at anything that may or may not have occurred. Look, this is politics run amuck. And unfortunately, in states like New York that are basically one party state as opposed to her doing a deep dove in to Governor Cuomo and the lives that were lost under his watch and the decisions that he made, people actually died because of the governor’s decisions in the state of New York by putting people with Kobun inside those nursing homes and then hiding those numbers, people actually died. And if you want to investigate a crime, go investigate the crime where hundreds of people were killed because of bad decisions. But that doesn’t happen in a one party state. And by and large, Governor Cuomo has now weathered all of these storms. I’m sure he’s going to run for reelection and he gets you know, he gets his Emmy and he gets a five million dollar book advance. And there’s been no pushback whatsoever. [01:27:59][75.7]

GUEST HOST JEFF STEIN:And also, no one reading the book, but he still pockets the money and he probably didn’t even write the book, but that’s another whole issue. Corey Lewandowski joining us on The Todd Stern Show. Jeff Stein filling in for Todd. So you have to really search to find much information about recounts in Arizona, other issues in Michigan, Georgia, et cetera. I understand the idea is to retake Congress in 2022 and retake the White House in 2024, but if the same kind of shenanigans or worse that happened last November are not remedied, if these flaws in the system are not exposed, going to be really tough to win these elections. What can you tell us about these efforts to it’s not going to change the outcome of 2020, but it might help protect the integrity of the system for 2022? [01:28:48][47.2]

LEWANDOWSKI: Well, look, there’s a lot of people who are afraid that they’re going to be sued by dominion or some deviation of them for talking about the fact I’m not afraid about it. So let me tell you what goes on in my hometown of Windham, New Hampshire, a small bedroom community that has about 13000 people on Election Day. We have four older Dominion machines, which if the town had purchased about 20 years ago on election night, a state representative was declared the winner by about 24 votes. And because the narrow the narrowness of the margin, the Democrat was entitled to an automatic hand recount. Upon that hand recount, it was determined that the state representative, the Republican that won that seat, actually won by 425 votes or so, meaning the Republicans picked up 300, the Democrat lost 100. Then we started to go through other races in my little hometown and state representative races and we saw the four state representative Republican candidates on the ballot. All of them collectively were shorted approximately 300 votes between 298 and 303 votes. So the state passed in a bipartisan manner, a law that required a full audit of my hometown, Windham, New Hampshire, and the voting machines these machines have. Now, the ballots in that town have now been counted on three separate occasions, but we know what the outcome of the election is. But on each occasion, even with a forensic audit being conducted right now, the machines continue to give a different reading than what the hand count is. And in some cases it’s relatively minor. But in other cases it’s very significant. We’re seeing approximately a 10 percent error rate. And what that has done in a small community like Windom is that shed light on the fact that machines are making mistakes or whether that’s malice, whether it was a malfunction, nobody knows. But by May 27. So by the end of this week, these three forensic auditing firm, one hired by the attorney general staff, one hired by the Democrat secretary of state and one hired by my hometown, must report what has finally been the determinative vote total. The interesting part of that is they’re not recounting the U.S. presidential election. They’ve recounted the governor’s election. They’ve recounted the U.S. Senate race. They’ve recounted all the down ballot races, by and large, but they’ve excluded the presidential race in the final recount. So by the end of this week, we’re going to have a very good indication of what happened. And if it is determined, which we now know for the third time, that the machines had a significant malfunction as opposed to what the hand recount said, then we have to see what’s going to take place next. And was this pervasive across the state of New Hampshire or was only in this one particular camp? We don’t know the answer, but we’re going to get to the bottom of it. And so that goes back to election integrity. It goes back to one person, one vote, one legal person, one legal vote. And let’s get the final tally of what is appropriate and honest and accurate, because it’s the most important election in the world, which is the presidency of the United States. [01:31:51][181.3]

GUEST HOST JEFF STEIN: And if we don’t get that right and have the questions resolved, we’re not going to get it right in time for 2022 and it’s just going to get worse. Those who got away with something last time will be emboldened to continue. Mr Lewandowski, finally, in our last 30 seconds, if Donald Trump were on the other end of this phone line, what would he say to people listening to the Todd Stern Show? [01:32:13][20.2]

LEWANDOWSKI: He would say, don’t give up, keep fighting, make sure that we’re holding these people accountable. He’s going to say, look, it is almost statistically impossible to see what transpired in the 2012 election cycle. And if we don’t fix that, as you’ve alluded to, we don’t fix the problem going into 2022 and 2024. We can’t have an honest system. So let’s make sure we’ve got integrity at the ballot box and let’s make sure only people who are legally allowed to vote are doing that. Let’s implement a an ID program which requires you to go and show who you are. And let’s get rid of these drop boxes and let’s make sure we’re doing signature verification. In other words, let’s have a system that we can trust and we can’t have it because in 2020, there are so many problems they need to be fixed. [01:32:58][44.1]

GUEST HOST JEFF STEIN: Mr Lewandowski, it is always a privilege, thank you for your time, your most generous with it, and best of luck in all of these endeavors going forward.

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