Hofstra Issues “Trigger Warning” Ahead of Debate

Heaven help the horrified snowflakes at Hofstra University. 

A “Trigger Warning” sign was posted in the student center in advance of tonight’s first presidential debate. 

Apparently many of Hofstra liberal students will be hunkered down in their safe spaces trembling and whimpering as Hillary Clinton dukes it out with Donald Trump.

CBS News in New York was the first to report on the warning sign — posted outside an “MTV ‘Elect This’ Multimedia Experience” event. 

Buzzfeed reports the “Trigger Warning” has nothing to do with the debate.


My first inclination is to mock these emotionally-stunted, quivering cupcakes. It’s my second inclination, too.

Cameron Gray, from NRA News, summed it up nicely:

So employers, beware. If you hire future Hofstra University graduates, you might want to make sure the company’s insurance provider covers therapy.