Two-year-old wants to “P’ay Mo’”

By Linda Gilden

Pray without ceasing. 1 Thessalonians 5:17

“P’ay mo’?” Bob has just said “Amen” when two-year-old Priscilla gave her input.

“You want to pray more?” her dad asked.

Priscilla nodded and reached out her chubby little hands to those on either side of her.

Bob offered another prayer of thankfulness for the food and family. “Amen.”

Priscilla looked up at everyone and grinned. “P’ay mo’,” she said again.

Her dad smiled. “OK, Prissy. We’ll pray one more time.”

The family joined hands and Bob once again prayed. This time after his amen, Priscilla grinned and looked as if she might ask her question again but each person quickly picked up his or her fork and began eating.

As believers, prayer is an important part of our lives. We need prayers of thanksgiving, prayers of intercession, prayers for healing, prayers for guidance, and more. But the most important thing of all is that our conversations with God help us to get to know him better. Time spent with God deepens our relationship and helps us to know His heart. As we pray and ask God to make us more like Him, we learn how to do that.

Sometimes we think we don’t have time to pray because we think that prayer has to be in a certain format or in a certain place. But that is not so. You can pray anytime, in any place, about anything.

Even though she is only two, Priscilla had discovered the importance of praying more. What about you? God is always glad to hear from you. Do you need to p’ay mo’ in your life?

Lord, thank you that you are always glad to hear from us.

Linda Gilden is a freelance writer living in SC who knows how important prayer is in our lives. This story is adapted from her book, Words to Live By (Worthy Publishing). www.lindagilden.com

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