Lewandowski: “The Daily Beast Should Not be Allowed to be a Publication”

By Todd Starnes/Twitter

President Trump’s former campaign manager came out swinging on The Todd Starnes Show after a writer for the Daily Beast posted a vicious attack on White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

Columnist Ira Madison, III wrote on Twitter last week that Ms. Sanders is a “butch queen first time in drags at hall.” 

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Corey Lewandowski said the Daily Beast is “tabloid journalist at its worst.”

“First, the Daily Beast shouldn’t even be allowed to be a publication. It’s such a rag and nobody should give that thing any credit whatsoever,” Lewandowski told me. 

“They write stories with no factual basis and there’s no recourse for a fake publication like the Daily Beast,” he added.

Lewandowski said the attacks on Sanders from across the Mainstream Media is evidence of a double-standard. 

“The outrage of the Mainstream Media would be so high if a Republican would’ve said something like that about a Democrat press secretary,” he said. “They would be calling for that person to be fired.”

Listen to Lewandowski’s full interview on The Todd Starnes Show by clicking here. 


Daily Beast Writer Calls Sarah Huckabee Sanders a “Butch Queen”

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